OSU DT Tommy Schutt out 6-8 Weeks with Broken Foot

Submitted by Space Coyote on August 28th, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Looks like the injury bug has hit a position with very little depth for OSU. Tommy Schutt was looking to be their starter at one of the DT positions (link says he was a backup at both, but I'm not sure I really believe that, he was going to play significantly and probably eventually start). They have little depth around him and almost no experience even with him. Going into the season, DT was probably their biggest concern, even more than an OL with serious depth issues. Well, that situation just got worse.


The OOC schedule is still easy, but teams like Wisconson, NW, Iowa, and PSU are the first four up in B1G play. Even when Schutt comes back he's unlikely to be 100%. While OSU has playmakers in the back end and in the pass rush, their lack of experience in the middle made them potentially weak against the run. Against the B1G teams listed above you don't want to be weak against the run. Wisconsin could pull out a big victory; NW, while being more of an outside run team, could potentially get OL to the LB level; Iowa is still good at blocking in the interior and with a few lucky bounces could be in a game they have no business being in; and PSU may be able to run the ball to take some pressure off their young QBs.

I still wouldn't expect many loses from that group of games, because the offense is still the offense. But this gives teams a chance and likely makes victory that much harder for the Buckeyes. Hate to see injuries regardless, but this is a big one for OSU.



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He'll obviously be back for our game, but a broken foot is tough for guys like that, and even once the injury is healed, it takes a bit to get back in shape - which is doubly hard for the bigger guys, as we've seen with our guys.

Space Coyote

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Actually being comfortable putting weight and high forces on it, it's unlikely he will get back to 100% by the time The Game comes around. This is an injury that lingers and affects a season at a position that magnifies that, both in terms of OSU's depth and what playing the position entails.


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I broke my foot this summer and was told 4-8 weeks but was back running on it in 3 weeks.  At first 6-8 weeks seemed like a pretty long time for a broken foot, but then again with a guy that big, with other equally big guys falling on it, I supposed it sounds about right. 


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No one cares about excuses.  All anyone remembers is scoreboard.  You really think anyone from Ohio concedes the Henne/Hart team that was crippled and only posted 3 points was actually better that year?

We've already lost our best receiving newcomer for the year to boot (pun).  Please rethink inane thoughts like wanting Ohio full strength when we play them when we're not even full strength.


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According to Land Grant Holyland, Chris Carter - who until recently seemed the backup to Schutt has slimmed down to 345 lbs. from close to 400 lbs when he set foot on campus. 

Still, on the Ohio State roster, it lists about a dozen or so DL / DT players (scholarship and walk-on), only 4 of which are juniors, the rest being freshman and sophomore by eligibility. 

EDIT: Grany....Grant....good catch. Fixed. 

Zone Left

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Just another example of Urban Meyer's lax discipline. If you break your foot at Michigan, Hoke sits you out for a year. Do it at OSU and Meyer "punishes" you by sitting out the easiest games of the year.

Bullshit, I say!


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While I am not sure that this moves the needle much, we need OSU to beat NW.  If NW is as good as many are predicting (I don't buy it by the way), then it could be a 4-horse race between us, Sparty, NW and Neb for a spot in the B10 championship game.  Every conference loss for one of those theams is important.

** This is precisely why I hate us and Ohio being in separate divisions.  Michigan and Ohio are each other's #1 rival.  We should never be in a position where it is in our best interest to have to root for each other.  Happy that this has been fixed going forward.


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I think it's likely going to help us more if NW beats OSU. While a conference loss for NW might help us win the division, I'd prefer not to see OSU in the Big Ten Championship Game. If NW were to upset the Buckeyes, one more conference loss could keep them out of it.


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It going to have to be a wait and see for both Jake Ryan and Tommy.  I think it's highly unlikely either will be 100% after coming back.  But fortunately for both of them, the schedule is to their advantage.  OSU has a bye week November 9 followed by games against Indiana and at Illinois before playing at Michigan.  If he's still unhealthy in 8 weeks, the back end of their schedule isnt horrifying by any means until they play in AA.  


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Sucks even if it is Ohio still feel bad for the kid. I want the Big Ten to do well this year. I am so tired of hearing about the esssssss seeeee seeee


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I don't root for opposing players to get injured, but it's a reality for everybody.

A century from now, nobody will even think about injuries in football since it will be played by entirely artificial cyborgs that are impervious to lingering damage.

Perkis-Size Me

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Well, I'd never wish injury on a kid, and I hope he makes a speedy recovery. But by the same token, if this continued lack of depth contributes to a loss for them at some point, then I'm happy.

Especially if that loss is against us.