OSU unis for the Game, 2010

Submitted by dnak438 on November 23rd, 2010 at 11:47 AM

They are meant to honor the 1942 Buckeyes, some of whom will be at the game.  You can read more about it here and listen about it here.

EDIT: My apologies for the insane size of the original image.  I've attached a smaller version here.  The image is linked to the crazy wallpaper-sized image on the Nike website.



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Edit: Dangit. Now that the picture is changed this doesn't make any sense. In the original post, the picture included airplanes, barbed wire, and amurrica.

Edit edit: And now it's been changed back. AMURRRRICA!


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They really shouldn't liken themselves to any soldiers.  But if they're going to, this would be a more accurate representation-

(Edit: choose one, man, choose!! ;-)


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you're right.  it's supposed to remind us of the era when a standard bearer would lead a charge in the battlefield.  if you were to view a flag bearer on his right side as he's charging forward, the flag would appear backwards.  so when a soldier today has a flag patch on his right shoulder, it appears "backwards", and when it's on his left shoulder, it's "normal."  kellen winslow jr would be jealous of these unis.


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The "MGoBlog cares about the enviroment" tag in his right hand had me on the floor laughing.  Woo unintentional humor!

Edit:  Aww, you ruined it by fixing the pic size.  T_T

UM Indy

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last year, now this.  It honks me off that they trot this gimmicky shit out for their game with us.  Wear these clown costumes against Indiana, not us.  God, I want to beat these guys so bad it hurts.


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Its one thing to honor a past team at your school, and i suppose its somewhat of a nice story to talk about the '42 team playing and then heading off to war, but the WWII imagry on the pic and linking all of these past and present combat metaphors is a bit too far.

that being said, they are ugly.