OSU tailback Jaamal Berry involved in assault on campus

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Select quotes:

The report said the victim "sustained bruises on his neck from this event."
At about 10:25 a.m., two males were witnessed "wrestling on the ground" in the South Oval, according to the police report. The primary witness is a university employee who declined to comment, but said in the police report that Berry was muttering things such as "I don't know what is going on around me." The report said Berry "appeared confused and disoriented and was unable to tell me his name."
The middle-aged woman said that the student on the ground had attacked another student. The student on the ground, who was later identified as Jaamal Berry, was clearly out of sorts and appeared to be quite disconnected from his surroundings."



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Not to jump on this kid as he obviously has some problems, but knowing his history it's not his fault, but rather the fault of school for even allowing him to step foot on campus.

EDIT: I guess getting into a fight isn't that big of a deal, regardless of who started it, but when you have a history like JB, you can't really blame people for possibly jumping the gun when his name and assault are mentioned in the same breath.


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Weed could maybe explain the confused & disoriented bit.  But marijuna use would be inconsistent with the allegation that Berry had assaulted another student.  Also, pot is a strong-smelling narcotic and it is usually pretty easy to smell it on a user's breath.  The report states that "no alcohol" was smelled on Berry--I suppose this does not rule-out the possiblity that he may have had potbreath but that would be a serious quib on the author's part.


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Sounds like two drunk kids getting in a fight. Only reason it's news is because one is a football player. I'm not condoning this behavior, but unless Berry initiated and assaulted the kid and the other guy was just fighting back then I see the reason for making this more than what it is.


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 Just because he's bigger and stronger than most doesn't mean he knows how to fight and throw a punch.  


 If the guy know's how to fight, and can throw a punch... a 5'5 140lb dude can put you in the hospital with one punch too.


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I advise you guys not to jump to conclusions. I live right next to campus here in columbus and I was out and about and bumped into this seen. This honestly wasnt Jaamals Fault at all. He was hit in the back of the hand abruptly after a little agruement he was trying to stop between a chick he was with and some random guy.


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I swear to it. I didnt have school today so I worked out all day sense I play high school football and we had no practice so I usually jog around the campus on days like this because theres hot girls and well... hot girls all over campus and show off my body lol. I noticed it was jaamal instantly because i had seen him in the mall a couple times. To me it seemed like he was trying to break up the agruement and the guy wasnt trying to let it go thats when berry looked at his girl and walked closer to the guy pleading and was then struck.


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 And since your story is completely different from the OSU employee who also witnessed the fight. People don't generally use words like obviously disorientated and attacked when discribing someone innocently breaking up an arguement.

 Furthermore who the heck gets aggressive from smoking weed!?

Lol the only thing i got aggresive towards after smoking weed was the menu at Denny's


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Either you or the witness who was quoted is blatantly lying.  Either he's rational and trying to be a peace maker or disoriented, attacking another individual and doesn't know his name.  Since most high schools don't cancel school on Wednesday mornings with decent weather, I'm going with the quoted witness.


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Sorry, the incorrect grammatical use of good and bad gets me sometimes, and I found it even more irking that the poster chose to attack the journalist's writing while still using incorrect grammar themself.  And, strangely hypocritical grammar nazi fits me pretty well, I'm an English major who has fallen so far from his tree that I really don't know how to write GOOD anymore.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me how to use 'it's' properly.