OT: 7 teams who can win the NCAA tournament

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Saw this article on Yahoo sports and lists the teams they feel have the best shot at winning the Big Dance.  Not surprisingly, because otherwise I wouldn't have posted the article, UM is in the mix. 

It also includes three teams that WON'T win it, again according to Yahoo Sports, and includes Wichita State, the #1 seed in the Midwest.  Unfortunately, the list that could win includes Staee...but lists a number of weird guys as the reason.  Dook is also on the list.  Whatever.




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What's interesting is that, historically, there's about a 25% chance or so in any given year of the winner of the tournament being a 1-seed, at least  before any games are actually played. It isn't any different this year, except the split of that probability gives Wichita State about a 2% shot compared to the estimates for, say, Florida and Arizona (10% and 8%, respectively). Actually, Wichita State's current chances of getting to the Elite Eight are lower than some 3 and 4-seeds by some accounts. 


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If they can win, perhaps, the toughest league in the nation, there is no reason they can’t win the national title.  

It really annoys me when people who get paid to write throw in, random, commas.  


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I hate these teams that are the Dallas Cowboys of the NCAA's getting massive love and hype from the media when they haven't even played a game. Example #1 in question is one Michigan State university. 
The media keeps pumping up MSU but this was a MSU team, when healthy, lost to Michigan at Crisler, Georgetown at MSG, and Illinois at the Breslin Center. 
"If MSU is healthy, they are a championship team." 
Well, MSU was healthy and lost to the 3 mentioned above. Even MSU fan here has admitted that the excuses were less on "injury" and more on the team not shooting well. So what makes so many in the media believe that MSU is going to win the championship? On paper, they are a good team. But they are too inconsistent.
As is the custom every year, I haven't even finished or looked at most of my bracket. Will finish around Thursday.
Also, it should be noted a healthy MSU team with no injuries whatsoever lost to North Carolina
MSU is not deserving of hype yet Izzo and his "senior laden squad" get a pass and are automatically through to the Final Four without a game being played
I warn you not to pay attention to MSU, their play was too inconsistent (even when healthy) and I seriously doubt this team will make the Final Four. They simply are not that good.


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If you want to see Indiana kids with the team work ethic and heart that used to be a primary characteristic of those that sought to don the cream and crimson, I suggest you watch the top Indiana ballers that have become irreplaceable components on MSU and Michigan rosters. Watch the recovering Mitch McGary cheer from the bench with the same level of enthusiasm he brought when he took the NCAA tournament by storm last season.



It's no accident that the Indiana teams are on a down, especially Purdue. They're getting slaughtered in recruiting in their own back yard.


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Living in Michigan I don't mind all the hype for MSU.  Sure, it's annoying.  Sure, they just played their Super Bowl.  Sure, Tom Izzo was featured on ESPN Sports Science today (because he's much more important than his players)...But the bright side is that every dummy in the office is going to pick them to win.  My bracket shall not feature the excuse train.  Those bitches left the station.  

Side note, I like how the Arizona note mentions how they quickly adjusted to life without the injured Brandon Ashley (similar to how, 5 minutes into the second half against MSU, McGary's injury was finally mentioned and then dismissed because "Michigan learned to play without him")...but MSU is dangerous because they're finally healthy.  Tom Izzo, the greatest coach ever unless there is adversity, sun in the eyes or a dog who ate his homework.


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I think Izzo figured out that the media wants to be fed stories and he's pretty good at creating a consistent and compelling narrative. Unlike Beilein, who isn't particularly interested in using the media for extra credit, Izzo likely sees it as a way to manipulate the big picture - the refs, the perception, everything. I think you nailed it when you said he's more important than his players, although I think you were being facetious. I actually think he is. 


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I wasn't being entirely facetious; I think, at least in Izzo's eyes, that he is more important than the team. He's going to find out if that's true next year.  You're right though, the media accounts of "injuries, injuries, injuries" wouldn't have existed (at least some endlessly) without Izzo beating that drum.  


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I know I'm in the minority around here but I do think those Bastards have more than a fighting chance to win it all. If Izzo can get them to play with anything close to the emotional energy they displayed against us for 6 games I'm not sure who can beat them right now.

I do have them winning it all in my bracket but hey...I live in Ohio so all the locals are picking OSU to run the table.   I dont have to fight the homestate bias projections you guys do.


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They really did have injuries, as obnoxious as Izzo's constant whining about it was.  They also simply weren't playing well.  Now those things at least appear to be fixed.  They're a very good team, just as they appeared to be at the beginning of the year.  That doesn't mean they'll win, but I don't see any sense in denying any of this. 

Additional thought: I would also love to trade draws with them as far as region.


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Oh, dat confirmation bias....Michigan lost to Penn State last year and then went to the Championship Game.

I sincerely hope State disappoints, but for most (if not all) teams in the field, you could cherry pick disappointing games on their schedule. Also, UNC is a quality team. 

Ghost of BCook…

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On a slightly different note, Bruce Pearl was just hired as the new head coach at Auburn.  His "Show Cause" penalty is still in effect through August but it won't stop his staff from recruiting -  Seems about right for the SEC.  Would appear to be thread worthy but I don't have enough of those points thingies. 



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