OSU 5 * Safety Vonn Bell Arrested

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And the hits just keep on coming, Although, this news is not as big as Hyde and Roby's.

It appears as if Vonn Bell was arrested for minor possession in Tennessee, which makes a string of 3 OSU arrests this weekend. All of this in the face of a media blitz Meyer has faced for his 30 + player arrest in 5 years at Florida. Not even in his 2nd season in Columbus and he has had to deal with 9 of his players arrested since he was hired. There goes the so called "These are Tressel recruits getting arrested". Three of the 9 are now Urban recruits.





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I like the line "Don't feed the trolls." Because OSU fans wouldn't troll.


I'm sure if it was our players, they would take the high road.

I do feel sorry--for the victims. I hope that the players involved learn a lesson, grow and change their behaviors. This is bigger than football. Young people make mistakes. This is an opportunity for them that I hope they take.

Sad that the thing that makes the author cry isn't young men making mistakes, or harm to victims, but that the young men happen to play for his team.


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I'll just leave this here and let it speak for itself...

"Of all the things I dislike about the media , bashing OSU is number one. I fear that the many jackasses who insist on bashing OSU will be giving themselves writers cramps, or shortness of breath over these two players. 

I am asking all of us buckeye loving 11 warriors to ignore any of the media outlets who will be bashing us. Please don't feed in to their bullcrap. There is no need to defend any of our Buckeyes. "


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If this were to happen any other day of the year, I would find myself upset that it got posted as your right, we've all done this (in fact mine was done in HS). 

HOWEVA, the fact that Ohio had 3 arrests/tickets in 1 weekend, combined with the whole Aaron Hernandez/Florida arrests/Muschamp calling out Urban for NCAA violations.  Yeah, I will grab my bowl of popcorn and enjoy. 


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True, however, most of us didn't have an offer for a free "education" at a "school" just for playing a game. I don't agree with the law one bit, but if I had the opportunity this young man had, I would be trying pretty hard to stay out of trouble. It's not what he did, it's when and where he chose to do it.


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If it weren't for the other events, this would pretty much be a non-issue. This on top of the weekend OSU has had makes it hilarious.

Prince Lover

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What's it called, Friday Night Under the Lights, has just been changed up a bit. Instead of under the stadium lights, they installed giant search lights with barbed wire fencing around the field. Gives it that realistic touch....


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As much as I love a good ol' fashion Buckeye implosion, let's not forget we had some offseason issues last summer ourselves. 18-22 y/o's will do stupid stuff everywhere, it's how the staff handles the disciplinary actions that is the difference.