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Two dudes show up in Ohio State gear and they're "trolling" the SEC?

edit: I'm not questioning the OP use of the term "trolling."  More like questioning ESPN's characterization.

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"[We came] just to let them know," Moorer said. "Everybody is talking about what Alabama is going to do preseason, and they don't want to show the Buckeyes no respect.


  1. Don't want to show no respect?.......Definitely can tell that quote came from a red and gray idiot.
  2. Everyone is talking about Harbaugh and Michigan. Even the SEC coaches are. 


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if I should chastise them for being classless OSU douchebags or applaud them for blasting every SEC media talking point of the past few years.


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The Buckeyes are the Champs --- and if their fans want to teasingly remind Alabama fans of such, it seems that is part of the spoils of victory.

Just safeguard your trees.


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It has been around since the 1920s, but it moved a few times.  It is in a better location now, south of the Stadium near the Towers.  A fairly neutral article if you want to hear more about it. There are some at 11 Warriors, but they can't resist the temptation to ding Michigan.

I recced your comment because I get jealous, at times, of traditions other schools have.  Sending athletes to class,using portapotties instead of coolers.  I'm sure you guys could come up with quite the list. 

And in a spirit of bipartanship, I looked over the tradtions at Michigan at that site, and thought this one was rather charming

More Football related was saving a seat for Fritz Crisler, which I also thought was pretty good.  If we did it, we would probably save two, one for Archie and one for his two Heismans.   

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Multi-teamers ARE A JOKE. 

You better have a damn good reason to be a fan of more than one team. I can if see you're a fan of a P5 school and a MAC school that you went to, but two P5s? That's crap.

"It's awful," Rivers said. "At work, it's Alabama nation, SEC nation. I'm an Auburn fan, too, which makes it a little easier, but being a Buckeye fan, they think it's not even real down here: 'You shouldn't even be a Big Ten fan. You should be Alabama and be SEC.' Nah, we're Big Ten."


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I follow two Big Ten schools, albeit in different sports. I am from Minnesota my family went to school there and as a result I have always been a fan of Gopher basketball. My wife is a Michigan Alum and ever since we started dating I have been a Michigan football fan. Happy wife happy life has made me a football fan and it makes Saturdays more fun. We are going to the BYU game this fall and I will have my maize and blue on for the game so will my wife and daughter.

Ricky from Sunnyvale

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I grew up a MIchigan fan and was lucky enough to attend.

I also got to attend grad school at LSU. There isn't really an atmosphere for a night game like Death Valley, so yeah I root for LSU in both football and basketball. As much as Michigan? No. Not close. I still cheer like hell for LSU. There is nothing wrong with rooting for two teams. 

Maybe as you get older you might move to a city with a different team as the main draw and grow to cheer for them as well. Silly viewpoint especially from someone who isn't even 20. Life happens...


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Why is it wrong to follow more than one team?? Michigan has been my team since I was five. However I also like to follow Oregon and lsu. I love college football. Pretty much the only sport that can hold my attention. But if it wrong to "follow" more that one p5 team than I'm guilty. Your comment just seems misplaced. But each there own


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My personal anecdote: grew up in suburban Detroit, and I was a U-M football fan growing up.  I went off to PSU for my undergrad, and from Day 1 there I also became a PSU football fan.

So for all of the past ~20 years, I've rooted for both PSU and Michigan, but favor PSU (given I'm an alum, there's definitely more of a "personal connection" to PSU vs. U-M) when the 2 schools play.  

Shoot, that dynamic is the only real reason I even visit this board (and occasionally post dumb threads here :-) ).

I don't know.  Seems it's just sports --- not life & death.  People can do as they please.

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No. These are my opinions.

Again, you went to PSU. That's a damn good reason. 

It would certainly raise an eyebrow if you were a Michigan and PSU fan with really no rhyme or reason to it. My thing is is that there has to be a good reason for being a two-teamer.

It may be dumb to some, but that's just me. It's not a law. This is still America. 

I'm a monogamous kind of person where it has to be one thing and that's it so I'm just different, I guess.



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Using "Tards" and "Bungholes" says more about the person using it then to whom it is directed. I could be wrong, maybe its just commonly accepted usage in south central pa. I may be guilty of regional bias.


July 16th, 2015 at 12:20 PM ^

My story is nearly the mirror of yours. I grew up in central PA following PSU by default, and even after getting to Michigan for grad school had somewhat divided loyalty. I would pull for either UM or PSU over anyone else, and when they played each other I'd root for whichever team needed the win more. Over time, my allegiance to UM became stronger -- I don't think I've rooted for PSU over UM in the past fifteen years or so.

Undergrad I attended the sort of Div. 3 school that doesn't create many conflicts with Michigan fandom. Let's just say I have a particular interest in how Duncan Robinson works out on the basketball team.


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My boss, Vic, for the last four was a long suffering Terps fan. Very sweet man. My mother died 5 years after I left that job and he drove the 425 miles to attend her funeral. So yes, I root for Maryland because them doing well makes Vic happy. Though I admit I won't root for them if it hurts our interest.


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If we beat OSU, I think we will finally realize how their fan base felt in 2001. Their world will come crashing down. 

Perhaps literally. There may be an actual riot in Columbus. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Columbus will burn to the ground within 12 hours if we win that game next year. That program and fan base has been so ridiculously spoiled over the last 15 years. They thought they were miserable during a 6-6 season a few years back? They don't know what true misery is.

I hope Harbaugh can deliver some misery to those chumps next November.

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I know, the correct answer is both.

But seriously i am trying to think which would be worse from our point of view.  Given the expectations this year and what we have returning, I think this year, even though it is at the Big House.  Next year, 2016, Harbaugh at least has one class of his guy, has had a year to work things out, etc.  But it would sting pretty bad then as well.  We're not happy with any loss, just like you guys, but I think we could tolerate it a bit better in 2017.  Hopefully you will accomidate us, but you never know, which is what makes The Game so fun.  And nerve-wrracking.