O.T: Abdelkader takes a run at the Big House:

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“We were joking around (when) we went over the Big House,” the Red Wings forward and former Michigan State star said of Michigan Stadium. “If we’d had a couple of bombs on it (the jet), maybe we would have dropped a couple on there.”

Pilot Lt. David Tickle, an Alabama native, said: “One of the maneuvers that I can show him is a bombing hop. … We just happened to be over Ann Arbor at the time, and I know he’s a Michigan State guy. So it worked out great we could pretend we were bombing Ann Arbor for him.

“Obviously I would never bomb Ann Arbor. I have nothing against Michigan.” 



I Bleed Maize N Blue

July 21st, 2011 at 9:04 PM ^

While I don't like Abdelkader's Spartyness, which I blame for his taking dumb penalties - especially in the playoffs - I'd hardly call him useless.  He has size (6'2", 215) and youth (24) that the Wings need, and he led the team in regular season hits (188, far ahead of Franzen's 2nd place 143) and tied Helm for the team's most playoff hits (28).

Hopefully his Red Wings experience will trump his Sparty asshattedness.


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Come on 'folks.  You know if Knuble or someone said the same thing about Spartan Stadium (or Ohio Stadium) we'd laugh and go nuts about it.  Relax.


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This is the funniest post I've read on this site in quite some time.  I just laughed loud enough to disrupt the sleep of my almost 3 year old.  An almost 3 year old that just recently told her Spartan alum grandfather that "They play football at Michigan.  Really good."  When asked "Well, what do they do at Michigan State, then?"  To which she replied "Go potty-pot."  I tell the story only to illustrate that the smart young lady deserves her sleep.  And you potentially ruined it, Blundon.  If I had authority, I'd tell you to go to the head of the class.

Gulo Blue

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It's a big hole in the ground.  What's a bomb supposed to do to it?  Make the hole bigger?  You drop a big enough bomb, we'll just call it a stadium expansion.


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Well at that point we could just buy a giant maize tarp and pull it over the rubble for basketball games. Having a dual purpose arena works for Syracuse, so why not? It would be the biggest basketball arena in the country, which would be nice to tell recruits.


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Dear Justin,

As a member of my second favorite sports team, I will pull for you despite your tendency to take idiotic penalties late in playoff games and your annoying spartiness.

Please don't push it.
Thank you.


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He can say what he wants, but what is it, now?  No Tournaments for MSU for a good number of years, and their last CCHA title was in 2001.  Irrelevancy defined.  Yeah.


July 21st, 2011 at 10:26 AM ^

Well, MSU did win the national title a few years back and he did score the game winner with 20 seconds left.

(Meant for VictorsValiant...sorry, gents).


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He should probably get a handle on that whole, "skate half my shift , then take a dumb ass penalty, especially if its the playoffs" thing before he can probably start making jokes about the football stadium that 80% (according to a survey i made up for this study) of his hockey team's fan base consider their Mecca. Whether it's taking an offensive zone penalty, which he seems to loooooove to do, or making jokes about bombing the big house, I'm not sold on old Abdelkader. Maybe they should have ran that airstrike mission before the Big Chill. 


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Q: What's the difference between a Sparty and a Michigan fan?

A: Nothing.  They both notice when they're flying over Ann Arbor and don't care when they fly over East Lansing.


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This raises some questions I’ve had since Michigan announced they will play a home game with Air Force on September 8, 2012 during the pre-game fly over should we:

  1. Cheer
  2. Boo
  3. Bo
  4. Doolittle
  5. Don’t ask don’t tell
  6. Consider it an act of war
  7. This time when someone yell’s “down in front” submit by ducking and covering
  8. Take comfort knowing during an air raid the safest place to be is in a hole in the ground
  9. Pray to God Air Force only bombs on the field
  10. Launch surface to air missiles
  11. Accept a no fly zone, but fight on with a ground war, under a cloud of dust
  12. Emulating the French surrender immediately, and raise their flag
  13. Sue for peace and pay 1.1 million dollars in war reparations