OT- Anthony Bourdain Dead at age 61

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I enjoyed his stories. He will be missed. Rest in Peace 



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CNN is reporting that it is an apparent suicide.  Too bad.  I read yesterday that with the rise in the suicide rate, it's now the #10 cause of death.


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RIP. He will be sadly missed.

And for anyone who has spent time in Chicago, his visits to the Old Town Ale House were legendary. Will have to make a trip there soon in his memory.


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Ugh seriously sad. This guy totally changed the way I think about food, travel, and culture. Such a great storyteller. Depression sucks, check on your people.


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Terrible loss. He helped show people that loving good food doesn't make you a pretentious snob, that cooking isn't un-manly, and that there's an army behind the scenes that makes good food possible. I'll miss him both as a storyteller and advocate for the little guy.


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When I heard the story I honestly thought his liver and heart would be the cause given his proclivity for drinking/smoking, but to have it be suicide makes it hurt that much worse. He truly was a bright spot on this earth, and will be sorely missed.


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"As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life -- and travel -- leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks -- on your body or on your heart -- are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt."

- Anthony Bourdain




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In the words of Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), who committed suicide one month ago:

All the hammer and scrape has been chipping away
At the luster of life
If you find me, don't wake me
I can't be shaken awake

RIP to some great men gone far too soon :(


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Terrible. I loved No Reservations. He had quite a personality and seemed to be able to instantly make friends with anyone.


This kind of thing really brings to light how often people who seem to have it all together are often hiding personal struggles that we can only imagine.



Harbaugh's Lef…

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Incredibly sad... Anthony Bourdain was inspiring to me. His storytelling was simply beautiful. Always featuring the struggle between tradition and progress no matter where he went, showing the beauty and despair in everything he did... the world, artistic and culinary, has a gaping hole ripped in it today. May Anthony Bourdain Rest In Peace, he will be greatly missed, thank you for everything you have left us with, you have helped make this world a better place...


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Aside from the travelogue and food culture aspects of his shows, his best quality was to inspire cultural sensitivity. Far and away my biggest takeaway.  


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This sucks. He was one of the good ones and will be missed.

If you are having suicidal thoughts the National Suicide Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255.

Someone will always be there to help, you are never as alone as you feel.


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I remember getting his kitchen confidential book and relating my experience working in a busy Ann arbor kitchen to it. I always appreciated his against the grain approach to the spotlight. His shows were unlike any other. You will be missed, Anthony. 

Tom Snow

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PSA, whenever someone does kill themselves, never say "not surprising." No matter someone's issue, it's is always surprising and not needed.


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I'm truly sadden by the news. It’s yet another example to show you that no matter your financial status & means for the best treatment available, mental illness/depression isn’t anything that should be taken lightly. He gave us all so many memories about different foods & cultures from all over the world - even the weird ones, he'd dive right in for the experiences. May he RIP


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It's all the more gutting that someone who so full of brusque vitality would take his life.  The only show of his I ever watched was the one episode he did about my some-time hometown of Cleveland and it's hard not to love a guy who could (Skyline Chili gaffe aside) appreciate it the way its residents do. 

He seemed like the kind of guy who could be friends with anyone and could get me and my tempermental opposite (in my case, a OSU/Celtic fan who loves golf and Nickelback) to bond over food. 

It's heartbreaking to think that this world was too cruel for someone who did as much as anyone to highlight its many joys - hopefully this will remind someone else with suicide ideation to get help so that they can ultimately enjoy life in a way Bourdain would've appreciated.



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I can't shake the feeling this would be tied to some medication he was taking. I have no basis for this thought other than the endless ads I see on TV that say "suicidal thoughts" as a common side effect of many, many, many medications. 

Sad for his loved ones and upset his journey is over. 


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He's talking about the self destructive nature that Bourdain referred to numerous times on his show and in interviews.  Bourdain talked about turning to heroin in the 80's and how that has negatively shadowed his entire life. Is their a connection between that and depression?  I don't think anyone knows.  But we know about his self destructive nature and that suicide is the ultimate self-destructive act.

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One thing I just read which, in my mind, makes these even worse and more devastatingly sad is that his very close friend and chef, Eric Ripert was who found him... This celebrity death has hit me the hardest in decades.


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Anthony opened my eyes to the wonders of traveling. Watching No Reservations at a young age I was able to see the beauty in the world no matter where he was taking me that evening. Whether it was war torn Libya, or the hills of Sicily. He was able to show what was below the surface of these places. I will forever be grateful for him broadening my horizons. RIP Mr. Bourdain


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Even though he had many well-documented issues, this is still hard to fathom.

You gain a bigger appreciation for just how terrible mental illness can be when it leads someone who, from an outside perspective, leads an incredibly enviable life. I mean, how many people would dream of a job that pays you a ton of money to travel to incredible places, eat amazing food, meet fascinating people, and party?

And yet, all that and mental illness still strikes.

As someone who has struggled with depression on-and-off for over a decade now, this really makes me pause and remember to avoid a sense of complacency when I'm feeling relatively better.


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I heard this on NPR on my way in to work and was in total disbelief. I only recently really got into his show, but it had already completely changed how I view the world. 

Recently, he covered rural West Virginia on one of his shows.  It is an area I have spent some time working in.  He and the rest of the crew did such an amazing job of highlighting the humanity and struggle of a population that has been exploited for so long. 

Tony will be greatly missed and never replaced.


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Has Bourdain been a public figure for a long time? I knew him from his show and remembered that he often expressed his passion for Detroit. I don't know much about him otherwise. 

Tom Snow

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Yes. He was a well known chef in NYC who came into national spotlight in 2000 when he wrote Kitchen Confidential, essentially showcasing the underbelly of the restaurant industry. From there he has had several TV shows, and was still filming his CNN show when he died. 

In terms of food, culture, and travel he's easily the most popular person out there. 


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RIP. I will continue to travel and enjoy the culinary world in his honor - he was a true legend who helped educate the masses on the wide world and all of its splendor. He will be missed.


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Some of the comments here are quite eye opening, showing how little so many understand about depression, suicide and empathy.  I'm quite embarrassed for some of you.

It just goes to show how much work still needs to be  done to remove from the stigma surrounding mental health so that we all can play an active role in being better people who can better help each other in their dark times (that they may be hiding from the world).