OSU fan offers $2000 bounty to "sideline" LTT "permanently" [EDIT]

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ED:BISB: Mr. Watson posted to this thread:

I have been receiving a lot of requests for comment on my stupid remarks made last night on my Twitter account. They may be found by clicking the below link. Thank you - I'm sorry.


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If Ohio whiffs on Jaylon Smith, their linebacker recruiting two years running looks weaker than typical from a rankings perspective, and things could continue to get worse for them.


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karma w/r/t a team and respective fans of said team...let me address your point about OSU LB recruiting.... 

Let's just take Rivals as an example.

2012 4* 4* 3* 3*

2011 5* 4* 3* 3*

BTW, Scout was higher on them as a whole

2012 4* 4* 4* 3*

2011 5* 4* (4*) 3* (scount no longer lists Price, who since left OSU) 

For the record, Shazier was a 4* in both, which I think having seen his freshman year, is a bit underrated (he really was a big impact as a freshman). 

So...not really sure where in the living hell you pulled "their linebacker recruiting two years running looks weaker than typical from a rankings perspective, and things could continue to get worse for them."  The past two years have been the best LB recruiting years in the last 5 for OSU and deeper two years in a row than the previous 3.  Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?



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People really need to be careful about what they put on the net.

Once it's up there isn't a whole lot that can be done to delete. Same with email.

Just can't be said enough.

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I can't even tell you what I would do if someone said that about my kid or to him. I know It's hard for their small minds, but they need to realize these are high school kids.

The idiot deleted his twitter by the way.


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Is Ohio freaking out about Hoke? It seems like they are hyper sensitive, and shocked that Hoke is having huge traction in Ohio. There are a plethora of examples and I am happy. Shame on Harry Watson for picking on a kid. Shame on Gee for not taking action against this adult student. That was a preemptive comment, because I know he won't take action. Stay classy and out of the boloney M fans. If you must make a comment, maybe run it on here without names first. We don't want to look like douche bags, because of poor judgment.


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I just filed a report with the FBI about this incident... I suggest that all of you with a spare moment do the same. It's sad that this is what must be done to protect kids from fans of rival teams.




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The guy's bio is written like a third grader: "I’m Harrison (you can call me Harry). I started this company because I love small business and I have a passion for helping them to succeed online. I get excited when I have the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas with them. I want to help as many small businesses as possible take their businesses to the next level. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you."


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A lot of cray stuff be happenin' and said since the infamous picture posted by LTT. I guess the only silver lining I can find is that when DG did the same thing whenever he commited, people laughed and went on with their days. The outrage created by LTT's actions by OSU's fanbase has only shown how threatened they are by the class that we have so far and the general direction of our program. Also, internet talk is funny and internet tough guy makes me lol. 

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This is a decent apology, but it's still hard to see how the original tweet was referencing the NFL scandal.  To me that explanation rings hollow.  But the balance of the apology strikes the right tone and I applaud you for doing that.

(It also seems, given the disparity between the, uhm, style of the balance of your website writings and the apology, that you had someone write this up for you.  Maybe the family lawyer?  I'm not being critical there - I think that's a smart move.)

In any event, I've made lots of mistakes in the past, and appreciate the gesture even if imperfect.  I hope the rest of the board is prepared to move on - I am. 



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We all make mistakes. I'm a Michigan fan, and come to this blog more than any other place, and yet I've posted stupid things which I've regretted. I hope that Harry Watson learns from this. More than that, I hope that Michigan fans (and athletes) learn from this.

Regarding the original Twitter, this is yet another reason you won't catch me ever tweeting. But beyond that, think about this. If someone really wanted to put out a "hit" on LTT, do you think they would have posted it publicly? Not likely. This simply is a stupid statement meant for friends. I hope that most of us have good enough friends to tell us when we're doing something really dumb.