OT- Alfonzo Dennard arrested after assaulting police officer. per ESPN.

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This kind of piggy backs off of the recent thread regarding Mike Adams testing positive for Marijuana use at the NFL combine. 

You've got to think that this will have a large effect on his draft stock (previously projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder), especially if he is facing jail time of any sort.  It blows my mind how these young men are so careless right before they are in line to make millions...  Stupid people are stupid.



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"According to local reports, Lincoln police said Dennard was fighting a man outside a downtown bar when they tried to take him into custody."

I sure hope the chick was worth it.


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"A first-team All-Big Ten selection in 2011, Dennard is projected as a second- or third-round pick in next week's NFL draft."


Change the "is" to "was." 


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Really odd.. Hes been known as a pretty good guy before this year with a very strong family core and supportive mother... I wonder whats gotten into Fonzo... Maybe the money is already getting to his head.

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Stories like these absolutely baffle me. I mean if you're going to do something stupid like this, at least have the common sense to get caught after you get drafted and sign a contract.

Still, this kind of bums me out. I was hoping the Bucs (my team) would get a hold of him in the 2nd-3rd round. We desperately need some help at linebacker, and I'm not sure Schiano is going to tolerate a guy like this. Rightfully so, anyway.

Here's to hoping Don'ta Hightower is somehow still on the board come the 5th pick of the 2nd round.


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Here's an interesting column from Jim Litke over at Salon.com:


Someone actually did a study on how criminal records affect draft standing for an economics thesis. According to their work, a player  with "character issues" drops 15-25 spots on average, and also, there is incentive to take risks on some players - players who are "arrested but not charged" (one of the categories in the study) with something are still drafted at comparable positions to players who kept their noses clean. 

Interesting read. Certainly,  if the charges against Alfonzo Dennard are formalized and he goes to trial, his draft stock would plummet  drastically, as it probably should (some GMs do try hard to stay away from this sort of trouble, and I applaud that) but even then, some teams in the NFL will take  the risk, I imagine. 

Regardless, this is a monumentally dumb thing to do on the eve of what could be a great advancement of one's career. 

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I'm struggling to decide whose decision was more dumb, Mike Adams' or Dennards.

Dennards actions are more egregious, however he at least likely had some alcohol in his system clouding his judgement.  Mike Adams has really no excuse, no matter how flimsy, for his actions. 


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I'm always disappointed when I hear people use alcohol as an excuse for bad behavior.  "Yeah I cheated on you baby but I was hammered! I barely remember it!"  "Dude, sorry I called you a bitch and punched you in the face, but you can't blame me.  We were raging pretty hard."  "I was so drunk I couldn't even tell he was a cop."  I hear these types of things all the time.  Have some self-control.  If you become that stupid when you drink you shouldn't be drinking.  His actions are more egregious.  The fact that he was drunk has no baring on how bad it was.  I know you're only talking about sheer stupidity, but they're equally stupid in my eyes. 

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I understand where you are coming concerning the alcohol is not a good excuse for bad behavior thing, but I disagree to an extent.  Being drunk does not make the behavior (what ever that may be) okay, but to me at least it definitely plays a role in how I judge the situation.  Obviously this depends on a multitude of other factors like what the behavior was, if it is an ongoing problem, and tons of other extenuating circumstances. 

I am not trying to say that being drunk makes bad behavior okay, but saying that it should not even be entered into the equation is not a stance I agree with.

Happy mediums are a man's best friend.


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i agree with you 100%. hate it when people use alcohol as an excuse for their behavior. have some f'n control or dont drink. its not hard. i truly think 99% of people that act like idiots under the influence do it because they've been told (and probably seen) their whole lives that that is what you do when drunk. essentially being: alcohol - all self control = ok

i truly know people that will act like a moron half of a beer in. that is learned behavior no matter your tolerance. also, if alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you are an "angry drunk", dont drink. that and you clearly live every sober moment holding back rage and you need help.

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I'd agree with that, but the general argument that Adams's failed drug test was dumber has some validity. Dennard made a really stupid decision in the heat of the moment, but Adams failed a drug test he knew about for months leading up to the single most important job interview of his life.

That said, both are dumbasses.


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Meh, working in criminal defense... assaulting an officer can be a pretty mild situation and still get you a charge.  It doesn't require you going apeshit on a law enforcement officer.

If they smoosh you in the face with their hand or push you in the chest and you knock their hands away you will be charged.

All I'm saying is without the police report, and really without being there we don't know:

a) If this kid was in the wrong.

b) How severe his transgression was.

If he was just previously in a fight, his adrenaline may have been high and that could have influenced the situation.

Also, at his size, the cops may have used excessive force or taken additional liberties out of fear for their own safety to which he may have responded.

Without knowing the facts I wouldn't say this charge is the biggest deal.  I'd be more concerned with marijuana possession.


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ESPN is killing me.  A few days ago I see that a warrant was issued for Robinson's arrest and now Dennard arrested for assault?  I can't take the offseason anymore.