OT: Alabama losing yet another player (Kendall Sheffield)

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Moms, feel free to delete if this has been repeated.  I did an MGoSearch and did not see it reported previously.

Mentioning it here because it seemed as if Kendall Sheffield was a Michigan target at one point in time.  As a freshman last year he didn't see the field, and after the other departures, seems like Mr Sheffiled is looking for more playing time.


Link: http://campusinsiders.com/news/kendall-sheffield-transferring-alabama-0…

EDIT:  Adding name of the player to the title for those of you who are hesitant to click on the link for the post.  Wait....

And I'm NOT rearranging the paragraphs to save you that much time.  Reading is fundamental.



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As a meta comment can we please stop apologizing for posting a topic that might be a repeat?

 I had no idea what this was about until the second paragraph.


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The issue is that people are lambasted if they post something that has already been up, therefore they're fearful of the repurcussions from doing so. Stop acting like it's the end of the world if something gets regurgitated and the paragraphs of apologies go away immediately.


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Exactly.  Sometimes this board is just brutal when it comes to relatively innocuous mistakes. This creates a chilling effect on people posting timely or potentially interesting content.

Don't get me wrong, you can still be brutal on posters if you want I suppose.

Just don't get your panties in a bunch when user generated content is inevitably less frequent and/or when it's posted, the OP genuflects for the entire first paragraph in the hopes that the board won't heap scorn on them.





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You must not have seen Unfriended*. Internet bullying is real and will lead to paranormal activity.



*Only seen because of the girlfriend. She does not like horror movies so when she offers up an opportunity to watch one I take it. I really enjoy when she gets scared in a totally non sadistic way.



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He's rumored to end up at Georgia (going the JUCO route so he doesn't have to sit out). Kirby Smart may end up being the biggest thorn in Saban's side. This makes me smile.

Duval Wolverine

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I was watching college football live last week and they were talking about the other corner from Bama that wanted to transfer to Georgia, and one of the guys made the point that when he was playing there were rarely ever transfers for playing time, you had to earn you spot on the field or accept you are not good enough and now there is a culture of just quitting and moving on instead of working to earn what you want!   I think that is a valid point, because if a player would rather go to another school to get playing time then beat out a guy ahead of him where he is currently at, what are the chances he beats out someone at another school?  The only exception that comes to mind is Thomas Rawls, who went to C. Michigan and had a good remaining college career.   Most other players, even if they get playing time at other schools, dont really every make a splash (Prater to Northwestern from USC).  


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NCAA as a whole I'd agree with you. Bama is a totally different monster. They literally have a 5* for every position on the field on defense. Backups could start and be successful anywhere else.


This recent transferring seems to have more to do with the new defensive coordinator at Bama rubbing people the wrong way, not just lack of competition for spots.