OT - And Now Adrian Peterson in Trouble

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Well both Deadspin and TMZ reporting AP is in trouble so in today's day and age these are actually quite legitimate sites for breaking news.  Sounds like he hit his 11 year son with a switch. TMZ with the more inflammotry "child abuse" headline of course.

Fun times at NFL HQ.

Prepare for the litany of social media backlash... "back in my day a good switching was fine..."

Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse in North Montgomery County, TX ... TMZ Sports has learned.   Sources connected to Peterson tell us ... the alleged victim is a male child from Minnesota who was visiting Adrian back in May at AP's home in Texas. 

We're told the child returned home to his mother in Minn. who noticed injuries and took the child to a doctor. A short time later, the doctor contacted authorities in Texas to report Adrian. 

Child Protective Services confirms they are working on a case involving Peterson and say the alleged victim is an 11-year-old boy. 

Peterson was indicted in Montgomery County for reckless or negligent injury to a child, this according to MyFOX Houston 26. 

Jay Glazer adds that Peterson has been cooperating with law enforcement, and will now have to turn himself in to authorities. Rapaport notes that Peterson testified before a grand jury weeks ago.





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A switch is somewhat of a thin branch or something to whip or hit with. I have plenty of friends that would tell me stories of getting hit with swtiches when they were growing up. Its actually not that huge of a deal if that is all he did. People in the south use them more than people in the north from what I understand.


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Sam Webb has spoken many times on the air about the whuppins he got from his grandma, and how he had to choose his own stick and make sure it wasn't too puny.

The details are important, but FWIW I'm not sure a switch would be any worse than the bare-ass spankings I got a few times from my dad when I was a young miscreant.


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It was the other day during the Ray Rice news. "From anonymous source, an unnamed NFL owner..."

It was a generic quote about how respected Roger G is, ending with "..if this news is true he will have to step down"

Awesome. Someone with a blog provides no concrete information and it gets 5 minutes on the morning SportsCenter.


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If this is like a "spanking" type of ordeal then I would hope he isn't charged. (Unless it isn't in the normal spot of a spanking which is the butt. If it's the back or face or anything else then it's a different story for me). I guess I'm just in the mindset of spanking a kid as a last resort and not repetitively to actually be harmful to the kid, but more to get the point across. But 11 years old is also very old to be spanked. I'm just of the old mindset and hate the mindset if you spank your child (I'm not talking about hitting them in the face or anything of the sorts, just a spank on the butt) it becomes a very serious problem.


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It's tough to say, but if we're hedging this seems quite serious.

You raise some good points yourself. The particular telling point for me is doctor's visit.

Pediatricians receive extensive training in identifying potential abuse.  This isn't to say we bat a1.00 or that this particular doctor didn't make a mistake or is fully competent, but chances are this is more than your typical spanking incident. 

Reporting procedures generally involve input from many people with professional experience.

As always, we'll have to wait to see more facts.


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Well if there was no other injury, such as oddly dispersed rib fractures or odd long bone fractures or something, then the pediatrician was likely going on the skin wound.  If that's the case, the pediatrician really has no other choice than to report it regardless of whether they think it's ok or not, b/c their license would be at risk.  So I don't think it's correct to say that there was more than just spanking with a switch involved here.


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The doctor point was more in objection to a thought this could merely be the result of the mother leveraging the chid's injuries to affect petterson.

The second point is more to your conclusion.  You seem to know these decision rarely happen in a vacuum. It seems likely several people reviewed the information in total and decided something was amiss.

Honest question: Have you heard of superficial skin injuries (contusions, cuts) ever leading to an indictment?

There is the cultural practice of "coining" which as lead to erronious accusations, but in general the system is pretty good at parsing out such details.


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40 or 50 years ago, but the environment of abuse has changed dramatically since then.

Shit, if we had the same rules then as are in place now every one of the Christian Brothers teaching high school would be in jail.


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Growing up I got the switch a couple times.. I don't really see the issue I guess. Well Adrian Peterson is a monster of a man.. idk how to feel about this.


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Hope all the facts come out. While several people here have gotten a switch or paddle taken to them, or spanked, there is a line where corporal punishment crosses into child abuse even if done in a 'common way'. My great-aunt was, quite literally, killed by nuns at school when she was a kid who were doing 'normal' corporal punishment.


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CBS Local in Minnesota has some descriptions of the injuries as they were described in the initial reports, as well as some photos of the scars left - LINK

Very brutal indeed. Supposedly, during his questioning by the grand jury, Peterson regarded this as a "normal spanking" and did not seem to think it was excessive. 


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He's four years old, and the photos were taken one full week after the "spanking." I don't know about your kids, but when my son falls and scrapes his knee to the point to draw blood, it still heals in less than a week. 


Edit: this is my first double post ever! I wasn't even on my phone, How does this happen? I only clicked "save" once. I always figured double posts happened from people being impatient and clicking save twice. Sorry guys!

Sac Fly

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Here come the "in my day" and "society is soft" posts.

They wouldn't indict him for spanking or hitting him once. The kid has scars all over his body from being whipped.

name redacted

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Isn't a spanking on the rear end? Holy sh*t these bruises are all over the kids legs. F that. I was this kids parent I would be seeking justice. No way an adult should do that to a child

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My pops had a paddle when we were kids that we get 2 or 3 licks with when we acted up. When we were really bad he would cheat down to hit the thighs. Man that was the worst. My dad however understood the difference between giving us a spanking and beating us though which makes it a little more reasonable.