OT- A10 possibly to expand to 21 teams?

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A10 is thinking about taking the 7 non-football members of the Big East into their conference.  That would leave the Big East with 8 basketball schools.  Have to think they'd let Boise St. and SD St. in for basketball as well if that happened.  Its strange they didn't let SD St in for basketball from the start considering how good their program is.





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One superconference.  Play 12 random opponents picked out of a hat.  Regardless of on-the-field results, participants in the national championship game are also picked out of a hat, and then the winner of that game is picked out of a hat (they still play the game though--advertising money).  


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SDSU did not want to join BigEast for non-football sports because of travel costs.  They are very uneasy however on the effect og being relegated to the BigWest for basketball.


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The long-discussed Catholic Super Conference: 24 teams; two divisions; 12 teams in each division

Division A: Dayton, DePaul, Duquesne, Georgetown, LaSalle, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, Villanova, Xavier

Division B: Detroit-Mercy, Fairfield, Fordham, Holy Cross, Iona, Loyola (Baltimore), Loyola (Chicago), Niagara, Sacred Heart, St. Bonaventure, St. Peter’s, Siena 

In basketball, they could split the divisions into two six-team groups and play a home-and-home within the group and a game against each team in the other group for a 16-game regular season schedule.  Then maybe add four or six inter-division games for 20 or 22 games within the Super Conference.

Notre Dame could play six Division A teams in out-of-conference basketball games every year.  In lacrosse, if Notre Dame winds up in the new ACC, they could play Georgetown and three other Catholic Super Conference schools every year.  In football, Dayton, Duquesne, Fordham, Georgetown, Holy Cross, Sacred Heart and Villanova could add Saint Francis of Pennsylvania for an eight-team football league.




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St. Louis or Loyola Marymount would need to replace someone--maybe Sacred Heart?--and you have the natural split of:

Jesuit: Holy Cross, Fairfield, Fordham, Georgetown, Loyola (MD), Loyola (IL), Marquette, St. Joseph's, St. Peter's, Detroit, Xavier, St. Louis

Others: Dayton, DePaul, Duquesne, LaSalle, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, Villanova, Iona, Niagara, St. Bonaventure, Siena

That splits Dayton and Xavier, though, and no conference would ever put such natural and long-standing rivals into separate divisions.


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Most FBS squads play seven home and five road games a year. The Big East will put Boise and SDSU in the same division, so those two schools will have only 4-5 long road trips a year. In contrast, basketball would require 10 or more such trips, often for weeknight games. It would be even worse for their non-revenue sports.

So that's why Boise and SDSU joined in football only. The travel isn't tenable for any other sport.


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I'm pretty sure sdsu and Boise state wanted to be football only members. Pretty expensive to travel cross country once or twice a week during the bball season.


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As probably the lone GWU alum on the board, maybe it will help my team get back to relevance?

Interesting note, GWUs last sweet sixteen appearance was a loss to the Fab Five

Zvornik Bosna

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be a great move for the A10. This could solidify its as one of the elite basketball conferences in the country. Since this move would also be basketball oriented, I doubt it would result in any major trickle effect other than the big east dying. However that has been coming...