OT: 2018 center Tyrone Sampson, Jr. to Fresno State

Submitted by Magnus on February 16th, 2018 at 9:20 PM

Detroit (MI) East English Village center Tyrone Sampson, Jr. signed with Fresno State today. He had been committed to Syracuse for a while before rescinding that pledge.

It's been a strange odyssey for Sampson, whom many Michigan fans wanted the Wolverines to offer. He's a 4-star, the #7 center in the country, and #346 overall. Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State (okay, I can't blame him for not signing with that dumpster fire), Ole Miss, and others all offered him, but his recruitment dragged out over a week past National Signing Day. Now he's headed to Fresno State, which doesn't exactly get much of a national spotlight.

Something is funky with that recruitment. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the kid, but the offers don't really match the ranking, and the ranking doesn't match with Fresno State, whose next highest ranked signee is #776 overall in the 247 Composite. I'll be interested to see how his career plays out at Fresno.



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A) it’s Cali ... good weather all year round ... tho it gets hot in Fresno
B) As a Cal alum ... it’s the Tedford effect. Kid is gonna play for a good coach who has put a ton of kids in the NFL.


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To Toledo, soooooo me thinks Gary is closer to Toledo and Clovis is pretty nice. I’m not saying it’s paradise, but seemed nice enough to me. In all seriousness I’m looking to relocate closer to my kids this summer. I would be interested in getting the opinions of those familiar with that part of the state on the best landing spots.


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So, he's an elite prospect at center, and no high profile programs offer him. Even weirder, he has P5 offers and he winds up at Fresno State? Something is definitely happening off the field here.

Mr Miggle

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He took a couple of official visits recently. In order to do that, he would have to get through the NCAA clearinghouse requirements and send his transcripts to the schools. They wouldn't have learned anything about his grades after a visit that they wouldn't have already known.

There's definitely something in play. Decommitting from Syracuse on the day he was planning to sign, with no other schools lined up, is the type of thing that rarely happens. It honestly looks like it was Syracuse's decision, even though he was their top ranked recruit.

His HS coach said some of the schools that were interested decided to go with a grad transfer instead. Take that for what it's worth.

The Fugitive

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Fresno State produced Paul George so at least there's some history of an NBA star coming from the school. Not sure how centers work in their system tho. Maybe he'll just be in there to set screens, rebound and protect the rim.

Syracuse, Louisville, Indiana, and Michigan State is a great offer sheer for hoops. Even more perplexing that he would choose Fresno. Anyone know why Beilein didn't offer? Maybe he can't shoot very well.

Oh well, best of luck to the kid!


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I'll be honest I only realized that they were talking about a football center as opposed to a basketball center about 3 posts before this one.


I was so confused and figured this guy would get negbanged for randomly talking about the 303rd ranked basketball recruit when our entire class is higher than that.


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It is kind of interesting to watch others post on a subject like this. It is fun to respond with a little more info on the subject,

Actually ESPN and others have highlighted the fact that some of the more recent FS athletes who are prominent in Sports begins with the following:

Paul George

Aaron Judge

Derek Carr

Davante Adams.


When it comes to the O-line you will find folks like


Logan Mankins

Ryan Wendell

Cody Wichmann


Others of note and the list is long, but a few would be

Trent Dilfer

David Car

Ryan Mathews 

Billy Volek

Stephan Page

Henry Ellard

and many others.


Pat Hill is very close friends with Bill in NE. If you look over the years you will find a lot of FS players have actually played and been on the 53 man rosters for New England as well as other NFL teams. A number of years ago when NE had their record year of wins I believe there were 6 former FS players on the 53 man NE roster.

Jeff Tedford, former FS player, took FS last year from a 1-11 team to a 10-4 record and beat Boise once and should have beaten them twice.

His new O-line coach is probably one of the best in the country. He took the previous year's group which was considered to be very bad and turned it into one of the best around. We lost, but in reality held our own against Bama and Washington last year. FS's LG, Muti, man handled the Alabamd All American D-lineman.

The rest of Jeff's staff are not slouches either. FS was fortunate to keep its staff intact for 2018. He has hired coaches who are masters of their subject and master teachers.

Jeff has the same thoughts about Academics as Pat Hill did. They coach players up academcally as well as football wise. The first meeting Jeff had when he arrived was with the academic coordinators. He wants all of his athletes to get meaningful degrees. He is a breath of fresh air.

All you have to do is look at who Jeff has put in the NFL and it is impressive. In addition parents and players who talk to Jeff come away very impressed with what he says and his sencerity.

Jefff is very much like BIll. He has an amazing football mind.

Obviously Fresno does not get the P5 players that big schools get, but in the final analysis we do produce some very good athletes who earn a lot of money.

Heck, the MSU baseball team is in town this week-end for a 4 game series. They lost last night, but they do love the 70 degree weathrer Fresno is currently experiencing. Heck the trees do as well as they are all coming into full bloom.

Am I biased? Yes, but I have watched 50 years of FS sports. Jeff is one of the best I have ever seen as a player and a coach. I thinkk Aaron Rogers and Derek Carr are of the same opinion.

Pat and Jim put FS on the map. I wouldn't be surprised by anything Jeff does over the next several years. FS is Jeff's home and it is his final gig for however long he wants it to be.