OSU Game Injury Conspiracy Theory

Submitted by BleedingBlue on December 4th, 2009 at 12:55 PM

So, the Vincent Smith ACL injury rekindled my thoughts on this. Now, this theory is obviously half-joking, and not an excuse, but do those OSU bastards take out our players on purpose?

Significant recent injuries that I can remember:

Jason Avant - 2003 - 3rd down conversion specialist bent over backwards on a head-hunting hit. Injured knee and ankle
Willis Barringer - 2006 starting safety taken out early on in a game that ended up being a shootout.
Sam McGuffie - 2008 - Concussed on kick return by 2 players squishing his melon.
Vincent Smith - 2009 - Torn ACL as we are driving to get within one score.

Any others that I'm missing?

Obvs not being able to run the ball at all in certain years and Argggg Troy Smith to Gonzales and Argggg Crable with the late hit, etc etc.



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From 11/23/2003 N.Y. Times sports section (from our last win over OSU):

[Chris Perry] was not posturing when he left the game for a few plays in the first half with the injuries. Perry said the Buckeyes were trying to harm him by twisting and pulling him during tackles. "Watch the tape," Perry said. "They do a little extra."


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It's really hard to sneakily tear an ACL on purpose, and by the end of last year a strong breeze could concuss McGuffie (he of the imminently murderable brain). I think the more likely reasons are that (a) Ohio State hits really hard, and (b) injuries happen.


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It's one of the biggest rivalries in the sporting world. It's hard-hitting and both teams go all out. Any historical data on Bucks injured during The Game?


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I think it is pretty standard for 2 hated rivals to go out onto the field and try to crush eachother on every single play leading to injuries. It doesn't help for the last 2 of your examples when they are tiny freshman going against the monsters on OSU's D...Just Sayin


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OS took out Miami's first string QB and RB when they won their tainted NC. Tressel teaches his kids to play dirty, just like his disciple Saint Dantonio.


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Probably just the nature of the game. I remember in 2005 Bobby Carpenter had the audacity to line up in a three point stance across from Jake Long. He punished the insult by snapping Carpenter's ankle like a dry twig with a brutal pancake block. Awesome.


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Carl Diggs broke his leg early in the 2002 game. Many players on the team believe we'd have won that game if he'd been healthy. (As it was, we came pretty close.)

What bothers me more is that we've regularly seemed to come into the OSU game more banged up than they are. Just in the last three seasons: in 2007 our starting QB and RB could barely play; in 2008 our starting QB was out; and in 2009 our starting center and top two RBs were out.