OSU - Problems still ahead?

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ESPN_BigTen: RT @wilnerhotline: Scott said he called NCAA prez Emmert after tOSU news last week; Emmert told him "misperception in media about finality"



"Just when I thought I was out....they pulled me back in"




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This past week, NCAA gave some information regarding their position on the allegations in the original notice given to OSU.  There have been no formal allegations regarding the cars, golfing, etc.  OSU has only responded to those original allegations, and the NCAA has basically said that they agree that the tat-gate problem didn't extend beyond Tressel.  That doesn't mean that there won't be a second notice issued by the NCAA for the additional issues.  We'll just have to wait.  It's just like when the NCAA declared Cam Newton eligible.  It doesn't mean they've ceased the investigation.


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OSU has never received a notice on all the Dennis Talbott stuff.  I really hope that OSU is that stupid because they have admitted to being a Repeat Offender.  Anything new is really going to kill them.

I hope that Emmert is sincere, I sent him an email in March (copied some media and Robinson from Yahoo actually commended me it) and sent another last week.  But right now, I don't have much faith in the NCAA.


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I'm not sure about the context of that quote-isn't he saying that the misperception was the SI articles and things that people perceived were happening that actually were not?


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Exactly. The NCAA still hasn't handed out punishment. When everybody flipped out last week because OSU "got off" they completely glossed over the fact that the NCAA has neither accepted nor rebuffed OSU's self-imposed "punishment". Nothing has changed here - OSU's self-punishment is still laughable, and the NCAA is still likely to do their normal 2-for-1 punishment. Something like a 2 year bowl ban and a 10 scholarship loss is most likely still in their future.


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I heard from a reliable source that some definitive information will be made available to the public on August 12th.

Let's just stay buckled in until then, hmmkay?


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As much as I would like them to lose to scholarships it would almost be better if they get off light. Maybe a 2 year bowl ban and we beat them fair and square on the field and not when they are handicapped by sanctions. If we beat them when they are being "disciplined" they will just use that as an excuse.

I wanna knock your ass out when you are ready to fight not when you are half asleep.


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I think people are reading too much into it.  The NCAA hasn't made a final decision yet (heck, they haven't even met the COI yet).  That's all Emmert is likely saying.

The Summary Judgement was a data point.  One that could be interpreted positively for OSU.  But as Emmert is saying, it's not the final judgement.


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Is that the tweet relates to a conversation from Larry Scott - Pac -10 commish - to Emmert.


I've long thought that if the NCAA used an advocacy system, OSU would be more likely to get hammered.  (Not saying the advocacy system would be great, but just pointing out that the NCAA has odd incentives when (i) encouraging it's member insitutions to self-police; (ii) investigating its own; and (iii) punishing its own).  But it's not as though peer institutions (UM, etc.) would ever want to "prosecute" one of their own...


The Pac-10, though, given that it's flagship member was hammered by the NCAA, does have an interest in seeing OSU get hit, too.  (Big ten members do not - yes, not even Brandon would want OSU carpet bombed).  So, if nothing else, it's interesting to see that there is pressure from an interested member party for OSU to get hit.


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I hope this drags on, the longer it goes then the higher the chances that osu is not cooperating. We all know how much the NCAA liked when USC did that. Also, the longer it drags on means the longer a cloud of uncertainty hover over the campus, this will be off-putting to recruits and coach replacements.


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the benefit of the doubt here and praying that they are indeed smarter than they appear.  But I keep getting that nagging feeling that they are going to let TSIO off the hook with a slap on the wrist.  When they do that, the cheating floodgates (which are probably already wide open) will break off their hinges.

The NCAA has been corrupted by money.  If they really believed in "student athletes", then they would make sure all the kids got a degree and no one could opt out before their senior year (or their degree) was over.  We all know this is a joke, it just amazes me that they have convinced themselves that this is a working system.


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How is the NCAA supposed to make sure all athletes get a degree?  Not everyone graduates from college, and athletes often have a weaker academic background than the rest of the student body.  Are you suggesting that the NCAA should permit academic fraud to make sure these guys get bogus degrees?


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That policy would have to come from the NFL, not the NCAA.  The NCAA can't prohibit a kid form dropping out of school, and they can't dictate what the NFL does in drafting players or signing free agents.