OT- 2010 Rod Allen Drinking Game

Submitted by WojoRisin on April 5th, 2010 at 12:54 PM
In honor of opening day, I've done my best to update the Rod Allen Drinking Game. For those of you not familiar with this particular drinking game, the original can be found here. Any updates or suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!
When Rod says “Mario” or “pardner.”
When Rod refers to a pitch as a “piece.” IE. slide piece, change piece.
When Rod says, “you can pretty much write that down.”
When Rod says, “pulled the string on him.”
When Rod says, “elevated.”
When Rod says, “skipper.”
When Rod says, "it is good to see good things happen to good people"
When Rod makes any kind of reference to a player or his ability being “special.”
When Rod says the phrase, “Oh no he didn’t.”
When Rod says the phrase, “from time to time.”
When Rod says, “cheese.”
When Rod says, “features,” “featuring” or “featured.”
When Rod refers to Jim Leyland as a “beauty.”
When Rod says, “filthy.”
When Rod repeats a statement or point he made earlier in the game.
When Rod says, "that should be a crime."
Whenever Rod says he talked to someone at batting practice.
When Rod says the phrase, “professional hitter.”
When Rod says the phrase, "country strong." » Drink double if it’s in reference to Marcus Thames.
When Rod makes reference to his coaching/broadcasting career in Arizona.
When Rod makes reference to the pitching coaches influence on the pitching staff.
Whenever Rod makes the statement, “some kind of _____.” (IE: Some kind of smooth)
Whenever Rod talks about the benefit to a defense when a pitcher works quickly.
When Rod mentions how much Willis and Bonderman have overcome.
When Rod asks Mario if he worked out today. » Drink double if he asks this during a home game.
When Rod makes reference to cotton candy. » Drink double if he makes reference to pink cotton candy.
When Rod makes reference to how much fun Cabrera is having. » Drink double if it is anyone else.
When Rod makes reference to the Carlos Guillen, Austin Jackson, or Cabrera trade.
When Rod says the phrase “game within the game.”
When Rod says the phrase, “the unintentional, intentional walk.”
When Rod makes reference to how “smooth” any of the Tiger middle infielders are. » Drink double if it is anyone else.
When Rod makes reference to his playing career. *Rod only had about 50 career ABs, 20 with the Tigers.
When the footage of Rod charging the mound in Japan is shown.
If Rod catches a foul ball in the booth.
GENERAL SILLINESS: 2 drinks may be had when Rod displays general silliness. This optional rule can be applied in group or individual play and can be declared before the game or invoked when the silliness occurs. General silliness can be loosely interpreted as that’s why it’s not technically part of the rules. Experienced players will recognize this activity which can include stepping over the play by play with yelps, screams or any array of noises, use of non-words, abundant.


Steve Lorenz

April 5th, 2010 at 1:04 PM ^

The Jackson trade should be moved into the three drink category, the Cabrera trade should stay in the ten, and the Guillen trade should be in the twelve. You know they are going to beat to death the Granderson trade this season so unless you want to be puking by the end of the third you might want to change it up a bit.


April 5th, 2010 at 1:08 PM ^

Drinking games that need that many rules are stupid. One rule, period, or it's not a drinking game. As in, take a drink whenever Rod says "pardner." You'll still be good and drunk by the sixth inning.


April 5th, 2010 at 1:22 PM ^

Good lord. If anyone plays this game for opening day or the first week we will all be dead by the 5th. You know hes gonna bust out every one of those the first game because hes gonna be pumped about the season and he's gonna refresh everything about the team. I think "It's a humbling game" and "In the game of Baseball" has got to be in there ahead of some others. Although I get sick of hearing all those phrases by about game 50, ya gotta love Rod!

Six Zero

April 5th, 2010 at 1:42 PM ^

Me and a friend of mine were 'punished' by our wives after the Super Bowl by having to sit through an episode of this show called "Say Yes to the Dress," about these diva freaks who go off to spend $10,000+ on these ridiculously overpriced wedding dresses.

We ended up having the last laugh by turning it into a drinking game, based on the following stipulations: a. drink whenever one of the girls says they "look like a princess", b. drink whenever someone starts crying, and c. drink whenever someone says "That's your dress."

Long story short we had twice as much fun as the ladies, and the TV was more than a little blurry by the time the game was over. And both of us concluded that wives don't like being cheated by their own revenge.

david from wyoming

April 5th, 2010 at 1:54 PM ^

I've pulled off the Rod Allen Drinking Challenge more than a few times (note that you get so drunk, it's not a game anymore). The trick is to select a few rules from the list and stick with those. If you got for the entire list, you're as good as dead.


April 5th, 2010 at 3:25 PM ^

try listening to Hawk Harrelson here in Chicago on the Sox broadcasts.
He is in class all by himself as far annoyance factor, homerism and overall need to gouge your ear drums out are concerned.


April 5th, 2010 at 3:53 PM ^

I think Mario and Rod do an excellent job of broadcasting, especially considering that they are local broadcasters. And yes, I've heard White Sox broadcasters on WGN and IMO, they are horrible. It annoys me to hear: "He gone!" after every Sox strikeout among other "catch phrases." Give me some Rod Allen broadcasting any day.

el segundo

April 5th, 2010 at 4:09 PM ^

Here's an idea for the radio equivalent of the Rod Allen Drinking Game. I can't go into the same level of detail as Wolverine Woj did for Allen because I have not studied Price in the same way that WW apprently studied Allen. But Price certainly has his own verbal idiosyncrasies.

1 Drink:

Any reference to Zubor Buick.

2 Drinks:

Whenever Price says something important, he says it twice. He. Says. It. Twice.

3 Drinks:

When Price says either "art of pitching" or "power arm."

4 Drinks:

For any fawning reference to "Mr. Illitch."

5 Drinks:

Whenever Price reminds the audience how intelligent and good-looking all catchers are.


April 5th, 2010 at 8:54 PM ^

My friends and I are huge fans of drinking games (isn't everyone?). We always hunt for new games (usually involving either watching a t.v. show or sports) and over the years I'd have to say that the Rod Allen drinking game is right up there with The OC (don't judge me) drinking game as the worst (or best, depending on how you view alcohol poisoning) of all time.

That damn "look" the Ryan kid gives is worth 2 drinks, and he gives at least 30 per episode.

Ahhh, memories...