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Submitted by canzior on June 19th, 2017 at 2:58 PM

As with most new things that interest me, I check here first to get some good tips to get started. A few friends of mine are going to start playing paintball once a month. As such, we are all buying equipment. For anyone who plays, can you tell me what you know about the A5? And other good guns, aside from the '98? 

I bought a Cronus Tactical, and am looking for other products, (masks, remote line, tanks) that are good for beginners and not too expensive just in case people flake out and we only play a couple times.. Any advice, stories etc?


Also, if you're in the DMV area and would like to join us, let me know. Right now we are looking at Pev's and Torrid. 



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I got really into it about 10-15 years ago. Back in the day, tippmans were considered bomb-proof but super basic. Every place had these for rentals because they just didn't break, but for my own gun I would want something a little nicer. Spyders were considered a better starter gun, not sure if they're even still around. I shot a mechanical autococker, so even back then I was considered old school, lol.

Biggest upgrade I recommend is a quality lens for your mask, a double pane one won't fog and is going to make your life a lot easier.

A powered hopper is next. Way, way fewer chopped balls and other stoppages with them.

If you get into it and decide to invest a bit more comppressed air and regulator vs CO2 makes a huge difference. You get much more consistent velocity shot to shot. 


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All good advice, here. I'd add...

Accuracy is all about quality paint (consistent size and shape), it's fit to your barrel, and consistent pressure (one reason CO2 sucks). I don't know if the ridiculously long barrels are still around? But stay away from anything longer than 10-12" or so (maybe 14"?). It offers nothing but a way to increase ball breaks in your barrel (a mess). 

I was playing around the same time (rec-ball in the woods). I still miss my low pressure, dual-regulated, Black Magic Autococker, with Freak barrel and Dye double trigger. Sure it didn't have the rate of fire of most of the markers, but it was easily the most accurate on the field. It would put paint on paint at max range and velocity never varied more than 3fps with good paint (it loved the green/black All-STAR). The only thing that came somewhat close was a buddy's Autococker.

... Had over $2000 in that thing. 

Oh!... And don't listen to the sissies! As long as people aren't shooting way over the 300fps they should be and your eyes are protected, you'll be fine. 


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Good God, I really thought this thread said, "Any MGoBallPainters?" Which, while weird, would have been kind of neat... 

Whenever I feel bad about our OT season here, I just head over to RCMB. They have a thread today that's titled, "Let's all post pics of our feet!" I'm not lying... 


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I think last time I went was around mid 2000's so I can't really help you with gear. I always borrowed my friends gun because he had top of the line gun at the time which was an Angel. I'm not even sure if that company is still around.

All I remember is that Tippman 98 were absolute crap out of the box and needed upgraded barrels to shoot straight. An aftermarket barrel makes a huge difference. Back then Dye made the best barrels.

I would get a highly rated hopper because getting chopped balls sucks and affects performance. 

Also wear gloves. Getting hit on the back of the hand sucks.


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As shown in the gif on this thread, getting hit in the junk can and does happen (never got hit there myself, but a friend did during one of our games). He was done for the day. Plan appropriately.


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I played once...pretty much exactly a year ago and it was not entirely voluntary. I don't plan on going ever again. Only suggestion I have from experience is to get a paintball mask/helmet that covers the top of the head. Getting shot there hurts like a sumabitch for at least a week straight.


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Used to play all the time. I ran with a DP fusion fx. Loved it. If you are just getting into it and don't wanna drop $300-$500 on a marker, go with a spyder($100-$150) or tippman(which I hate). Or check craigslist, i sold my fusion for $250 awhile ago.


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I played in my teens. Spyders were pretty basic and upgradable back then. Like another poster mentioned, the A5 was unbreakable.

Auto-hopper was a must, or else you'll bust a paintball in the barrel and your paintball gun will turn into a can of spray paint.

Having a good mask is BY FAR the most important purchase. The second worst thing that could happen in a game is that your lenses fog up and leaves you blind. The absolute worst is when a paintball blows THROUGH your crappy facemask and hits you square in the lower lip. Get a quality facemask.


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I've only gone once as part of a day full of bachelor party shenanigans. Not something I really want to invest any amount of money in, but it's a good time. For some reason people volunteered to do a paintball gauntlet at the end where everybody lines up and unload on a few people as they run by (booze may have played a role here). That's really fun if you have people that are crazy enough to volunteer for it. 


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Me and my friends played all the time back in the day. For the most fun play at night in the woods. We always played in the fall or spring, no bugs. And the more clothes the better. And bring beer. We only had goggles 30 years ago and a splatmaster pistol. so I've been shot everywhere. 


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I played professional paintball for a few years and owned a paintball field and pro shop for four years. I've been out of the seen for a couple years but still moonlight at my best friends shop here in Salem Oregon. I'm still running an Angel A4 and I love my CCM micro cocker. But to your questions the A5 is definitely better out of box than the 98 which needs a ton of after market parts to be happy with it. You get a built in Hopper and feed system that can be manually cycled if needs be. The feed rate is limited though and has a tendency to be tough on paint. You'll hate the stock barrel but it shoots decent after an upgrade there. The advantage of going with Tippmann products is that there is a ton of used parts for cheap out there. Invest I. A solid mask....JT thermal pro flex can't go wrong DYE and Proto make solid thermal masks as well. I can't express enough how a solid mask makes for a more enjoyable game. I like seeing what I'm shooting at. If you a looking at splurging a little bit you can get old angels for cheap still and they shoot Rock solid. PEV's used to be a legit field.

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June 20th, 2017 at 5:29 AM ^

Was big into it in my teens. My only advice from experience: don't buy a brass eagle pack with random stock shit from Meijer. Parents got it for me when I was 12 or so. It was plastic and after a while the barrel shot off. I'd have to hold the barrel on when I shot for years.