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Piggybacking ThadMattasgoblin's 60's music post here because I wanted to talk music but I don't in general give a flip about the 60s music-wise. Embed live versions of your choices if you can. Check the first post for my contributions.



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The 70s provided the best funk, best looking bands, and by far the best videos.

Average White Band is my favorite group and their "Cut the Cake" is liquid sex.

My other favorite band is Tower of Power.  They had about a zillion singers, but this guy is like someone crossed Chris Tucker and Terry Crewes DNA.  Keep an eye out for the suit on the tenor and his unbelievable dancing skills.

Now to the more mainstream stuff.  Earth, Wind, and Fire is probably the most iconic funk/disco band of the 70s.  I think September is their best.

To make sure this isn't all funk, I'll include Doobie Brothers' Long Train Running.  I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they dislike this song.  The best version on YT is here(https://youtu.be/9sSWbl4S8KU), but embedding is disabled.  Here's a good version without the original vocalist, but still has that great 70s/early 80s video vibe.


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Been on an ELO kick lately thanks to a earworm planted by someone playingtheir radio at the desk in my aisle a few days ago. It happened to be one of my favorite ELO songs too...


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"Born To Run" is the best rock song of all time (not just the 70's) for my money.  It's just the perfect song (message, music, pace....).  Not my favorite Springsteen song....but still the best rock song.

Springsteen was my first concert.  October 3, 1980 at Crisler Arena.  It was the first night of "The River" tour.  He opened with "Born To Run".....and forgot the words.  I was 15 years old (couldn't drive) and my mom picked me up from the concert at 11:30.  Springsteen played until well past midnight back in the day.  I missed Bob Seger coming on stage to sing "Thunder Road"!


G. Gulo of the Dale

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"Mother of Pearl" (1973)

... Followed closely by "If There is Something," "Pyjamarama," "Psalm," "The Thrill of It All," "Prairie Rose," "Grey Lagoons," and a host of others.


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Too many to pick just one but I do love:


Guitar Man by Bread

Ten Years Gone by Zeppelin

Trouble by Cat Stevens

Pretty much every song on Some Girls by the Stones

Though not my favorite Who song, Who Are You is one of the best of the 70's. 


Also the decade of the best movies. 


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This is harder.

Just songs and not bands.

War-Edwin Starr

Ain't No Sunshine-Bill Withers

Higher-Sly and the Family Stone

Kiss You all over-Exile

Serpentine Fire-Earth, Wind, and Fire

The Claw

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The Bluesfest has morphed into a typical music festival. Everyone from Air Supply to Lady GaGa to Snoop Dog has played at it. This years version has not been good. Due to the terrible Canadian dollar, they had to get mostly Canadian acts, which I'm not interested in.

I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd on Tuesday. Deep Purple tonight. At least they are both Blues Rock bands.


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I'm an enormous Who fan. Although their spanned the 60s and 70s, basically everything from these is outstanding:

Live at Leeds
Who's Next

Also, like Led Zeppelin (especially IV and Physical Graffiti), Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon).

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blues next

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totally respect that, thank you!-it is a timeless classic that, in my opinion, does an amazing job of capturing the frustrated mood of an outsider, underdog, and most specifically, male adolescent.  with the plot of the opera taking place in the early 60's, the themes hold up to this day.  townshend = genius.


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Great song!

At the begining you can hear footsteps on a wood floor. That's Townshend stepping out the 6/8 time. Story is Moon was struggling with that song's time requirement -- his drug and alcohol problems catching up with him -- so Pete improvised by walking out the rhythm on his cottage's wood floor.

bleens ditch

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I am surprised how much of the 60's and 70's stuff is not politically correct - Things like Ten Years After I'd Love To Change The World and You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw by Spooky Tooth are immediate examples or Hide Your head in the sand by the Beatles.

My favorite 70's stuff includes GFR's I'm Your Captain, the Rolling Stones Midnight Rambler (released December 69 so I count as 70's) and my favorite rock song of the 70's Neil Young's Down By The River.