OT: Andrus Peat to Stanford

Submitted by MGoCooper on February 1st, 2012 at 1:51 PM

Andrus Peat committed to Stanford, over the long favored Nebraska. That's one hell of an offensive line haul for Stanford this class. Garnett, Peat, and Murphy is an incredible start for David Shaw.



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They have done a great job and seem to be trying to stay on top.  This is a really good start to that.  I really don't mind their program and I hope that they start to become one of the better teams in the PAC 12.  They do things the right way it seems.


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I like to see Stanford succeed. It's one of the few schools that faves more obstacles than we do. Losing Garnett to them sucked, but I would rather it be them than some football factory with a university attached to it.

Also, good to see that Shaw is making his own mark and proving everyone who thought he was simply riding Harbaugh's coattails wrong.


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What obstacles does Michigan face in football? 

We have incredible history, recently improved facilities, tons of cash, an enormous fanbase, and we admit anyone who meets the NCAA minimum qualifications. 


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I think the OP meant regarding admissions.

UM seems to be more stringent in blanket acceptance of high school grades that may technically meet 'core criteria' from student athletes.  Also, it's much harder to get a JUCO to transfer.


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Admissions lets in anyone who meets the minimum NCAA qualifications.  The only exception is Adrian Witty who qualified mid-year and for some reason didn't get let in.  Our various coaching staffs over the years have been somewhat reluctant to spend a LOI on a guy who might not qualify (though we've had our share of Marques Slocum and Quinton McCoy types), but UM admissions is not a barrier to getting guys on the football team.  If they qualify they can play, just like most anywhere else in the country.

JUCO's are hard to enroll at any real school because most of them aren't taking college level courses at the JUCO (as opposed to electives and remedial math/english/science).  Minimum academic progress requirements and our preference for 4-year kids make JUCO's rare, not admissions standards.

Bo Knows

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I haven't gotten to see Peat play, but just by looking at him he looks like he can put on another 30 or 40 pounds.  I'm wondering why there are even 5 tackles ranked ahead of him.  (according to rivals)


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He decides in a few hours between SC and Stanford.  As it stands, the Cardinal have signed five 4/5 star offensive linemen.  If they get Murphy too that would be an unreal haul.


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Wow, that really is an amazing line class.  Looks like no matter where Garnett went he was going to be on the interior of a couple amazing tackles. 

Like has been said in this and othert threads, Stanford and Northwestern are among the schools I have no problem rooting for.  It will be interesting when this Pac-12/B1G alliance finally impacts football schedules.  This recruiting class will either be gone or 5th year seniors by then, but I look forward to occassional rematches of the first ever Rose Bowl.