OSU & Injuries

Submitted by MGrether on October 20th, 2012 at 3:06 PM

During Tressel's tenure, their players seemed to be powerful, explosive & never injured. Since Tressel's departure, the number of injuries seem to be piling up weekly.

During RR's time in Michigan, we always seemed to have people battering injuries. Since Hoke's arrival, we seem to be less injured.

Do you think there is something about the Spread that predisposes players (other then running QB's)? Is it that they run more offensive plays, thus more chance for injuries?




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I seem to remember Brian (or someone else on the blog, maybe Mathlete) actually looking at the rate of injuries to pocket v. running QBs, and that running QBs aren't at a greater risk of injury than pocket QBs. Basically, getting tackled by a DB while running isn't as dangerous as getting sacked by DLinemen.


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Spread coaches do seem to recruit smaller players, who would be more inclined to get injured (at least, I would think), but in this case, since Urby's still working with SweaterVest's old players, that's probably not the reason.


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I seem to recall a lot of injuries in the years before RR arrived.  I think it's more about how deep you are at every position, since having someone who can step in and fill the void is critical.


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15 minutes before game time and halfway through the season and you put up a post like this tempting the football hating gods? Are you nuts?

Knock on wood until your knuckles bleed this very instant!


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I wonder what effect S&C coaches have on this. I imagine that different S&C theories and training methods make transitions more difficult, and thus make the players more susceptible to injury. Just my thoughts.