OT: 6’7” 370lb 14 year old?

Submitted by Craptain Crunch on May 10th, 2018 at 10:20 AM
Ok, here is a Bleacher Report article on a mountain of a child who could be the next big football recruit in the nation or the next big artists. My bet is he would rather be an artist than a baller and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Warning, there is a disturbing picture of the kid with a known criminal. You are warned http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2771625-hes-a-growing-67-370-pound-m…


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I love how the article says that at his gym, he is too big and strong to compete in reps against anyone his own age, and therefore must compete against Stephen Herron. Iron sharpens Iron. Also seems like a smart and likable kid. Obviously, there is still a long way to go, and who knows how he will turn out, but I would love for us to keep recruiting him hard.


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My son is in eighth grade and he weighs 150 pounds. My wife thinks he's fat. I think he is just healthy. I was probably 125 pounds in 8th grade. I remember that because our league's rule was you had to be under 135 pounds to run the ball. As a fullback, theoretically I could have run the ball, but in reality I was nothing more than a lead blocker.


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At 7 feet he is probably too tall for football and honestly he should save his mind if his passion is in music, art, and robotics. Shouldn't play football just because he is big.

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Saw this kid play a few games when he was in 6th grade at a tournament. He looked about 6’3” and easily 300 pounds, so that was pretty entertaining watching him toss the normal sized people around. One of the other kids’ mom on his team said he didn’t even really like football at the time because he was too nice and didn’t like to hurt people.


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Onwenu is the exception, not the rule, and he's trying to get his weight down to improve his endurance.  Also, 6'7" at 14 means a good chance he'll be too tall by 18.

More to football than being big, is the reality.


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Junior year of high school football, we played Grand Blanc and they had a DT with those exact stats (6'7", 370lb). I played LG and he was lined up against me all game. I pretty much just cut blocked him on every play and by the 3rd quarter he was whining and at the verge of tears. It was to the point he was hesitating on each snap so I was able to start just giving a shiver and slipping to the second level.

When they are oversized like that, it makes it fun and easier for me. I'll just chop down that slow, vertical tree everytime and take 'em right out of the game. There's a balance needed for size in football, and sometimes there is such a thing as too big. I venture that he'll struggle mightily once he starts facing well coached and experienced competition whether they put him on OL or DL.


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It took me forty years and two growth spurts at 13 and 15 to get to 5'9".

Apparently, I needed to drink the water a few streets over or something. I don't know. 

All I can say is....yikes. 


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Before their NFL careers, Bubba Paris and Ed Muransky roamed A2 like dinosaurs and were gigantic compared to other football linemen, let alone non athletes.  The pair were each about 6'7" and around 300 pounds. Ed picked up Bo after the 1981 Rose Bowl victory like he was a twig. This 14 year old is bigger than both of them!

Great story from Wikipedia: Muransky also set the all-time "Beef Bowl" record by consuming 8 pounds (3.63 kg)[6] of prime rib at Lawry's before the 1979 Rose Bowl. Muransky later recalled: "Bubba Paris and I were two happy freshmen eating together at the Lawry's Beef Bowl event before the 1979 Rose Bowl Game. After we had enjoyed our fourth plate of prime rib, mashed potatoes, corn and Yorkshire pudding, Bubba asked what the record was, and they said 7 cuts. Bubba continued for 3 more cuts, and I continued for four, totally under the Bo Schembechler radar screen. When they delivered the 8th cut to me, the media started to gather around my table, Bo walked by and let me know what he was thinking without ever saying a word. Afterward, a Paris-Muransky night out ended with some pizza. The next morning in practice, Bo made an example of Bubba and me. We never ran so much in our lives as we did that day. We were in every play of scrimmage and then we ran sprints."[7] When the Wolverines returned to Pasadena for the 1981 Rose Bowl, "Bo made it a point to come to the back of the plane and talk to me and Bubba Paris. He wanted to let us know that my record from a couple years earlier would not be in jeopardy because we were going to be sitting with him at the Lawry's Beef Bowl. He said he was going to limit each of us to two cuts of prime rib."[7] 

Schembechler had his own take on the story: "I let 'em eat because they were freshmen. They weren't gonna play anyway.