OT: 30 for 30 "Survive & Advance" 9 pm ESPN Open Thread

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It's back, on after Bracketology, this time about NC State's 1983 title run.



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Their tournament results in 1983 are just one thing that made me interested in this:

Round Opponent Score
First round Pepperdine 69-67 2OT
Second round UNLV 71-70
Sweet Sixteen Utah 75-56
Elite Eight Virginia 63-62
Final Four Georgia 67-60
Championship Houston 54-52

They show the Houston-NC State game on ESPN Classic now and again. Whittenburg-to-Charles...what a finish. 


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FATE: Amazing number of things fell into place for NC St ie phantom 5th foul on Jordan in ACC Semi,double OT win vs Pepperdine,2 seed UCLA loses before NC St had to play em,Virg losses to Georgia before NC St has to play em,the air-ball vs Houston in final and on and on.The basketball gods were with NC St and Coach V.                                                ENTHUSISM: I saw Coach V at a clinic in Grand Rapids when he coached at Iona,I vividly remember his enthusiasm and humor                                                                                                                          INNOVATOR: They glossed over Coach V. deliberately foul em  late in game when behind stategy which is common today


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It seemed a lot less like a Cinderella story than Cardiac kids.

Can you imagine what the boards would be like in this day and age if the games were live and there was an Internet?


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I was looking up when the shot clock era started and one of the articles I read said that one of the final straws before getting the clock was a 11-7 win by Tennessee over Temple sometime in the 70s

I imagine this is exactly what Wisconsin games would be like now without a shot clock

"And Wisconsin wins the 2013 Big Ten championship game 9-7 by taking no shots in the 2nd half and converting 2 of 3 free throws. A gritty performance for sure"


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Players stayed longer, fewer left early at all, and school like Butler weren't on TV at all so the talent was more concentrated. I can't think of too many teams more talented than the Fab Five who didn't cut down the nets ever, but Houston was probably one.


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This special has been great so far.  Really like the 30 for 30 documentarys, but this has been one of the better ones at least in my opinion.


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Great story I never really knew about. I knew Jimmy v was a coach and I had heard about the nc state title run. I did not know how truly amazing it was.


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Those  80's tournaments were my introduction to March madness.  In succession was the 82 North Carolina/Georgetown game when GT threw the ball to the wrong guy with the game winding down.  NC State's great run in 83.  1984 was Olajuwan vs Ewing in the final, 85 was Villanova's great upset of G'town.  86 was Fr. Pervis Ellison and Louisville, 87 was Keith Smarts shot for IU.  88 was Danny Mannings great run with Kansas and 89 was Michigan.


Incredible decade of Final Fours.


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Pre-shot clock basketball must have been irritating.

I mentioned this in the previous thread, but the final straw was actually the 1982 ACC finals with #1 UNC vs. #2 UVa. Worthy vs. Sampson. Dean Smith took the air out of the ball and the final score was 47-45 in a nationally televised game on NBC.

I was at that game and bored (almost literally...I was 9) to tears.

And yes, the ACC was incredible in the 80s. You had 15 scholarships to give. That meant you had a full B-team...and a C-team!! In 1982, UNC had a 6-10 kid named Matt Brownlee who couldn't get off the bench. He transferred to Texas and averaged 17 points a game. 

UVa had Ralph Sampson, Rick Carlisle (played six years in the NBA and is now the coach of the Mavericks), and Othell Wilson (who played a couple of years in the NBA).

UNC had Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, and Brad Daugherty (all top-10 picks in the NBA). 

NC State had Thurl Bailey (top-15 pick), Sidney Lowe (bounced around the NBA for a bit) and Derrick Whittenburg. They also had two former Parade All-Americans in Dinky Proctor (he got hurt against UNC in the tournament) and Ernie Meyers. Lorenzo Charles also played in the NBA briefly. 

Maryland had Adrian Branch (6-8 point guard), Ben Coleman, Keith Gatlin, and Len Bias.

Wake Forest had Danny Young (played about 10 years in the league), Delaney Rudd (played about the same length of time), and Kenny Green (first round draft pick). They also had a guy named Alvis Rogers who would've played had it not been for a very serious knee injury that cost him a year. 

Duke was terrible, but had Johnny Dawkins, Jay Bilas, Mark Alarie, and Tommy Amaker all has freshmen and sophomores.

Georgia Tech had Mark Price and John Salley.

And two years later, the talent had increased! Carolina would add Kenny Smith, Dave Popson, and Joe Wolf. NC State would add Nate McMillan and Spud Webb. UVa would replace Sampson with Olden Polynice. Clemson would have Horace Grant and Dale Davis. Wake Forest had Mugsy Bogues. Tech would add Duane Ferrell. Duke would add Danny Ferry.

Then you look up at the Big East...that was the year they had three teams in the Final Four. It was an incredibly fun time to watch college basketball.