OT: Alanta Falcons new stadium concept 3D art/video

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I find it pretty interesting the direction pro stadiums are heading. I also find it weird that Alanta is even considering this when the Georgia Dome is not that old. It is neat though how these 2 stadiums transforms for other sports and notice the end of the video they show highlights on the big screen on the NC basketball game.





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Cool!  What a great use of taxpayer money!  Good thing Georgia public schools are tops in the nation already and there a no other more significant needs in the entire state.  Exactly what is wrong with the Georgia Dome?  It opened in 1992 for God's sake! 

Bando Calrissian

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Well, he did rather unarticulately highlight a major issue facing a lot of municipalities that have used public money to fund sports stadiums, giving very profitable sports teams sweetheart deals that hand almost all revenue over to the team and leave taxpayers holding the bag for the facility's cost. It happened in Chicago with US Cellular, it happened in Miami with the new Marlins stadium, Detroit didn't get a really fair shake with the Comerica Park project, Citi Field in New York, the list goes on and on.

Not trying to veer into politics, but it is something being debated nationwide.


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A couple years back this was pretty extensivly debated in my urban planning class, and obviously I'm aware that any time taxpayer money gets involved it hits the politics line, but pretty much the least awesome sounding thing at the moment is moderating some discussion about whether Atlanta should put up a bond issue to cover this or whether their resources are better spent on their schools.

I like this stuff as much as the next guy, probably more since it's my degree field, but it's not a good idea to start making it a stadium v. school (or whatever other issue) thing because someone goes over the top every single time. I can't remember the title of the thread, but there was one on a new Illitch arena for the Wings that went pretty much perfectly and a big part was avoiding presenting choices like that.


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So let it be debated nationwide. But not here. This blog is pretty clear on being a no politics zone.

Also, his argument is overly simplistic and sophomoric in the assumption that the stadium project has any impact on school funding, police or any other municipal function. These stadium deals are often funded only partially by government, with a corresponding benefit to the government of a shit load of income tax from those employed on construction. Also, a shit load of sales tax that those who come to Georgia to build the project generate. And of course the revenue generated by the new stadium, etc. which also results in tax money. I could go on, but this will quickly devolve into politics.


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I see a difference between discussing politcs on this blog (i.e. Thanks O-BUM-A or this is because of the RepubliCAN'Ts) and discussing public policies as they relate to sports. For instance, we talk about Title IX, a lot actually. I think of no politics as regarding left/right, democrat/republican issues. This discussion doesn't have that partisan tilt and it's directly related to sports. I'm open to being wrong though.


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I can tell you the majority of the residents were in full support.  The city has agreed to fund $200 million of it, NONE of which is taxpayer money.  This will all come from hotel tax, so tourists are actually the ones financing our beautiful cities new stadium.  While I do agree there was nothing wrong with the Georgia Dome, Arthur Blank has built up enough goodwill in this city to get the support he needs for a new stadium.  This will further put Altanta right up there with the best hosting cities for sporting events in the future.


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It is one of the nation's biggest convention cities.  So, they may want to incorporate the stadium into their convention facility, in a fashion similar to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. 

If so, maybe it is more than just a sporting event facility, which could help make the case for a new investment downtown.  I'm speculating, but it wouldn't be a surprise if that's one of their non-sports targets.    


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Thanks mod. You know who you are and you know why. I truly appreciate that and am not being sarcastic. Sorry I fail at posting!


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Thanks. It kept showing me empty space. I knew before I even tried I should wait a few minutes and someone else would make it happen.

Oh well. Thanks for deleting it and the encouragement.  Love the work y'all do moderating such a busy blog. Tough task for sure.  


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Watch the video and you will see Spike nailing a three during the national title game. It is at toward the end.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm sure the taxpayers have to be thrilled about this. I went to the Final Four this year and thought the Georgia Dome was perfectly fine. It hosts so many different events that I'm wondering why they feel the need to get rid of it now.


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I too was there and thought the Georgia Dome was OK, but that's about it. I thought the stadium was severely lacking in the number of bathrooms. Not sure about the lower and upper levels, but the 200 level was a joke. There was one men's/women's room in each end zone corner and the men's only had 3 urinals and 1 stall.

Unacceptable in my opinion.


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Yeah, it looks really cool. HOWEVA: It does bring up one important question. Doesn't anybody go to football games to WATCH FOOTBALL anymore?

Oh, heck no. We need screens EVERYWHERE. Fireworks. Moving parts. A 100 yard long bar!

I have had the best football experiences of my life in Michigan Stadium and the Glass Bowl in Toledo. In the bleachers. Sometimes while getting rained on. The amenities at each game were "hotdogs and pop".


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This is not OT.  Towards the end of the video, showing how the oculus-field can host NCAA basketball final fours, they show a clip of the NC game vs UL, where the score was 17-13 good guys in the first half.

I get dizzy just trying to picture where all those overhead videoboards go in the oculus roof.  You'd spent 90% of the time with your head looking upwards; you'd get a stiff neck.


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After I saw the NC game highlights I came here and already posted.  Fun stuff.

I've been working on videos myself...I did this one rather quickly.


When I have WAY too much time on my hands I'd love to model Michigan Stadium and do some videos and still shots since they come out so well in the program I use.


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I love the innovations that have been made with these new stadium designs. Strictly admiring it as a structure, it is incredible how such a mammoth thing can be moved and retracted. Soccer stadiums from around the world have been toeing the line of practicality, it's great to see the some new innovative designs being brought to the US. I wish more teams had retractable roof stadiums so weather can never be a factor and that it'll only be about the game.

And please, no talking about tax payer dollars, etc... politics are not welcome here.


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A big sticking point with the ATL stadium was that a study done by someone (sorry, dont feel like Googling this) points out that a crazy amount of time 70-80% despite having the ability to open the roof on a warm, sunny day, that it stays closed.  Obviously, this feature costs MOAR money and its cost/benefit ratio is simply not worth it.  IMO its a needless feature, and is simply being done because "you can". 


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Just to explain a few things, 1. The money for this stadium is coming from hotel taxes. That means citizens of the city are NOT paying for a new studium. In fact, a lot of the money that was aquired during the Final Four is going to help the costs for the new stadium. The Falcons owner Arthur Blank is picking up a lot of the expenses as well. So overall, I feel that it is a relatively fair deal all things considered. 2. The Georgia Dome is a pretty nice stadium as it is, but the NFL will not award the Falcons with a Super Bowl if they stay in the Georgia Dome. So that is the main reason for the new dome. Its not that the current Georgia Dome is falling apart or anything, just that we want to get a Super Bowl in the city of Atlanta.


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As that third design wil undoubtedly be dubbed.


Sadly, the final design will likely look like "just another stadium."  Atlanta is not a city known for daring architecture, especially when the public is footing part of the bill.


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"Enticements could include "impact seats," which vibrate on a large hit..."

 All the fans in these seats should be fitted with helmets that translate the force of the "large hit" directly to their cranium. That way they can really suffer right along with their gridiron heroes.

The next iteration will be full-body suits that transfer the sensation to the wearer of his favorite WR scoring with the slutty cheerleader after the game.


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If you looked at the full presentation on Scribd, linked here, it will have adaptable VIP Suites for a "made-to-order VIP experience". One design also has a full 360-degree board for what it calls the "immersion" experience. The concept design for the monitor placement in one slide sort of reminds me of all those times I would put my face right on the TV when I was little so I could physically see individual pixels on screen. You might be able to do that without trying in some of these designs. 

All in all, these are very interesting though - they actually take natural outdoor ventilation into account for temperature control as well. The "Pantheon" section shows the proposed operation of the "Occulus" roof. 


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But, yeah I don't get domes in the south. If I were the commish, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Detroit, maybe St. Louis,  and Cleveland would be the only cities allowed to dome it up. Cleveland would also be allowed to pay their players extra for having to live even part of the year in Cleveland. Anyway,  I would also work hard to bring back real grass into all non-dome stadiums. I would love to see one or two muddy slobberknocker-type games per year.


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I really like the first concept, but notice how they slip in the second one at the end? The easier to build one?

That one will prolly be the one they build -- hope not, but cheaper + easier usually wins the day.


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Due to the sheer scale of the retractable roof on the "normal" contcept I think it might not be any cheaper/easier to build.  And Frankly, I think it might be a "better" stadium once the science fiction novelty of the other wore off in some way...

But I still adore that rotating roof design.  It looks like something straight out of a movie or video game cinimatic...  and that 360 big screen....  *drool*