OSU and Minnesota both lose by 20+ on the road today

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It's the dog days of the Big Ten conference schedule. OSU and Minnesota are both going through gauntlets in their schedule and look what happened.



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MSU isn't a main rival, no. Not to me, at least. They are not Notre Dame. They are not Ohio.

As far as MSU's "A" game, we are their Ohio. They base their entire season around beating us at something, anything. Ask a sparty and they will tell you that they could tolerate one win seasons every year, as long as that 1W is against blue.


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That is fair. I am a huge football fan, more so than basketball and I can't watch a hockey game to save my life. I wrote it from that perspective, rather than from a multi-sport perspective. I still don't consider MSU a major rival when compared to ND and Ohio but I am obviously in the minority. Hell, I hate Duke more than MSU... I guess I just don't feel that they deserve any of my time...


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Nate, you're insane. 


MSU is firmly a #2 if not a #1b rival.  We have incredible history with Ohio State and simply put that entire thing speaks for itself.  I don't know if anyone else in sports comes close to the intensity and hatred of our matchups with OSU.  But after that you have to look instate, and we have another instate Big Ten school.  We have history and bad blood with them as well.  It just is what it is.  Saying that Notre Dame or anyone else jumps them is silly.  They are a big program, a staple in basketball and a real thorn in the side (lately) in football.  They have clawed their way into deserving the secondmost level of hate from us IMO.


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Just looking at effective FG% in these two games, the differences are remarkable in a conference rated #1 on the TeamRankings "Home Power" metric. Ohio State mustered an effective FG% of 40.1%, about 19% less than what the Badgers produced. The Gophers did slightly worse at 39.4%, compared to Iowa's comparatively inspired 54.7%. The numbers bear out how tough and therefore precious a Big Ten road win can be. 


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You know what's funny?

Even though I'm happy Ohio State got jailsexed by 20, I would not have been overly sad to see them destroy Wisconsin because I'm *still* bitter about last Saturday.  Anyone else feel the same?


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Iowa is 17-9, and have two key wins at the moment: Wisconsin and Minnesota. Their remaining schedule consists of:

@ Nebraska (W)

Purdue (W)

@Indiana (L)

Illinois (W/L)

Nebraska (W)


Iowa is going to finish 21-10, or 20-11. Didn't Michigan get an 8 seed when they went 21-10?


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Not sure about Iowa.  RealtimeRPI had them at #90 going into today's game.  They've actually played five (!) teams with an RPI of 299 or worse, so their win total doesn't look that impressive.  As of today I think they're an NIT team.  To make the tournament I think they need to go 4-1 and have some of teams they've beaten or will have beaten (Wisconsin/Minnesota) get hot as well to make their schedule look better.


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Everyone is worn down and vulnerable right now. Besides Indiana and state. Hopefully the wear catches them this week. One will fall Tuesday. Hopefully it's the home team.


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Everyone losses sometimes. I think it should just remind people that even good teams have a bad game. That MSU only meant that UM's bad game can get ugly.


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2012-13 Big Ten STANDINGS

Indiana 11-2 2 23-3 @MSU @MINN IOWA OSU @MICH
Michigan State 11-2 12 22-4 IND @OSU @MICH WISC NW
Michigan 9-4 5 22-4 ILL @PSU MSU @PUR IND
Wisconsin 9-4 9 18-8 @NW NEB PUR @MSU @PSU
Ohio State 8-5 13 18-7 MINN MSU @NW @IND ILL
Illinois 6-7 27 19-8 PSU @MICH NEB @IOWA @OSU
Minnesota 6-7 14 18-8 @OSU IND PSU @NEB @PUR
Iowa 6-7 29 17-9 @NEB PUR @IND ILL NEB


KP = http://www.kenpom.com

FYI: KenPom ratings of remaining B1G teams:

Purdue 93
Northwestern 99
Nebraska 146
Penn State 180