OT: Anniversary of the Edmund FItzgerald

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Today, November 10th, is the 41th(st) anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Obviously, the song sprung from the event by the eloquent Gordon Lightfoot is of great importance to our fearless leader Jim Harbaugh.

So, let us remember this tragedy and honor those who lost their lives to the witch of November.

"The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
When the wave broke over the railing
And every man knew, as the captain did too
'Twas the witch of November come stealin."




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Remembering the captain and crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald today. God Bless You and Yours! https://t.co/OZl3bMYWuy

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) November 10, 2015


Everyone Murders

November 10th, 2016 at 1:55 PM ^

So after the MSU game I took the family to stay in Detroit.  I pointed out the ("Old") Mariner's Church on Jefferson to my wife, and mentioned that this was the church referenced in The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

My teenage son looked at us like we were speaking Greek.* 

*We're not Greek, and don't speak it.  We did, however, eat at the New Parthenon.  Oooooopa!


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She is not my girlfriend any longer, thank god. When asked what the hell I meant with my comment, I just said that not unlike Gitche Gumee, it, too, was a "dark, cold, and unforgiving place..."

So yeah. That was pretty much the end.


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November 11th also marks the last day of the great storm of 1913 (Nov-7-11) which by FAR was the most costly and deadly in terms of ships lost.  That storm is widely considered the worst storm to hit the great lakes with ships lost in Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie over its four day run.

12 ships went down and over 250 men lost their lives.


And no - I dont remember it.


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The Fitz is a big deal up here, which makes sense given the significance of the port in Duluth. It departed from Superior (right across the river, I can see the ore dock it used from the Hillside here) and sailed with the Arthur Anderson, which still sails today and comes through regularly.

This is the one day each year that the Split Rock Lighthouse is lit, in remembrance of the crew.

No storms today. It is gloriously, unseasonably warm.


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They could sail longer if there was a need. There is a ship in long-term layup called American Victory here in the twin ports that could resume operating were there enough freight demand. This ship is so old that it recorded an aircraft kill while running convoys in WWII.


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haunting, too.  years later when i crewed on a different boat i got to appreciate that tragedy in a whole new way. 

i shared my one and only edmund fitzgerald ('the fitz') story a couple of weeks ago, it was from the summer of '75.   we were in a small sailboat, becalmed on a wicked hot day in the north channel in the UP and the fitz was pounding his horn at us to get out of the channel - and he was right.   we paddled for all we were worth to get out of there.   but not content with safety, i mooned the fitz as it passed us by.....oh the shame, the shame.  

Lou MacAdoo

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I once knew of a man that loved to sing that song on karaoke night. He managed to make it entertaining but it would always go on forever. Sadly he too ended up losing his life in a tragic boating accident on the Great Lakes. Life is crazy.