OSU Commitment Watch - RB Ezekiel Elliot

Submitted by RakeFight on April 1st, 2012 at 4:13 PM

In the spirit of knowing thy enemy, OSU just received its 6th commit for 2013, St. Louis, Mo RB Ezekiel Elliot.  A 3* or 4* by the major sites, he did not hold a Michigan offer.  

By all accounts, this was/is supposed to be a big recruiting weekend for OSU, with half a dozen high profile recruits visiting campus, including Anzalone and Pocic.  Elliot's commitment will serve to calm buckeye nation which was starting to get uneasy without a commit in the last month while Hoke continues to show that his recruiting success last year was no fluke (and with a couple of expected prospects either cancelling (Devin Butler) or rescheduling (Tim Kimbrough?) their visits this weekend).

Good size, fast, and good hands (playing RB, WR, CB in this highlight clip), but hard to judge the quality of competition.



Bo Knows

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I am also interested to know what they enemy is up to, as for the suggestion to make regular recruiting updates on our rivals I don't think I'd be that excited for it.  I could get flamed for this, but I think we already have great content on this site... I do think threads like these would be great though.. just m opinion


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Honestly, no. Smith fits a different role than Elliott. Elliott will play the athlete role in our offense while Smith would have been used soley as a RB. Also, we offered Elliott well before we offered Smith. Many people considered Smith our plan B behind Derrick Green. And I don't think Meyer would take Smith over very many RBs that we've offered as we already have a number of physical RBs on our roster. And I don't think Smith can be considered outright better than anyone we already have. Green, though, is comparable to Smith accept that he probably has a higher ceiling. He's also a more explosive athlete with better speed.


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but you should also consider, Michigan didn't offer Elliot at all and obviously Hoke wanted Smith badly. If you think we are a little negative towards buckeyes and their fans, you should see how Wolverines and their fans are treated over at 11 warriors.

Stop whining!


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11 warriors is on par with RCMB as far as being comically homer-ish goes. They say mgoblog is full of homers, which it is, but we don't come anywhere close to them in my opinion.

You know how we joke about how awesome Ohio fans think Urban Meyer is? They say the same things, except for they're not joking. So much hyperbole over there.


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Do agree with this. The scout and bucknuts boards are ridiculous. I avoid them even as a Buckeye. 11W has its share of obnoxious homers, but most aren't bad. Out of the Michigan sites I've checked out, MgoBlog is the best. Good writers and mostly sensible posters. Every fan base has its crazies, though, and Wolverines and Buckeyes aren't the exceptions. I appreciate the respectful and thoughtful posts that most of you write on a daily basis. It's nice to have informative information and opinions from the rival.


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Notre Dame fans thought they had this kid in the bag. I guess Kelly told him it was 50/50 whether he'd play him at RB or CB. Meyer told him he wanted him as a RB. Needless to say Elliot wants to play RB in college.


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Have any 3 star RBs become stars at Ohio the way they have at Michigan despite higher rated competition?  I don't know much about any individual players they've had, but I know they have a lot of highly rated RBs in the fold currently.


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They're now talking about a possible Jayme Thompson commit? I know we talked quite a bit about him before he commited to WVU in early february.


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I don't post much but I've been following this kid for a while and figured I could provide some insight.  I went to the same high school as he did and as far as I know he is the highest rated recruit ever to come out of the school. He has great speed and good hands coming out of the backfield.  I have no idea how he projects to the next level because the level of competition is very suspect in the league that he played in.

I was surpised at how highly rated he was just because of the lack of talent he played against every week.  That being said, I've watched him play a few times on the football field and the basketball court and I would project him as an athlete at the next level.  He may not have the size to be a full time running back and I could see him switching to the defensive backfield or slot reciever at some point.  He has good leaping ability but the main thing is his speed although I don't know how legitimate his 4.40 40 is. He had zero offers before signing day this year so he must have done something right between the end of the football season and then.  I hurts to see him go to OSU because I'm going to have a hard time not pulling for him.