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At 8:00pm EST the Food Network Chopped is showing "Bite your beefed tongue" as long as we're just posting what's on TV tonight.

A brief synopsis of what the 30 for 30 film is about would be nice.  Did the two of them complete a pass during an All-Star game or something?


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...has a detailed summary with some minor spoilers - (HERE)

It sounds fascinating, given how the article is framed. Essentially, this is about the machinations of the 1983 NFL Draft using material from the diaries of Marvin Demoff, who represented both Elway and Marino.

One thing that stands out for some reason is that apparently the Chargers pretended to be interested in Elway so they could get some negotiations going with Dan Fouts. Also, the Dolphins' Plan B was Ken O'Brien from UC Davis.


School 4 the Gifted

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....two great rookie cards from the same set.  1984 Topps - one of the best football sets of all time!

Not to mention rookie cards for Howie Long, Eric Dickerson, Jackie Slater, and Roger Craig.

Sorry had to take myself down memory lane.....


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Could be one of the best! The top ones by far were:

The pony Express

Marcus Dupree

The U

The 2 Escobars


And I loved the Fab Five Soecial