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Buzz Bissinger has written a second part to Friday Night Lights, it sounds like a where are they now type book.

"Boobie says he is over what happened at Permian. But it isn't true. The experience still roils inside him, the distance of age giving him a fresher perspective and increased bitterness. "That dude didn't like me," he says of Permian's head coach at the time, Gary Gaines. "


Grantland has an interesting excerpt. I think the book is only available online.


Its pretty short at only 34 pages,but I'm sure it is pretty interesting. I would say if you haven't read the book to put it on your must read list.

Also, sorry if my grammer is off I have been drinking. This seemed like something people would be interested in, if not MODS feel free to delete.



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Truly an excellent book for anyone, but especially football fans.

And no, I have never seen the tv show, so that does not somehow give me a bias either way.

Be interesting to see what happened to them all later in life.


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Cool. Anything to keep that story moving along.

The tv show sure as heck left me wanting more. The acting jobs of the guy who played the coach and  his wife were top notch.  I lived in Texas for a few years and they captured the archetypes perfectly.


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They've (Jason Katims and Pete Berg) already written a script for a movie to follow up the TV show. They've based it loosely on what happened to Mike Leach and Texas Tech because Pete Berg is a huge fan of his. They're just waiting for schedules to clear up for the actors.  I love Coach Taylor.

If you recall, Mike Leach made a cameo on the show in season 4(?) at the gas station rambling about pirates.  (FYI, Mack Brown had a cameo in the pilot as a booster.)

no joke its hoke

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the only thing i know about friday night lights is that my brother is  a extra on the tv show and the stadium they film at is next to his house in Hutto,Texas.  im a little behind the times lol


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My wife and I are in the middle of the TV show right now on netflix.  I never played high school football but I am huge sports fan.  I think anyone that loves sports would LOVE this show, book, etc.

Good stuff.

03 Blue 07

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yes, this. Also, I read the follow up the OP is referring to; it's $2.99, but can be read in one sitting (give yourself an hour or so). It was a good follow up on what the book did to the lives of Boobie Miles and Buzz Bissinger. And the TV show was one of the 5 best dramas of the last 10 years in my opinion; I put it in a group that includes The Wire, Breaking Bad, Lost, and Sopranos. Actually, I like FNL better than any show I've ever seen, except The Wire.


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Just finished reading it...it is a nice follow-up to FNL if you're interested in the story of Boobie Miles. Bissinger expresses some regret about not being more honest with some parts of the story in the original book, talks about his relationship with Boobie through the years, and how the book sort of ruined them both (Bissinger thought he had peaked in his career with his book, Boobie keeps wondering "what if" about his own football career). 


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Here's a recent interesting interview with Buzz Bissinger regarding this.  One part of the interview stood out to me:

Eric Taylor is a wonderful portrayal and Kyle Chandler does a brilliant job of acting. I can pretty much guarantee you there’s not a coach alive that acts that way. I’ve known too many coaches. Coaches are manipulators, that’s what they’re paid to do, they’re paid to manipulate whether they’re paid to manipulate in grade school, high school, college or the pros.

I know it's naive of me, but I've always viewed Hoke as Coach Taylor. I can still pretend eh?