OSU coaches teaching their WRs to get open via OPI

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Saw this on the r/CFB Reddit and thought it was not only typical cheating OSU, but also very worrying for Saturday based on how much man to man we play. They're teaching their receivers to pull on the CB's jersey in an effort to spin them around and to slow them down. You can see at the end of the video what this can result in (a wide open receiver and free TD). This seems like textbook offensive pass interference to me, so let's hope the refs call this


Michology 101

November 19th, 2018 at 1:19 AM ^

The TV announcers for the Michigan versus Penn State game said Coach Franklin made sure the officials knew about some of the little things our DBs do to help them defend receivers.   

They gave him credit when PSU got rewarded with an early pass interference call against Michigan after Metellus used one of those tactics. 

Therefore I hope our coaches are making sure the officials know about the little things the OSU WRs are doing to help them get open against defenders. 


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I am sure our whole fanbase was pissed in 2016. Harbaugh has learned to control his emotions. If that crap happens again this year, I don't know if he is going to hold up. I sure won't. I probably should watch the game afterwards and not follow during the game. Please God. Let us have a fair game.


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This looks like part of the cat and mouse games offense and defense all play with each other.  On the bright side, M's DB's play much handsier than that and probably wouldn't be affected by it, but OSU's DB's with their bail technique would be very susceptible to that little tug.  


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Let me see if I get this right.  OSU needed little tricks like that to beat powerhouses like Nebraska and Maryland?  And they thought it was a good idea to put that film out there for our coaches to point out to the refs?  I don't see the upside for OSU doing this.

UM Fan from Sydney

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It’s hilarious reading the replies. Bunch of buckeye honks saying shit like “great technique!” Um, it’s offensive holding. That is against the rules. I suppose OSU gets a free pass, as they seemingly usually do.


EDIT: I tweeted it to Don, Jim, and the Big Ten. I doubt they see it, but it was worth the effort just in case they do. Everyone should be tweeting this to them.

Whirled Peas

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Clever move but really a non story.  WR/DB coaches are always looking to push the envelope on what they can get away with.  It would be negligent to simply teach to the letter of the law.  As long as no one is getting hurt, the rules are what they enforce, not what they write.


I had the fortune to sit through an afternoon of coaching seminars with Urban Meyer at a coaches clinic back when he was the WR coach at ND and he openly discussed how he taught his WRs to grab DBs without getting called.  All of the coaches thought it was brilliant.  I hate Ohio, and I wish they would get nailed for a 1/3 of all the cheating they do, but this is a simple case of rubbing is racing.  Nothing to see here other than good coaching.


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When I played soccer, when I was running down a player I'd grab his wrist and tug as we were going rather than grab his jersey.  Jerseys are way to obvious if you are pulling, but when I tugged on the opposing players arm, this looked like he was pushing back on me as much as my tugging at him.  I never got called for anything.  It was a small thing that'd help me get the ball.  I wasn't coached this, but I am sure there are tons of little tricks like that in the competitive levels to give a player an upper hand. 



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After watching football the past couple of years I believe that there is no such thing as pass interference nowadays. What these DBs get away with now is amazing, Referees just call it when they feel like it or something. I dont know, I remember a time when getting to a receiver a little early or grabbing his hands WAS pass interference and was called all the time, nowadays you basically have to tackle a player to be called for pass interference.


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A few of those they pointed out where really weak. But overall, we definitely got the short end of the stick with officiating. When I watch that I get more frustrated that we had Samuel 10 yards behind the line and let him run all over the field and almost get a first down. If it was 4th and 15 instead of 4th and 1, we probably win that game. 


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Realistically, we're the only Big Ten team with a chance at making it to the CFPs, right? So the Big Ten, and Delaney, should be on our side, right? 

I won't hold my breath. 


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I'm almost certain we teach our WR group similar tactics in the never ending quest to gain a slight edge. If we don't then I'd be disappointed with the staff.  You can clearly see our DBs deploy subtle wrist holds and jersey tugs during slo-mo replays of contested down field passes. Does that mean Zordich is a cheater?