OT: Another PS3 Online Dynasty for NCAA 2010

Submitted by MichTits on September 10th, 2009 at 5:23 PM

I had a forum topic like this one about a month ago, so I'm sure everyone is getting tired of having these topics continue to pop up, but I could not think of another way to get one of these up and going. An Online Dynasty was created, but Goblueritzy92's PS3 broke, and he was the commissioner, so the league has pretty much died. I plan on being the commissioner for this league and will make sure that it is run smoothly. I will advance the league every three days and will be on top of it, so there is minimal waiting around time. I would like to get as many human players into the league as I can, so let me know your PS id and I will send out invites in the next couple days. Again, sorry for posting another thread, but all I wanted to do was play an online dynasty, and the one I was in just died after the 2nd week...

People that were interested in the league or in the league before include:

BL4484 (not a MGo user)
Blue in Yarmouth

If any of you are interested in playing again, let me know. And anybody new is welcome as well.