OT- Another Mayweather / McGregor thread - Who ya got??

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I am inching my way over to the McGregor camp everytime Floyd opens his mouth. In his press conference he pulled out a check from the 2015 Pacqiou fight.......But at the same time is telling the IRS he cant pay his tax bill until he gets paid from this fight.

I hope for Floyds sake that the check doesn't "void after 90 days" /s



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Canelo has improved markedly as a fighter from when he got schooled by Money.  

GGG, though, is a bad man.  Don't think Canelo isn't going to be able to take 12 rounds of shots.  

Mayweather is going to wipe the floor with McGregor.  No one in 15 years (except the 2nd round against Mosley) has been able to solve the riddle of Money's defense and speed.


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My question is whether McGregor knows this. Do you think he expects to win or do you think he is putting on an act to cash in?


That's what it seemed like Pac did. It be very hard to beat Mayweather, but I don't think many have gone into a fight against him too worried about getting hurt. 


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Sugar Shane is also one of the best fighters of his generation. McGregor doesn't have even a fraction of the skill or speed that Mosley had. Mosley caught Mayweather but then what happened? same old story. Floyd figured him out and coasted to a victory as he always does. 


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Unless a miracle occurs, in a boxing match, Floyd will absolutely kill McGregor. It won't be close. Sadly, I think Mayweather plays it safe and it's 12 rounds of him boxing circles around McGregor. 


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Floyd is no power puncher, but I actually expect him to land a lot more solid punches than normal. Basically, he is the world's best boxer going up against (in boxing terms) a club fighter. The defensive holes McGregor is likely to show will allow Floyd to connect much more than normal. That could/should lead to Floyd landing some big shots. 

Cali's Goin' Blue

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What are the chances that this ends in a knockout you think? I think Mcgregor has a 5-10% chance for a knock out blow and Mayweather has about the same likelihood. Obviously Mayweather wins the fight if it isn't a knockout, but I really want to know what the chances of Mayweather knocking Mcgregor out. Seems really low to me. 

ED: This fight seems to have an 90% chance to be a snoozer if it gets past round 2. 


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that is the chance of Mayweather knocking out McGregor.  Comes down to 2 reasons;

1.  McGregor has a phenomenal chin

2.  Mayweather is not going to stand still long enough to either throw a knockout punch, or land      a significant combo


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You are probably right, but not because McGregor's chin is necessarily great (it may be, but how do we really know, once he's getting pounded by a real boxer?), but because Floyd will undoubtedly play it safe.

Here is what I think could be McGregor's best hope of a win - Floyd "got old overnight." It happens to boxers all the time. They go from their prime to over the hill in a year very often. If that has happened to Floyd, he gets cocky or overconfident (I mean, how scared can he be of McGregor, really?), and McGregor connects on a lucky shot. It would have to be a Buster Douglas kind of moment, where Floyd either got old or simply fails to train at his normal level, and McGregor shocks the world. 


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I know boxers generate more power due to better technique etc but look back at some of the shots McGregor ate against Mendes in 4 oz gloves. McGregor has taken kicks to head with much more force than a mayweather punch. His chin is legit if he gets stopped it'll be due to being worn down.


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I am a huge boxing fan (and even boxed a little), but never got much into MMA. So there are my biases. That being said, the power a high-level boxer can generate with a punch - even a boxer not known as a "puncher" - is truly incredible. I sparred exactly one time with one professional fighter who went on to fight for a title. He was playing with me, of course, while I went full speed. I outweighed him by a good 50 pounds. I had sparred with other amateurs who outweighted me by that much, but had never felt power like I did from a 135 pound professional. It was on a completely different level. I have read before that a top-level professional can generate 2 to 3 times more power than even a well-trained amateur boxer. MMA fighters, in terms of their punching power (again, only punching, not kicks) are really just top-level-amateurs in terms of their punching-striking. I think it will take a big toll on McGregor. JMHO...


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That's a definite possibility and one I can't honestly say isn't true I also think if he was facing someone else it would be even more pertinent. I just don't see Floyd being pushed to a place where he has to knock him out. I think he could coast easily and win all rounds without ever having to do enough to get the stopage. I think Floyd is going to be extra risk averse in this fight due to him genuinely not needing to do much to win.

Chilly Willy

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Worn down is the key... How many times has Floyd entered the ring against an opponent with more power?

This should hold the script where a power puncher gets frustrated by a master defenseman for 7-8 rounds, continuously gets pummeled, and eventually wears down. Floyd in 8 by KO.  

McGregor is going to be a hot mess after this one.

panthera leo fututio

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I think this is exactly right. However good McGregor's chin may or may not be, he has a pretty clear record of gasing when he doesn't get an early knockout, even when it's clear that he's come in in good shape and is taking pains to pace himself (see last 3.25 rounds of Diaz II fight). Also, one's "chin" in boxing isn't just your ability to take big shots, but your ability to manage the fight on your feet when you're wobbled. McGreggor's gonna be way, way out of his league in this respect, and combining this with fatigue, I have a hard time not seeing the fight get stopped.


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reason being is that in order to do what you're saying, Mayweather is going to have to stand toe to toe with McGregor.  Standing toe to toe with McGregor is the one way Mayweather could lose the fight.  Hence, none of this will happen and we go back to the fact that this fight is going to suck

Cali's Goin' Blue

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Would be that Mcgregor has a 3" longer wingspan than MW, and MW hasn't found someone with a longer wingspan in awhile. At some point, in order to land punches, he is going to have to stand in against Mcgregor. Mcgregor is also 13 years younger and will most likely be in better fighting shape. I obviously think MW is going to win, but the first few rounds are guaranteed to be fun to watch. Mcgregor is going to come out swinging and use his reach/power to use. If it gets past the few rounds I might end up turning off the fight. I absolutely hate MW fights, but Mcgregor will make up for it the first few rounds at least. Even though I'm assuming to be very frustrated watching Mcgregor swinging for the fences and MW landing solid counterpunches. 


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This will not be much of a fight despite the pre-fight theatrics.  McGregor will be lucky to touch Floyd, much less hurt him, and I think he's going to be quite surprised at the amount of power a real boxer can generate with a simple jab.  McGregor is used to fighting guys with limited (at best) boxing ability and the rules he's used to fighting under are nothing like what he's about to face.

It's like somebody decided that the undefeated fraternity flag football league champions should play the New England Patriots to see who's better playing real football and scheduled a game.  And because the guys on the flag football team are yelling really loud beforehand about how tough they are people are actually wondering who's going to win.


The Maizer

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Your analogy is too severe. McGregor is still a professional athlete in a combat-related sport. It would be more like one of the best pro rugby teams scheduled a football game with the Patriots. They would still get clobbered, so your overall point is valid.

Ask yourself this. If you put the Patriots and the fraternity flag football team against each other in a flag football game, who wins? And if you put McGregor and Mayweather in an MMA match, who wins?


July 12th, 2017 at 12:46 PM ^

but your second paragraph here is not a well thought out comparison.  Both men are going to weigh in between 150 - 155 lbs.  McGregor is an inch taller, has a 2 inch reach advantage, and is 12 years younger to boot.  His cardio conditioning is also on par with Mayweather.  McGregor is the all around superior athlete here.


July 12th, 2017 at 1:06 PM ^

I dont think his weight, age, height or reach are going to matter one iota when the fight begins.  As dissapointing as it seems to be (cause I know most people - me included- dont particularly like FM) this is not going to be a competitive fight at all.

FYI I'm marking today down in my mgoblog memory banks.   Between now and August 26th I expect this topic to be brought up several more times.   And each time it is I will point out that a MMA fighter has no chance in the ring actual an actual boxer, especially one as skilled as Mayweather.  And each time I do people will be unhappy at me for making the predictition cause nobody wants it to be true-especially those shelling out the mega bucks for the PPV.

And on August 27th, after the debacle in which McGreggor wont land one single punch of any consequence before the fight is mercifully stopped, I will remind the board of my prediction and people will again be unhappy for me saying i was right and they were wrong.

I've seen this movie SO many times over the years (board reaction to correct unpopular predictitions) I do know how it ends.


July 12th, 2017 at 1:32 PM ^

how can you honestly make a statement like "I dont think his weight, age, height or reach are going to matter one iota when the fight begins."  That's crazy talk.  Of course it matters.  While I agree that Mayweather is an overwelming favorite here, McGregor is a world class athlete.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you have never seen him fight


July 12th, 2017 at 1:39 PM ^

I have seen MacGregor fight.

 What I havent seen, and neither have you or anyone else for that matter seen, is MacGregor BOX.  And that's what they're going to be doing - not fighting (which MacGregor is very, very good at) boxing (and that's a big unknown).

You're proving my point though that people want this to be competitive so badly they're overlooking the fact that this isnt a fight, it's a boxing match, and only one of the two guys in the ring does that professionally.  And he's very, very good at it.

Cali's Goin' Blue

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I want Mcgregor to come in and knock him out early(First 2 rounds), but I think after the first round he is going to get antsy and wear himself out. Mayweather is just the perfect fighter against a MMA-turned boxer. Without the threat of kicks, knees and takedowns, Mcgregor is going to find it hard to get in a knockout blow. Which is his only chance of winning. Mcgregor knows he has a very little chance and he will go for the early knockout. I really hope it happens, but all of our expectations should be that it is more exciting than the Pacquioa fight in the first few rounds, and then turn into a snoozer the last 8-9 rounds in which Mayweather slowly lands more punches and wins by unanimous decision. 

I Love Lamp

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Unless you're mayweather or McGregor's bank accounts. Floyd will smoke Conor in the ring, while McGregor would beat the piss out of Floyd in the cage. The pressers might be the most fun


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Mayweather is going to win pretty easily, but man would I ever love to see McGregor catch him with something and lay him out.   I have zero respect for Mayweather... any man who would beat up the mother of his child infront of the child, is disgusting to me.


July 12th, 2017 at 12:31 PM ^

I am hoping for this exact thing!  They were actually discussing it on Sportsnet here in Ontario yesterday.  Given the PPV revenue and build up to this fight they certainly aren't going to shut it down if McGregor kicks Mayweather in the head in the early rounds.  So if McGregor is getting killed in the first few rounds what does he have to lose?