OT: [247Sports] RUMOR: Washington State DC Alex Grinch will leave to be Ohio State's 10th assistant coach

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Grinch has been the defensive coordinator under Mike Leach for the last three seasons. While there, he has made a large impact on the program, turning around the defense, and having them improve from 103rd nationally to 28th in yards per play allowed, and from 117th to 47th in scoring.

Sources tell Bucknuts that multiple coaches have targeted Grinch for their staff, including Willie Taggart at Florida State, Chad Morris at Arkansas, and Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M, at a minimum. Grinch, though, will return home, as he is originally from Columbus suburb Grove City, and played for Mount Union during his college career. He also overlapped for some time with Ohio State co-offensive coordinator and QB coach Ryan Day, while the two were at New Hampshire.

Alex Grinch will be most likely be taking the co-DC position that has been vacant since former DC Luke Fickell went to Cincinnati. Not sure why Grinch would decide to take essentially a demotion from a DC that gets full credit for a defense under Mike Leach to a co-DC that has to split credit with current DC Greg Schiano.

WSU Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch will speak to the media during Bowl week in regards to his future status with the team, but all signs point to Columbus and that 10th assistant job with Ohio State. https://t.co/CAuJb1U6C8

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Are there any rumors on who Harbaugh is targeting for Michigan's 10th assistant coach? I have heard some chatter about Harbaugh looking at Dan Enos, former Arkansas OC, CMU HC, and MSU RB/QB coach.


Mr Miggle

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I wouldn't think he would be co-OC on that staff. Hamilton didn't get that title and he had been the OC at Stanford and Indy. My guess is some more change is coming. He could end up the RB coach/run game coordinator with Jay moving again.

I'm not giving any credence to the published rumors, but Drevno is the coach recruiting the OTs left on our board. He's the one going to Florida to visit Petit-Frere. That's Frey's area and position. He also went to visit Patterson who talked about meeting Drevno and Harbaugh during his visit here. No mention of Frey, who's known as more of a recruiter.


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Don't forget about Scott Turner (Norv's son). He was an analyst this year, with a handshake deal that he would become the 10th assistant when the rule went into effect.

No source or anything and simply a guess, but I wouldn't be suprised if he took over for Pep.


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OC/OL Tim Drevno

Passing game coordinator/QB Pep Hamilton

Run game coordinator/RB Dan Enos

WR Scott Turner

TE/co-STC Jay Harbaugh

(I think Frey is gone.)

Very NFL-focused.  It perhaps goes without saying that Harbaugh's approach when hiring a Defensive Coordinator was grossly different than his approach when putting together his offensive staff.  


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They don't play Iowa or Wisconsin. They start with basically 6 easy home wins. I don't think they are losing @Purdue or @Maryland. So 4 losses basically means they are going to get swept in the four competitive games they play: @TCU, @PSU, @MSU, and at home against us. They are probably going to be a favorite in 2-3 of those games. Ballpark you are looking at a 5% chance of that happening. 


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It will be interesting to see if or how Urban re-shuffles the defensive coaching roles on his staff.

When Luke Fickell, and Greg Schiano were both co-DCs, Urban had Fickell handle the front-7 and Schiano handle the secondary. Since Grinch and Schiano both have more experience coaching the secondary, I am assuming that Schiano will be asked to shift to the front-7 since he is the more seasoned coach/DC overall.


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to get an opportunity to go home, is why he is taking that. he will continue to move up at Ohio state, it's not really a demotion. for kids that grow up in Columbus, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. he went to my high school, a few years ahead of me, but is a good dude. congrats to him. he will be successful there.


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WSU defense is just a little better than Northwestern, Purdue, or Indiana according to S&P+ statistics.  It looks like the defense is carrying the WSU offense.  I was looking forward to WSU offense against MSU defense in the Holiday Bowl.

rob f

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You're saying you are approximately 45, you have been alive since 1973.

Michigan's record since '73 vs OSU is 19-23-2 (with one OSU win vacated).

So while Michigan wins have been few and far between lately, you HAVE been around for a number of wins. In the meantime, if I were you I'd avoid ALL risky behavior and try to stay alive and stick around to witness U of M go on winning streak in the rivalry.


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Stanford/David Shaw is probably the closest offense in the Pac-12 to Harbaugh's, and Grinch went 2-1 against them:

  • 2015: L (28-30)
  • 2016: W (42-16)
  • 2017: W (24-21)'

Although you're right that Grinch flopped against their main rival Washington. I just don't know how similar the Huskies' offense is to Harbaugh's.