OT: Air Force to wear Sweet New F-35A Helmets?

Submitted by Ecky Pting on September 12th, 2017 at 2:12 PM

So the Air Force Falcons may be rolling with their stylin' new headgear on Saturday. Here are a couple of quick primers so you'll know the back stories:

Air Force's Sweet New Football Helmets

So what's the big deal about an F-35A helmet, you ask? Well, at $400k a pop, quite a lot it appears:





September 12th, 2017 at 2:41 PM ^

We're talking the F-35 pilot helmets, not the football ones and no they don't prevent concussions.  Think of it as essentially a football helmet with softer padding, and oxygen mask instead of a facemask and a bunch of technological doo-hickeys. 

As a former C-130 pilot I have to say I find the integrated night vision option intriguing.


September 12th, 2017 at 5:24 PM ^

They're basically the easiest way to access all the crap you need when flying an unpressurized plane above 12,000 ft.  It's also easier to hang NVG's off of them.  

Plus if getting your head bounced off of the seat while doing something to create a G-force, they're handy(happened flying as a Pilot Training Instructor, not in a 130).

Mr. Yost

September 12th, 2017 at 4:39 PM ^

Speaking of which...anyone watch the Vikings/Saints last night and see that hit on Stefon Diggs?

Why in the HELL do we throw college players out of the game for targeting, but in the NFL it's just a flag?

I feel like it should be the other way around. (Actually I think unless you are deemed 100% intending to hurt someone it should be a personal foul and 2 personal fouls and you're done). And yes, I think there's a different between being reckless (Devin Bush) and going Vontaze Burfict on someone trying to end their life.


September 12th, 2017 at 6:41 PM ^

This was my biggest complaint about the rule when it was first proposed. Considering that (from what I've seen) most, if not all, of the head contact in targeting calls was unintentional, an ejection seems far overblown. Ejections should be reserved only for truly egregious behavior on the field or sidelines.


September 12th, 2017 at 2:28 PM ^

they have fun trying to come into the NO FLY ZONE!!!

Wait?  That isn't us?  That was actually a stupid name given to some other team's secondary like five years ago? 

Never mind then.


September 12th, 2017 at 2:32 PM ^

Oh, we're on to you.

Stop making us feel bad about wanting to beat you Air Force!

Why can't you just be Ole Miss or Baylor or some hate-worthy OOC opponent like that?




September 12th, 2017 at 2:36 PM ^

Michigan gets some of these cool, night vision helmets. Then we play all our home games at night.

And we never turn on the lights in the Big House!

Homefield advantage.




September 12th, 2017 at 3:00 PM ^

If they wore the new F-117 Nighthawk helmets, then we couldn't see their heads, and there would be a shit-ton of unintentional targeting, and all our players would get ejected in the first half, and they'd win by DQ.