OT: 2019 in-state OT Anthony Bradford commits to LSU

Submitted by Magnus on May 9th, 2018 at 8:36 PM

Muskegon offensive tackle Anthony Bradford committed to LSU after an official visit to Baton Rouge. Michigan never offered him, but he's a 4-star, the #28 OT, and #276 overall. He's also the #7 player in the state.


I'm not trying to stir up the debate about in-state recruiting, but I just think it's noteworthy that a 4-star within the state was not offered and ended up committing to a big-time school like LSU.



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Some of my favorite football memories are from Hackley Stadium, both as a fan and a coach. That school has always loved its football and there is no doubt who has been number one in this town for, well forever.  Similar to Michigan you can sense the tradition just being seated and imagine Bennie(don't know if that stadium was built at that time), Earl and many of their past greats. Wonderful high school facility.


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Yep I played for lakeshore back in the day. BH has a cool one side set up. The one thing though is because you were so low and close to the river the field is full of mosquitos. Locker rooms are a country mile from the stadium similar to Niles

BCC has a pretty impressive stadium too. Also as the visiting team you have to walk under it in a tunnel to get to the lockeroom right past the opposing fans. That was fun!


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What the bleachers only one side?

Or the 2/3 of a track?


Funny story - my HS track coach went to Muskegon, and still holds the mile record on their track... because the year after he graduated - they got rid of their home track and just no longer ever had home track meets.



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The article says he always wanted to play down south doesn't like the cold. He went where he felt most comfortable.best of luck to him.


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Eastern recruit goes west: they don’t know how crazy it is on the west coast, all partying and no studying and girls are all blonde and tanned.

Western recruit goes east: they don’t know how boring it is back east, nothing going on and girls are all brown courderoy and bandaids.


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This.  I had the same initial thought, who wouldn't want to take a scholarship to Hawaii to play a sport.  Then I flew to Hawaii once, and realized I would not want to do this for every game.  Cool place to visit, don't need to live there (or if I did, I don't need to leave)


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If I am not mistaken, this particular user is Twitter follower of mine, so if that is the case, it cannot be Maizen because I know Maizen would rather vomit up a lung than follow me on Twitter, which I accept.

It is, however, a great impersonation. 


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It hasn't been good enough if the goal is to win national titles. I can't even remember the last time we got a commitment from a top 100 recruit. Thought the staff changes would be paying more dividends by now but that hasn't been the case. Definitely didn't expect this in year 4 when Harbaugh was hired. Lots of time left until February, but Urban has been recruiting circles around Jim over the last 18 months.


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Agreed. Even when we get a commit, it just seems so difficult for the staff to close on guys. It probably has more to do with losing Wheatley and Fisch than anything as we were getting guys like Ambry Thomas and Lavert Hill in our first two classes. Now we get guys with Iowa/Boston College offers that we're all supposed to be excited about while OSU gets a top 3 national class every year.


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The results vs OSU over the last 10-15 years have been what they've been because Ohio State has consistently out recruited UM year after year. Doesn't matter if it's been Carr, Rich Rod, Hoke, or Harbaugh coaching. Until Michigan can find a way to close the gap in recruiting it's going to be hard to win that game let alone do it consistently. Last year's class wasn't even in the same ballpark as OSU's. 

As far as losing Wheatley, yeah, Detroit recruiting has basically evaporated in front of our eyes since he left. 


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I don't understand why you can't post something like this on here without getting completely negged. Bluey has a point, and being a homer or loyal to your team shouldn't keep us from seeing past it. The last recruiting class and the way this one is shaping up can be descriibed as nothing but total and complete dissapointments. Yes, we got a few good players to get this class going, one we will probably lose to Stanford despite what he recently said, but we do not have a single crystal ball the recruiting site for any other top 100 recruit. 

We fall further behind OSU everyday, and I never thought I would say this, but they are going to pass us in the all-time series before I die......probably quite a bit before it too. I think that is the only thing that will wake some of you up. 

Stars don't matter right? Well I have a feeling that is what all of you will be using as an excuse in 3 years for this team. They were 8-5 again, but that is because the 2018-2019 recruiting classes were so weak, but maybe in 2022, when the 2020 class begins to develop Harbaugh will have a chance to get his first win against OSU. 

I expected domination when Harbaugh got here. I expected our rivals to fear us. They are laughing at us, and they are laughing at all of you who can't accept that this has been the 5th to 6th best Big Ten team over the last 10 years, and we are not moving in the right direction with Harbaugh. The guy was a maniac everywhere he has been. He built teams; tough teams; physically dominant teams; that would impose their will on you. Our offense is soft, he can't develop a QB, and now they can't recruit anymore. I never thought this could happen at UM anytime, much less with Harbaugh here. Stop making excuses for this man. He hasn't lived up to expectations, and unless he gets that fire back I can't see us being better than an 8-9 win team, which seems to be just fine by the majority of you. 

Go ahead and call me Maizen or whatever and ignore the downward trajectory this program continues to go on. Go ahead and tell me to go root for someone else while you continue to not only accept mediocrity, but condone it by your refusal to objectively look at anything Michigan related. 


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So this class is looking rough. Three OTs in the 4-5 star range are probably not coming here. Looks like 5 star RB Crouch isn't happening, either. I'm incredibly doubtful Harrison, the 5 star DE from Ohio goes anywhere except Ohio State. This class, which was touted by recruitniks as something spectacular and a counter-balance to 2018, may very well end up in the teens, which probably isn't getting the job done.

But I think the rest is a bit over-the-top. Last year was expected to be 8 wins or so, and that was before anyone knew that Michigan would be starting their 3rd string QB against Ohio State, etc. The previous two years had some disappointing losses (including an all-out stolen win v. OSU), but pretty solid records; I honestly can't complain, there. I also have some issues calling the offense 'soft' when the best part about it was a power running game. 

Harbaugh faced a coaching/promoting opportunity cost. He made some great hires to teach the kids how to play and then put the promotion on his own back. One miscalculation (Drevno), which based on his past output was virtually unforeseeable, effed that whole thing up. Harbaugh then rebalanced the equation and is more focused on coaching, replacing Drevno with arguably the best guy in the business. What more can you ask?


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We have to stop with the revisionist history on this board. There were 3 very popular opinions on this board regarding our outlook last season:

- MSU was 3-9 the season before so people thought we were going to stomp them at the big house!

- PSU lost to us by a ton the season before so ppl on here thought there is no way they make up all that ground and beat us.

- So. Carolina was an afterthought, people thought that with Peters healthy we were going to crush the Gamecocks. We were told their offense sucks and all they had was the TE Hurst.

Then after the season all we see is “well everyone thought we were going to win 8-9 games” just to gain a sense of comfort. Is it all doom and gloom? No, but it is a little frustrating seeing a team like PSU make it to the Rose Bowl and Indy. Their program was in much worse condition(seemed as if they couldn’t block anybody just a few years ago) than ours yet one can argue they have surpassed us during Harbaugh’s tenure.


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In summary, I'm not as upset about PSU and MSU as I am about South Carolina.

For all three, the context is the same. You have Drevno hell bent on destroying his sterling reputation. You have O'Korn at the helm. You've got young WRs. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. 

Every game against MSU is their damn Superbowl, and it so happened that last year's situation played perfectly to their strengths. They will always have some scripted drives that they don't put on film, so give them a few points in every game. Michigan, meanwhile, started bloody John O'Korn in a bloody storm with a historically porous o-line. Is it really reasonable to be upset about that? What can the team and coaches do at that point? 

PSU might get you more worked up, but after they got taken to the woodshed last year, Moorhead threw the kitchen sink at Michigan. It turns out they expended the entire damn playbook, leading to a disappointing second half of the season. Meanwhile, Michigan is again starting John bloody O'Korn from behind, and God knows that o-line isn't going to protect him, so there you have it.

However, Michigan should've beaten the pants off of South Carolina. I've got nothing for you there.


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Regarding the MSU game, yeah stop having O'Korn drop back continuously in a monsoon. That could've saved us a few turnovers in the 2nd half.

Nothing could've been done about PSU last season and I wouldnt call the 2nd half of the season a disappointment. They lost 2 games by a combined score of 4 points and won the Fiesta Bowl.

We couldn't use the O'Korn excuse in the bowl game because he barely played. Peters was at the helm and it looked like the offense was stuck in mud late in the 2nd half. 

We've been telling ourselves for a few years now, “that (insert name here) will revamp this OL and have us paving the way for a 1,000 yard back in no time”. Hopefully Warinner is the man for the job.


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To answer your questions, whose fault is it that UM had a poor offensive line last year? Whose fault is it that they started JOK against MSU and PSU? Whose fault is it that MSU and PSU came ready to play to and UM did not? Perhaps if Harbaugh had actually recruited a few offensive tackles in the 2016 recruiting class the OL would have been better last year. It was Harbaugh's decision to hire Tim Drevno. It was Harbaugh's decision to start JOK and not Brandon Peters against MSU and PSU. And it's on Harbaugh he never improved despite being in the program for 3 years. So yes, it's perfectly reasonable to be upset and actually expect results from our $7 million dollar a year coach. There are always going to be reasons and excuses you can make when UM loses games, but at some point those have to end because it's a bottom line business.