OSU WR Noah Brown injured, thought to be out for season

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OSU sophomore receiver Noah Brown suffered a major leg injury today in practice that will probably keep him out all season long. Apparently there was a pop when he landed from a jump and people are saying EMT's had to come as well. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

As for OSU, this could potentially be a major blow. OSU had two of their top receivers from last year, Devin Smith and Evan Spencer, graduate and Brown was allegedly one of the best OSU players in camp thus far.

Combining this with suspensions to Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Corey Smith, OSU is down 4 of their top 5 receivers against VT. It looks like Braxton Miller might play a large role in his first game as a receiver. Adding in the suspension to Bosa, it looks like whoever starts at QB for OSU this year might have a tough test against VT.



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Everyone sees this as a tough looking game but VT isn't what they were 10 years ago. I know they pulled off a miracle in Columbus last season, but Ohio State's offense just dominted after that and I think their D is supposed to be even better

After the VT game, OSU scored more than 40 points in 11 of 13 games and more than 50 in 6 of 13 games. That is straight ridiculous and that was with plug'n'play QBs

OSU 52 VT 10


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and have their starting QBs (basically whoever wins the job between JT and Cardale) plus Zeke Elliott. They're just going to pound them into submission.

VT offense is godawful. Like last year Michigan offense godawful.

OSU rolls VT with little problems. OSU will start slow then pull away at the end, 38-7

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I read that there is a freshman who told Urban he wants to get on the field, and the tweet was telling us that it could be dangerous for the other big ten teams, so I'm sure they will be alright.

Obviously, as a human being, I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.

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Will be somewhat of a setback for them, but I don't think this puts much of a ding in their chances to repeat. OSU hasn't had to ask a whole lot from their receivers the past few years. Just be dependable. Ezekiel Elliott and that offensive line were what won them the national title last January.

If Elliott went down, then I'd have to question if OSU could repeat. But then again, OSU lost two quarterbacks last Fall and still destroyed the top two teams in the country en route to a title, so what the hell do I know?

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I'm really wondering how Miller's shoulder will hold in a game setting. Will his shoulder be able to take a hit? He worries me and not in an he's explosive kinda way but in a I really dont want to see him carted off and ruin his young life kind of way. If it's true about him being non-contact through practice.... then that worries me even more. Hopefully their staff at OSU know what they are doing with him.


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They still have Thomas at WR, Miller at H-back, and Elliot, plus two proven QBs.  I think they will be just fine, especially considering they have a pretty good offensive line to make holes and a great defense on the other side of the ball.  It's so annoying, but they are stacked.


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The guy had 1 reception for 9 yards last year.  There's no need to create a thread about every  injury to a team we will face so that a few jackasses can "wish him the best", pat themselves on the back and act like heroes.


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I don't care how much talent you have, one position can only be so deep.  That's 4 wide receivers that were going to get significant minutes out for one game, and there's one and a half weeks of practice left for another potential injury.

The Hokies have what's being touted as one of the best secondaries in the nation.  Last year they ambushed OSU by stacking the box and playing man coverage, often with no deep safety help.  The weren't going to be able to do that this year with proven wide receivers and proven quarterbacks, but that strategy is now quite viable. 

I think OSU still wins, but it's gone from nearly a sure thing to merely probable.  Monday night game in Blacksburg with 3rd string WRs starting just isn't going to be a cakewalk.

Perkis-Size Me

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Virginia Tech also won last year because they took advantage of what was, at the time, a very inexperienced OSU offensive line that could not protect Barrett if their collective lives depended on it. That will not be the case this year.

I do agree that things could get interesting in Blacksburg that night, but I'd be shocked if Tech kept this within 2 scores. OSU will ride Ezekiel Elliott all night.

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Virginia tech's offense was pretty bad last year and OSU's defense really played well late in the season. Losing Bosa is huge but if they can play as a unit like they did the last three games, I bet money the OSU defense outscores VT's offense. It would take a few more major injuries before I thought of this game as possibly being close


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+1 to the majority if I could. Had to listen to an msu fan gloat at work about braxton going down last year. Called him the mayor of douchebagville for taking pleasure in college kids getting hurt. Awkward when I see him now but no regrets.


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It is so difficult to repeat. These are kids not robots. Shit happens in college. The bad things are just starting for OSU. The QB battle is definitely not positive thing for the team. The factions will then develop -- thus, the implosion. OSU will not repeat.