OT: Another Tiger headed to the DL (Avila)

Submitted by nmumike on June 6th, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Not making any excuses for the team but they do have a lot of talent on the DL right now. Avila is just the latest in a string of guys getting hurt. It seems that the team does poorly when expectations are high (see 2006 World Series).

I am hopeful they can turn their season around, but I am really not that optimistic, poor defense, streaky hitting and pitching is not the recipe for success. What are your thoughts on their season thus far?





June 6th, 2012 at 1:47 PM ^

Are you kidding?  A quality second baseman that hits .270 is a very precious commodity.

EDIT: Here's your top 20:

1 Jose Altuve HOU .327
2 Omar Infante MIA .309
3 Daniel Murphy NYM .293
4 Dustin Pedroia BOS .291
5 Robinson Cano NYY .290
6 Darwin Barney CHC .280
7 Ian Kinsler TEX .277
8 Dan Uggla ATL .276
9 Jason Kipnis CLE .275
10 Neil Walker PIT .267
11 Brandon Phillips CIN .264
12 Marco Scutaro COL .263
13 Aaron Hill ARI .262
14 Howard Kendrick LAA .251
15 Kelly Johnson TOR .250
16 Robert Andino BAL .247
17 Dustin Ackley SEA .243
18 Gordon Beckham CHW .233
19 Jemile Weeks OAK .228
20 Freddy Galvis PHI .228



June 6th, 2012 at 2:08 PM ^


1 Derek Jeter NYY .329
2 Rafael Furcal STL .314
3 Starlin Castro CHC .311
4 Elvis Andrus TEX .308
5 Asdrubal Cabrera CLE .294
6 Alcides Escobar KC .289
7 Jed Lowrie HOU .288
8 Troy Tulowitzki COL .287
9 Willie Bloomquist ARI .287
10 Jose Reyes MIA .279
11 Mike Aviles BOS .270
12 J.J. Hardy BAL .269
13 Ian Desmond WSH .262
14 Jhonny Peralta DET .253
15 Yunel Escobar TOR .252
16 Zack Cozart CIN .249
17 Jimmy Rollins PHI .247
18 Jamey Carroll MIN .239
19 Dee Gordon LAD .230
20 Sean Rodriguez TB .227

There are exactly 20 2B or SS that are hitting .270 or higher.  How exactly can we convince any team to give one of those up?


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I could see adding Lowrie who could be semicostly.

Bloomquist might be able to play for a stretch run as he is on end of a 2 year deal and costly. 


Those are about it when i look at somewhat realistic possibilites hitting .270. Market is weak, especially since every team thinks they can make it with a 2nd wildcard


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If Martinez is able to come back it should be a big boost he is supposed to get evaluated at the end of June and then will decide if he can play this year


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evaulation suggests at the earliest a return in the beginning of august after getting into playing shape/extended spring training/minor league assignments, and probably later. WAR for him as a DH last year was 2.9, prorating that for how much time he will have missed, his impact is unlikely to be more than a 1 game swing. As far as psychological boosts and whatever that remains to be seen, but a team that is 6 back in early June is going to need more than a 1 game boost in august to turn it around. VMarts return is not the be all end all for the tigers.

French West Indian

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...in the Central division.  I wouldn't call it over until they are about 10 games out in September.

Even last year they were pretty middling until the end of July.  Then everything clicked and they quickly ran away with the division.

Just gotta keep hanging in there...


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Despite all of these struggles, they are still in spitting distance of first with Cleveland and Chicago probably riding a little high on the wave right now.  Hopefully some of these guys come back in time.


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Everyone bags on the hitting, which is not anywhere near where it was supposed to be....but the Tigers make a ton of mental mistakes (base running, mental errors in the field, bad plate appearances)...they are a poorly coached team.  It shows on the field.


June 6th, 2012 at 12:38 PM ^

I don't see them getting another quality starting pitcher. The payroll is already high. Besides the starting pitching isnt the problem. They just aren't playing good baseball. Bad fundamentals, guys not hustling, terrible hitting, and horrible middle relief. Leyland needs to find a way to get these guys going.


June 6th, 2012 at 1:28 PM ^

When i'm watching numerous DPs that are turned over against us could be broken up in my estimation by hard slides/ runners taking off at full speed on ground balls. That containsa  little of both, but normally the lead runner would still be out and their inclination to do so is lowered.
Also Boesch in particular and a couple others have some God Awful body language at the plate after striking out (and flailing around like an idiot), or hustle on fly balls. I can think of numerous times where players haven't even made it to first on flyballs to the warning track after their bat chuck, head down half walk down the line. 

The body language thing seems to bother me the most though. Seems to be a combination of resignation and just pure frustration on many players behalfs. If there is a reason to change managers beyond anything between the lines, this would be it for me. Leyland himself seems to have at times given into frustration/resignation at umpires and some of the effort things.


June 6th, 2012 at 1:41 PM ^

What would you like them to look like after they strike out swinging? Do you want them throwing bats to the ground or tossing the helmet? They just look frustrated beyond belief, and trust me I share that same emotion. Boesch attempted a diving catch last night, it was probably the wrong choice because he let another runner score, but he made the attempt to get the out.

I truly do not think that effort is the problem. This team is too slow to disrupt a DP without the runner already in motion, and only a select few can actually get down the line fast enough to first to beat a throw. This team just isn't very good right now.


June 6th, 2012 at 1:51 PM ^

and didn't word it very well, but half the time it just seems like they are disinterested in being out there. Of course they are going to be frustrated striking out and i dont know what i would prefer to see, but i probably want to see anything. Throwing a bat or two would at least give the impression that they are fighting.


(I missed the Boesch catch yesterday because i got frustrated and just turned the game off. Granted i watched some replays and didn't see that but and how the fuck does DY not keep his foot down sliding).  

As for the DPsand ground balls, sure we don't have the team speed to be beating them out, but plenty of times they aren't even half way down the base line since they aren't running. Put some pressure on the throws and umps to get it right.  Bahaha, i guess with that last part i would probably be mailing it in occasionaly too. 


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My thoughts on the season is that it is a travesty.................Talking to a few baseball GM's that were members at the Golf Club I used to work at, they say that every manager has a shelf life of 4-6 years with one team excluding the great ones. After that term the team becomes disinterested and too relaxed. Jim will be out by the All-Star break. 


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Not going Thursday but the g/f and I are going Tuesday night.  The Tigers twiiter feed mentioned they are having a meet up at O'Malley's on sheffield before the game.  Giveaways and drink specials and what not.

Also for anyone who is interested in the Thursday day game; YouSwoop had $80 rooftop deals last I checked for that game.


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My opinion is that things just can't get worse from here. Although I've been thinking that for the past couple of weeks, and we now have 8 guys on our roster who either started the season in AAA, or were there (or below that) at the end of last year: Berry, Young, Santos, Holladay, Crosby, Smyly, Worth, and Villareal. You just can't compete with that many young guys (especially considering that we don't have a strong farm system).

Eventually though, the Sox and Indians will cool off, we'll start getting some breaks to go our way, and things will even out. We're still a far way off from panic time.