OSU Safety, Christian Bryant, Takes the Trash Talking Up A Notch

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We aren't in much of a position to talk a whole lot of smack.

The only advice I can think of is to break out the offense that averaged 40points the first few games.  That'll shut the Nutters up.


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Get a grip, man. This is a rivalry game afterall.


There is no room for being rational this week. We are MICHIGAN and they are ohio. We should EXPECT to win this game. I refuse to say mercy 5 days before the game even starts.


Throw all of the stats out. We need to win 60 minutes!




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I'll bet Urb shuts that stuff down by tomorrow morning.  He's too good of a coach to let OSU players do anything to give us a ton of billboard material.

But I would love it if he doesnt.  Our best bet, IMO, is that the team gets so pissed off at the lack of respect they are getting they play out of their minds mad.  In football that can sometimes work.


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Seriously. If they said all the right things (aka "they're a good team" "we have lots of respect for them" etc) and took us completely seriously, I would say we have no shot. If this sort of thing gets rampant though? The combination of them not taking us seriously and us playing mad is probably our only hope of an upset. 

Mabel Pines

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I don't really know how that was "self-righteous". It was not meant to be.

In my opinion, it is sort of similar to us trash talking, "that jug is ours" against Minnesota. (most years, sorry Minnesota) or in 2011, "fikell's going down". Just seems to be the easy road to me this year.


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And thats the thing, the OSU players can smell the national campionship, with baylor losing and the shit happeneing at fsu right now, they can almost taste it.  Do you really think that there is any way they don't come out revved up to 110% the entire game, especially going undefeated last year and not having anything to show for it?  this is going to be a bloodbath, they want to show that they belong ahead of FSU


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will get the Walter Smith Memorial Trophy, awarded to the injured team captain who does something unnecessarily stupid to rile up the other team and motivate them to victory.

And while we're at it, maybe Spike will land Kate Upton and I'll win the lottery. 

A more likely scenario is that Bryant slips on the jersey and twists his ankle again.  No impact on The Game, but at least I could have the juvenile satisfaction of laughing at him.



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No matter what they say or do, nobody can embarrass the team as much as they've embarrassed themselves this year on offense. I don't know if the coaches, players, or both are responsible, but it has been a complete embarrassment. Nothing Ohio State says can be more damning than that.


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Hard to argue why they should. An opponent who can barely beat Akron and UConn and who lost to teams that they have blown out, isn't much ground to have a good opinion about. With that said, this is great for locker room motivation. Maybe, just maybe, we can show up with a chip on our shoulder.

Forgive me.

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Not so much offended that Bryant's act reeks of senseless antagonism, but that even when merely displayed in the form of floor covering, the most innocuous display of that color combination makes my stomach turn.


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You know, Michigan jersey aside and the sleight that is implied, what sort of fool mops the carpet with a shirt? Surely Bryant knows better than this. Further, in what appear to be nice trousers too. 


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OSU's defense was really suspect in the first half of the season. In the 2nd half of the season they've played better and Bryant has been on the sideline. 

What's the common denominator here?