OSU no longer recruiting Derrick Green

Submitted by 934SState on July 25th, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Per his twitter, Derrick Green is no longer attending OSU Friday Night Lights because the coaches are going in another direction.

RT @BrOoKyLn_boii27: The Ohio State Coaching Staff has decided to go in another direction.



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Per an interview on Tremendous Green will be in Michigan Friday and will be spending 3 days in Ann Arbor.  This could be the big weekend the coaches needed to land him.


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Yep, if we don't emerge this weekend as a leader with Green saying all kinds of wonderful things about Michigan and Hoke, then our chances are slim and none.

This is it.  We have our chance at the plate this weekend and need a HR.  


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Michigan has a "very legitimate chance" with Green. He also said that it was possible that something could happen at the BBQ--this wasn't in direct reference to Green, but Green certainly seems like the most likely recruit for him to be referring to.


So just one more piece of evidence that our chances here may be better than expected, even if there's still a ton of competition.


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David Dawson last week told us to buckle up, and then he said wait a few weeks. Come bbq time, it will be two weeks. Green and Dawson are good buds. TomVH says something could happen at the bbq. Are the stars aligned?

If not, Dawson still owes us a commit.

If anything, it'll probably be the first verbal commits for the class of 2014.

The Wolf

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I made the same comparison to Caulcrick with a friend the other day.  I would not be disappointed at all if that turned out to be the case.  He would be a great asset to the offense.


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But that's the extent of the possible similarity between him and Caulcrick. Shallman is listed as 6-3 and 245, and in his videos I've watched he runs pretty upright and looks somewhat slow-footed for a RB. Running upright at that height is frequently not a good thing at the goal line. Caulcrick was 6-0/255, and ran with a lot of body lean and had pretty quick feet for a guy that size. I still think Shallman might be better suited to play TE, especially if he gets any taller.


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Was trolling ElevenWarriors today...the general consensus was that although Green just got back from a visit to SEC country, that OSU was clearly the leader for him...funny houw things change in a few hours.


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I'm on there all day and the general consensus is that we've always been in it, but that he's been playing the recruiting game too much to be sure. The one thing people did hang on as a good sign was that he told an 11W writer that he was trying to get looks for his teammates. No matter what, though, the kid grew up an OSU fan while idolizing Eddie George, so I'm sure he was bummed.


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Any word on why Ohio is going in a different direction? I'm always curious when a kid is a consensus 4 star/5 star and has interest in the school. First thought was his shortcoming as a pass catcher out of the backfield, which Urban puts quite a bit of stock in...


July 26th, 2012 at 1:05 PM ^

A lot of it has to do with space and current depth chart. Similar to when you guys told Anzalone you were full at LB. We have a number of power backs on the roster already and only about 4-5 spaces left in the class at most. We still are targeting 1-2 LBs, 1-2 WRs, OT, and probably a safety (hopefully Vonn Bell). A lot of Buckeye fans are hoping we wrap up with some combo of the following:

S Vonn Bell

OT Dennis Finley

LB Mike Mitchell

LB/DE Tyquan Lewis

WR James Quick

WR Shelton Gibson

WR Devon Allen

(I'm not going to throw Foster in here as I just don't think it's happening)

ATH Chris Worley

There are a couple other WRs that I think may end up being in, but the three I listed are the most talked about. A lot of fans are hoping that if OT Dorian Johnson decommits from PSU, we'll get a shot at him. With all of these players still on the board, there just isn't a need or spot for Green.


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Per Tremendous:

Steve Lorenz@TremendousUM

As a side note, but more than worth mentioning, Derrick Green's parents will be with him in Ann Arbor this weekend as well.


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Honestly, I'm very omptimistic that we could see a commit. He's kept up in his top group for so long despite never actually meeting Hoke that there is some very serious interest. Factor in the extended visit with Hoke, the great atmosphere, and the fact that his parents are coming too, and the stars might be aligning on this one.


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Any ideas on why OSU decided to go in a different direction?  Seems pretty odd to have the kid come to camp and then suddenly decide he's not for them.  


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This is also where the scholarship reductions affect their recruiting. Even down three scholarships, they don't have space to take a "luxury" like Green when they already have Elliot in this class and the backs in the classes ahead of him.

Space Coyote

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There are a few redshirt juniors again that will not be back next year. This pushes the number of openings to 23. Attrition of 1-2 is very likely between now and signing day. I still feel that Michigan will end up with 24 recruits in this class, but will probably have openings for 25 (they'll likely bank one for next year IMO).

That's not to saying that this class will simply be finalized, as much as I hope not, as it gets closer to signing day some kids make very rash decisions and switch. We'll see how it all ends up this year, but my prediction is 24


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Hey are we allowed to cut players like Alabama? This would really help making some room for these #1 recruits. Any Alabama fans that read this, feel free to offer some insight.