OSU radio analysts on Denard today...

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While driving back to the Great White North I was listening to the ESPN sports radio feed out of Cleveland to check the afternoon scores. I found myself, thereafter, listening to WKNR/ESPN Cleveland radio hosts discussing Denard Robinson and today's Michigan performance. They were, perhaps justifiably, all over our defense. However, what interested me was the comment they made about one Denard Robinson.

The first of these was that "Robinson hasn't matched up with a linebacker who can match his speed and spy him like Brian Rolle". 

These hosts then discussed how they perceived Michigan would lose five of their last seven games.

Now, I find OSU homerism pretty typical but I think that analysis is a bit over the top and perhaps borderline idiotic. I think you can't really scheme against Rodriguez/Magee's offense with the spy (teams were not successful with that strategy during the Pat White years). I respect Brian Rolle as a player but the idea that he has the sort of speed to match Denard is completely insane.

Needless to say I changed the station.



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It's reasonable for someone to think that we beat Illinois and Purdue, while losing to MSU, PSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, and OSU. We barely beat UMass, we beat UConn who lost pretty big to Temple, and beat ND without their QB for half the game (and when he did come back he was probably still suffering the effects of his injury).


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If Rolle has speed to match Denard, why isn't he running track?   They could have kept Denard from winning the 60 yard dash in the dual meet....


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I don't disagree with the notion that this team will struggle against some of the better teams in the Big 10 (though Wiscy and PSU do not scare me), but the idea that you can spy on dilithium is insane.  Te'o is a guru-approved top LB and Denard ran for 200+ yards.  I doubt that Rolle will be shown up, but this offense can score against anyone.


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Some of those clowns on WKNR openly talk about how much they hate Michigan. One guy every once in a while busts into "its (blank) o'clock and Michigan still sucks" during his show. So it wouldn't suprise me if they started talking about how "not only is Pryor a faster runner, but has a better throwing motion."  


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Think of it as "game speed" and geometry. Rolle is very, very good. That doesn't mean that Rolle will always catch him, or be in the right spot, but if anyone might be up at least partially containing dilithium, (no one will be 100% effective) I'd say it could be Rolle. All in all, however, I wouldn't underestimate the Buckeyes D. Those guys can bring it.

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This game was only close because of all the mistakes M made. Botched snaps (was it 3 or 4 or more that DR bobbled?). Blocked punt (really a fumble by Hagerup). A fumble after an interception. Not blocking the DE at ALL on 3rd and 1. MIssed tackles up the wazoo. etc. etc.

If those mistakes continue, we are doomed. They will NOT continue, so I am still confident.


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I don't like the idea of trying to spy a QB who can also throw the ball pretty well.  I think that might hurt OSU in the passing game.

But a defensive spy doesn't have to be AS FAST AS the guy he's spying.  He's just supposed to mirror the offensive player and be ready to meet him when he gets near the line of scrimmage.  It's not like Rolle would be playing cornerback against wide receiver Denard and having to match him stride-for-stride in a straight line down the field.


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is not fun because I listen to all the same garbage talking, classless people on the radio. Kenny Roda , Munch on sports referred to the U of M as Scum. This is a grown man using these words to describe a College University. I wonder where he got his degree he speeks so well and sounds so intelligent ?