OSU Update: Additional Allegations, LOIC Possible (Updated)

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I also mentioned in my email to you that no additional allegations had been made by the staff. Please note that since that email, an amended notice of allegations containing one additional violation related to the first allegation was issued to the involved parties.



On Monday, the enforcement staff conducted another call with institutional officials and determined that it is possible to move forward with the August 12 hearing while acknowledging the additional review is necessary. At this point in the inquiry, the available evidence does not warrant additional allegations; however, the investigation remains open. As a result, the staff and institution agreed not to postpone the currently scheduled hearing date of August 12 while we finalize the investigation of the remaining open issues. The institution understands and agrees that additional allegations may result from the ongoing inquiry and that the violations set forth in the current notice of allegations may form the partial basis for a failure to monitor of lack of institutional control when viewed in light of any additional violations. The institution also understands that if new violations are discovered, a second hearing may be necessary.

[...] the continuing investigation could potentially lead to additional allegations involving Mr. Tressel.

Popular opinion on twitter seems to be that the additional allegation explicitely mentioned in the letter is the addition of Dorian Bell to the list of players wrongdoing.  However, the letter makes it clear that this additional violation is not necessarily exhaustive of the potential additional allegations.

But you can't have one without the other. Gene Smith's spin:

We are aware of a letter that the NCAA enforcement staff sent to the Committee on Infractions nearly a month ago detailing the status of this case. The NCAA staff concluded that the evidence at this time does not warrant additional allegations and that our joint review of any remaining items did not necessitate a delay to today’s hearing. We now look forward to working together so that we can conclude this follow-up work as quickly as possible.



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No.  Check out the linked PDF.  It's an intra-NCAA communication CC'ed to OSU and Tressel's attorney.  They're discussing a timeline beginning June 28 up to and through the date of the letter (July 13).  Sounds to me like it can be summarized as follows:

-The August 12 hearing can remain on schedule but the investigation continues.  LOIC and/or FTM are possible penalties based on the current violations...when those violations are viewed in light of additional allegations.

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I think you got it exactly right.

Gene Smith was correct in calling it "procedural," inasmuch as everybody was deciding whether or not to go ahead with the hearing that occurred today.  And everybody agreed to do that.  And the mention of LOIC was in the manner of saying, Now you understand that this is an offense for which the punishment may be as much as...  And you still agree to go ahead with the meeting, right?

btw, per 11W repost of a Ken Gordon (Dispatch) Tweet... at least some people are saying that with regard to this latest news, there is smoke but no fire.

[Edit.]- Oops.  I see the Ken Gordon info was posted in more detail further down in this thread.


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The NCAA was prepared to slap tsio on the wrist even after everything that has happened.  IMO theres no way whatever else they dig up could lead to failure to monitor or loic.  Put it this way, Tressel was a repeat offender at multiple schools and on multiple occasions at tsio.  And tsio was technically still on probation when some of these things happened and STILL NO DEATH PENALTY.  dont count on much guys as much as they deserve it.



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That'd almost be somewhere close to correct except that the OSU case is a big deal because their holier-than-thou coach knew about it, covered it up, lied about it, lied about it again and then lied about it some more.  You won't find a lot of people who find the kids' actions to be so terrible; it's the actions of the adults at OSU that make it a big deal.


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I mean, I get the whole "har har rival death penalty LOL" aspect of it, but there is no way that OSU should get the death penalty.  SMU, the only school that got it, systematically paid players on a weekly basis, got caught, then continued to do it.  Not even a close comparison. 


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The rumor in Columbus is that players have still been selling/trading their stuff and autographs even after all this has hit the fan.  Again, Common Man and Torg on 97.1 yesterday said that they know who the local memorabilia guys are and they will release their names on the air if they don't stop.  I guess the main difference with tosu and smu is that the community is paying the players and not the school.  But if the school knows, which we'll see in the coming weeks/months, and doesn't act on the information is there really a difference?

If you think about it, the players can probably make more money for their stuff now because supply is down.  Thanks NCAA investigation.



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To me this just seems like the radio guys trying to gain publicity and listeners.  I don't buy that they know about this and are threatening to name names if they don't stop.  I would be happy to be proven wrong but I am guessing this is a whole lot of nothing.


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It's hard to tell with these guys.  There's a lot of innuendo on their show about stories and sources and then a few days later something comes out and they act like that was what they were talking about.  They are either really connected to somebody on the inside at tosu that they can't mention or they are full of crap.  I can't be objective because I want them to be right about the bad things.


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I haven't really seen anything that has inspired confidence in the NCAA to actually put the hammer down on OSU, and barring someone on the inside at OSU really opening up in a completely conclusive manner, I don't see this changing.

It sucks, but just doesn't seem like OSU will really get punished based on everything we have seen.  I am certainly hopeful that I am wrong, but not holding my breath.


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SI's anonymous source told espn that he will be meeting with the NCAA and Bob Holtzman said that this is clearly not over that the investigation is still open and there is potential for another of these meetings in the future.


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Wait, letter is from July 13th. When did everyone come out and say investigation over? Wasn't it after that point in time? Could this be old news that is currently meanless/overruled by newer statements?


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The institution understands and agrees that additional allegations may result from the ongoing inquiry and that the violations set forth in the current notice of allegations may form the partial basis for a failure to monitor of lack of institutional control when viewed in light of any additional violations

I don't expect much from teh NCAA, but it's good to know that OSU won't be sitting on a "case closed" situation, especially with the most damaging allegations possibly still on the table pending further investigation. Whether the NCAA has the balls to hammer them or not, they will be taking this uncertainty with them after August 12th, and possibly well into the football season.

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kgdispatch Ken Gordon 
So ESPN was correct there was a letter sent. Correct that case remains open. But all indications are nothing new will come of it. 
4 minutes ago 

kgdispatch Ken Gordon 
Sounds as if additional violation NCAA refers to is nothing OSU is worried about. Old news, just not included in original allegations. 
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LoriSchmidt Lori Schmidt 
RT @rustymillerap AD Gene Smith: NCAA says evidence does not warrant additional allegations against #OhioState. 
7 minutes ago


JeffSvoboda Jeff Svoboda 
by Buckeye_Sports 
The way I'm reading this NCAA letter to COI on July 13, the "additional violation related to first allegation" was the addition of player H 
19 minutes ago 

JeffSvoboda Jeff Svoboda 
by The_BBC 
That player (reported to be Dorian Bell) received 12 tattoos and was added to NOA, included in OSU response to NCAA. AKA, this nothing new. 
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marcushartman Marcus Hartman 
by The_BBC 
The way we are reading this: amendment covers "new allegation" that was extra player mentioned in case summary last month 
17 minutes ago

971thefan 97.1 The Fan 
Ohio State releases statement on hearing today with NCAA Committee on Infractions: bit.ly/nl3JqR


BCastOZone Brandon Castel 
Letter was NOT sent to #OhioState. Went directly from Director of Enforcement to Director of Committee on Infractions. 
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BCastOZone Brandon Castel 
Here is a full copy of letter on July 13 on status of NCAA investigation, referencing one additional allegation. bit.ly/rfZ8z1 
26 minutes ago

ramzyn Ramzy Nasrallah 
by The_BBC 
Boise State's COI hearing took 13 hours. Tennessee's took 11. USC's took almost three days. Ohio State's was over by lunch. #B1GSPEED