OSU PG Marcus Smart announcing Draft decision tomorrow

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OSU freshman PG Marcus Smart, projected top 5 NBA Draft Pick, is announcing his decision tomorrow--in the Student Union with teammates Le'Bryan Nash and Markel Brown. Unless he has people advising him worse than LeBron with "the Decision," Smart is probably returning to school next year. Pretty surprising given his draft position.

This would most likely make Trey Burke the #1 PG in this year's draft. On the negative side, it is one less lottery pick in the draft and could make GR III or McGary a little more likely to go pro this year.

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Markel Brown, Le'Bryan Nash and Marcus Smart are expected to announce whether they are entering the NBA draft at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow.

The press conference is in the Student Union and is open to the public.



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Might want to change the title from OSU to Oklahoma State.  The first thing I thought was "OSU has a backup PG that is thinking about declaring for the draft??"


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Yeah, I actually thought the same thing after writing my comment.  But as someone who watched every Michigan game this year along with most of the B1G games, I only remembered who he was about 30 seconds after reading the name.  Pretty easy to follow Big Ten basketball and be completely oblivious to the rest of the country, especially non-big name teams like Oklahoma State.


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I feel like the last two sentences contradict each or don't quite make sense. My sense is whoever advised "The Decision" would be thought of as a bad advisor. Then you say if he has an advisor just as bad or worse he would go to the draft as a projected top 5 pick, which seems like good advice. I'm just not understanding this, someone help me...

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If you announce in the Student Union that you are going to the NBA, you will maybe only get booed in a best case scenario but definitely burn your bridges with the student body/school. Hence the reference to "The Decision" where LeBron went on national TV to tell his home state he was leaving Cleveland for Miami.


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Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart will return for his sophomore season, sources tell Y! Sports


This means Burke is top PG in draft now.


McGary/Robinson's AAU coach, Wayne Brumm, said tonight he wonders if one could stay at UM without the other because they're so close.


Lets hope this starts a trend of people coming back.


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Since the mid 80's only 8 teams (I believe) have won an NBA championship.  The Pistons' 3 titles makes them one of those 8.  Yes, they have been at that bottom on the barrel as of late, but the great thing about the Pistons is that for the past 30 years, every time they hit the bottom, they consistently rise back up to the top.  Granted this is no longer a Bill Davidson owned organization, but you of all people, as a lifelong Pistons fan, should know not to treat this organization as if they're no better than the Lions. 


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By going on the annual "win when everyone else is losing" streak.  Other teams losing 11 in a row, Pistons win 4 in a row and what, 6 out of 8 or something? Thus making their lottery position from potentailly 3rd to probably 8th.  

And suuurrrreee, build that winning attitude. It's certainly made them winners each of the last 3 years when they've done it and gotten no better.

They refuse to do what gives you the chance to be great.  So they'll stay mediocre.  The only difference is that it doesn't hurt this year as much as the last few because there are no really great players available.


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they love to run a ton of pick and roll and would allow them to let Calderon to walk away without having to commit 7-10 mil a year money to him.  Burke/Drummond pick and roll would be deadly.  If you think McGary is amazing at the tournament, Drummond is even better because of his size and freakish athleticism.  Drummond has been a monster when he's on the floor and getting a ton of easy points and rebounds.