OSU Wins Due To Refs Agains

Submitted by Cali Citrus Man on December 3rd, 2017 at 12:03 AM

When is the rest of the Big 10 going to stand up to this?  What has Warde Manuel done to stop it from happening to Michigan again?

Wisconsin got totally screwed by the refs.  It was the most blatant defensive holding this year. 



December 3rd, 2017 at 1:12 AM ^

Yea, i thought Wisconsin's 3-4 actually looked pretty terrible. They did get penetration a few times, but most of the time Barrett had all day to do what he wanted. And Barrett and the RBs pretty much had a consistent 3-5 yards easily when attacking the outside LBs.

Also their DBs got exposed, very early in the game, which it seems they adjusted for later. But still their defense overall looked much more flat-footed (DBs) and porous (LBs) than I anticipated.


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But he was doing just that!  UW had moved the ball about 30 yards, efficiently, until that call put them back to 1st & 20.  It should have been off-setting - though a very fair case could be made that there was no hold, since the guy was off balance pushed from the side.  Instead, UW was behind the sticks with a bad feeling, and that was that.

Whether Hornibrook would have led them to that TD, nobody knows.  But we do know that they were screwed bad with a horrible no-call, something OSU has greatly benefitted from the last couple of years.

Fuck OSU.


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Guessing the OP is referring to the call on Wisconsin's last drive where their OL was called for a hold and the OSU DB tackled the receiver before the ball got to him.

Should have been off-setting penalties and 1st & 10. But I agree with this reply regarding Hornibrook. He's just not good enough.

Longballs Dong…

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he's advocating for his conference. UW was guaranteed to get in it they won so he was arguing that OSU should get in due to the strength of the entire conference. this guy sucks, but this is what he's supposed to do. would you prefer he said he didn't give a shit what happens to teams in his conference? why does anyone think this is an insult to UW? This board needs to chill with all the conspiracy theory bullshit. continue to post actual facts to support an argument but one holding call does not make a point. Those articles do not make a point.


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Although I don't think they should be in, they compare awfully similar to Bama if you ignore names. Best win - LSU/NW. No other "signature" wins. Only loss vs a top 10 team. Bama has only beaten 3 teams with an over .500 record and they are only still being discussed because Bama


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"You could look at [Ohio State-Iowa] as Ohio State’s ninth [conference] game. They could have played an FCS opponent"

He's a dick, but he has a good point.  Alabama played Mercer as their 9th game.  They never even took the risk of a bad game. 

He is not wrong on that point.



December 3rd, 2017 at 11:31 AM ^

or you could just look at it like anyone else would which isn't a justfication for scheduling a lesser opponent.

The issue isn't whether you played one more conference game, it's that you got beat badly when you played it.

Michigan got no credit last season for losing to Iowa by a single point on the final play of the game, after it then lost to Ohio State in two overtimes with horrific officiating mixed in. And Michigan crushed the very team that was allowed into the conference championship, which having then won it, were subsequently excluded from the playoff by Ohio State. 

Ohio State got the benefit of the doubt last year and proceeded to see that voter doubt shattered by the reality of their awful performance in the playoff against Clemson, the very team they would liikely be matched up with this year if allowed to slither into the playoff again.

No, Ohio State might be the Big Ten's Alabama, but they don't deserver any special consideration on a national level. They squandered that consideration last year. Sorry, not good enough.


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It's a shame there isn't another team like USC up for consideration.  I really don't want either of these teams to get in.  Just a big crap sandwhich.

This whole BCS championship thing is just a big abortion.  Either go back to traditional bowls and vote on the champion or have a real playoff. 

The Fan in Fargo

December 3rd, 2017 at 12:09 AM ^

I'm just waiting for some very serious fan to get fed up with it and walk into the B1G headquarters or something. I'm not going to write what I wish would happen but man would that be one for the ages. I don't know how that isn't called though. That receiver was tackled. Something is so off it's almost to the point it's just unreal. It's really bad. 

Bigly yuge

December 3rd, 2017 at 12:07 AM ^

The buckeyes are their precious cash cow. Fucking sick to my stomach. They’re like duke basketball, they get every call and hardly ever get called for anything themselves. I fucking hate Urban Meyer and his smug fucking smirk.


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The committee has also shown that it will take 11-1 teams that didn't win their division with a reasonable loss to a good team over 10-2 conference champions with a blowout road loss. 


If OSU makes it in despite Bama being in the same situation the Buckeyes used to enter last year, the Tide should rightfully raise holy hell. 

Bigly yuge

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By cash cow I mean year after year revenue. Also, it’s debatable whether or not they go to the playoffs. Bama has no good wins all year, osu has a few, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Also osu gives the big ten the best chance to win it all. I’m not suggesting a rigged outcome, just stating the fact that Ohio state constantly is the beneficiary of calls good and bad. It’s very rare that Ohio is on the wrong side of a bad call or no call. Fuck em’


December 3rd, 2017 at 4:31 AM ^

if it were all about year over year revenue, then surely we'd be getting a lot more referee gifted wins than the zero we get. I believe it's more likely either B1G officiating sucks, or they have a subconscious anti- Harbaugh bias. Or a combination of both. Or maybe one of those isn't subconscious.