OT - ALCS Game 4. Tigers on verge of sweep. Rain delay.

Submitted by Rather be on BA on October 17th, 2012 at 8:28 PM

Title says it all.  Currently in a rain delay, hopefully it doesn't last long or it could be a long night. 

Has Dennis Eckersley been on the broadcast the past games?  I like him.

Looks like weather may force this game to tomorrow.



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I was lucky enough to be at the game last  night so I missed the t.v broadcast. Were the announcers still actling like major yankees fanboys last night?


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The leading edge of the rain is more or less over my house, which is about a 25-minute drive down I-94 from Comerica Park, so this game may very well not happen now. Actually, I have to say that I don't mind Scherzer getting some extra rest, although the forecast for tomorrow's 4 PM start is not promising. 

Another 45 minutes at least, they said. If they do in fact play, feel free to come to my place for no sleep and some coffee, as it will be morning by the time it ends. 


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I feel bad for all the Tigers fans who went out there (and maybe even some who may have flown in from places like Rome). Probably the biggest TIgers game they've ever seen in Comerica and it gets rained out (they just said it's postponed, don't know if that's news)

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Verlander got screwed twice last year by rain delays in both Game 1s vs NYY and Texas. It shouldn't matter that it is an elimination game. So if the Yankees had won yesterday and the series was at 2-1, the game should be played?

I am sorry, but this looks like clear favoritism for the Yankees who had the misfortune of having this storm potentially arrive on the night their ace was going to start with their bullpen already taxed from Hughes' injury from the night before. They could have clearly played at least 4 innings before the tarp came on and probably got the game in just like the NLCS.


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Since there's no Tigers game, this can be a perfect drinking thread instead.  I'm kicking back with a nice Sailor Jerry's on the rocks myself and....what's that?  It's only Wednesday and you guys have "jobs" and stuff, and only lazy ass grad students like me whose classes are M-T-W and thus are starting the weekend tonight can afford to tilt one back?  That sucks.  Mmmmm.... this is some good rum, though.


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I think this may help the Tigers because it will put the end of our series a little closer to the end of the other series, which looks to be going longer. A long break between the ACLS and the WS could affect the momentum the Tigers have right now.


October 17th, 2012 at 10:09 PM ^

CC is also out for any potential Game 7 start, as it would now be on 2 days' rest. Verlander would go on normal rest. Game 7 for the Yankees? Phil Hughes. 


October 18th, 2012 at 10:13 AM ^

The rainless rain cancellation was ruh-tarded.  I was at the game and they announced that the game was delayed due to inclement weather at ~8pm (as everyone knows).  Everyone began checking cell phones for more info, and no one was able to get a data connection (which felt a bit Michigan Stadium-esque).  The Tigers gave zero updates as to the reason for the delay (which would have helped given the nice weather).  In-stadium monitors played the same Pepsi commercial over and over and over again (eventually, they figured out how to add another Pepsi commercial and a Sony commercial).  It was a bit maddening.

Despite the fact that many stadium employees were wired-in via headset, none of them were given any info about the reason for the delay or expected length of delay.  So, the Tigers got plenty of loot from concessions and then sent people home...2 hours later and without a single drop of rain.  Whether the delay/PPD call came from MLB or the Tigers, the way the Tigers treated their fans was for shit.


October 18th, 2012 at 5:47 PM ^

my yankee fan friends tried to convince me that CC was gonna make all the difference..how's that theory looking?  (wood has already been knocked on)