OT: any advice on where to get married in Ann Arbor?

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I recently popped the question, and my newly minted mgofiance and I are hoping to get married somewhere in Ann Arbor next May. She already rejected the obvious first choice, so now I'm looking to find the next best thing. Saw a thread from 2010 on here asking the same question, but I'm wondering if anybody has some new or different advice.

We'd prefer an outdoor ceremony, and we're both heathens so the venue won't be a church. We checked out the botanical gardens and the coordinator there basically shot down a May wedding saying that nothing is in bloom by then and it would be a waste. The Arb is beautiful but is a logistically terrible place for a wedding apparently. We checked out the Ann Arbor City Club and were pretty impressed...

So, anybody had or been to some nice Ann Arbor weddings recently?



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we used to go to games together during school and she would stay for a couple quarters then go back home with her friends. she stayed for UTL and the OSU win so at least she has some interest in big games. went with me to a pistons playoff game this year. but, she would never watch a game on TV with me, lol.

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I'm guessing this is the venue your wife to be shot down, but if not, don't get married at the stadium.

This is just my opinion, but getting married in a football stadium, even Michigan Stadium, is not even remotely romantic. I don't want to get married in a place where I've been shitfaced and yelled ridiculous obscenities more times than I can count.

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I'm allowed a joke and a healthy sense of humor, thank you very much ;)


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Yes, long ago in a galaxy far far away, that's who Lando was. Closer to home (Rome), still a while ago (1100ish years ago), Lando was an actual Pope.

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Unless you're made of money. Webers is a good venue, great food, and it's got a hotel built in for convenience. Comparable prices to golf courses in the area, and way cheaper than anything on campus.

-A Guy Who Went Through All This Very Recently (But Got Married In Hartland Because It Was Way Cheaper)


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Not made of money - got married at the Union in May 2015. The League does outdoor weddings. The venue rental was minimal, the catering and booze costs were  where M made their money. they did a great job. Tai - chat me on Twitter (same as MGoUsername) if you have any questions


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I got married in Ann Arbor court, on the way to work. It wasn't very romantic, but I was still in grad school, scraping by with no money and two more mouths to feed.


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had our reception at the holiday Inn "near the university of michigan" at Plymouth rd and 23... reasonably priced and a great venue, food was also fantastic... since I'm on my phone I can't do a search for the thread I posted in 2009 a few weeks after our wedding about how the hotel staff let the grooms men from another wedding party (they were only staying at the hotel) in our locked gift room so they could keep drinking for the rest of the night after the hotel bar closed... only a couple of gifts got broken, cake smashed all over everything, puke and 100 bucks stolen...


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We got married at the Union, ceremony in the Pendleton room (first room to the right on 2nd floor), then the reception was in the ball room. It's not as expensive as you think.

The league is also an option. They have some outdoor space as well for ceremony, but it doesn't fit that many people (maybe 50-75? Don't quite remember).


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My wife and I got married at Earhart Manor over on Concordia's campus. Has a good mix of indoor/outdoor. Can't say a bad thing about it. 


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My wife and I got married in May, 2011 (today is our anniversary, actually) at Kensington Court hotel right next to Briarwood. They have a really great outdoor ceremony area that we used, and the pictures of the scene turned out beautifully. We also had our reception there as well that I would also recommend.


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Got married in a church, had the reception at AACTMAD.  Would do it again.

You can bring in booze, get a nice caterer, and keep the costs reasonable.  Also great for dancing.

AACTMAD is also near Kensington, which is great for guests flying in. 

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My wife and I had an outdoor May wedding at Wellers in Saline; it ticks a lot of your boxes, and we're still being told (a decade later!) that it was one of the best, most beautiful weddings our guests have ever been to. I mean, they're probably being somewhat polite, but it was incredible.


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It will be 10 years for us in August. We had our ceremony outdoors and the reception in the basement area. It was beautiful. The wedding party stayed at Webers, so we continued the fun there into the night.

We certainly did not book 20 months in advance as we got engaged at Christmas and married 9 months later.

Also, we were married the last Saturday before football.