OSU #2, MSU #9

Submitted by massblue on December 1st, 2013 at 12:42 PM

It seems that OSU will play in the championship game should they win. MSU could go to Rose Bowl. We are off to Gator.



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Of course I want them to resume their eternal place in line behind Michigan in the future, but I think they have a legit top ten team this year. I don't have too much of a problem with them going to the Rose Bowl, because I think they'll represent the B1G at least as well as any other school would (at least from a football standpoint, although their general goonishness seems to be down this year as well).

Given the choice between OSU prolonging their winning streak, winning the Big Ten title and appearing in the national championship game, or MSU taking the Big Ten and going to the Rose Bowl, I think the choice it obvious. I hope MSU's defense crushes the Buckeyes.


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Auburn will jump them next week if they win.  The problem is if OSU gets into the title game and FSU's qb gets suspended.  I won't be able to take that.  


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The winner of Missouri and Auburn will just have played a 11-1 team, just like OSU. So the computer numbers should not change that much. I think it will all come down to how OSU beats MSU. If they dominate the #1 defense in the country, they go. If they sqeak by then it will be very close. 

Crazy Canuck

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if Auburn wins easily, they would have beaten the #5 team in all the polls a week after upsetting the #1 team. Where as Ohio would have beaten the #9 or #10 depending on the poll. I don't think the BCS will be kind to OSU. I'm conflicted about not wanting them in the National Championship game and making it in and getting spanked. I know if the end up @ #1 after the Bowl it would surely help out the B1G, but I don't think I could cheer for them.


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rankings.  MSU was 14th.  That is before Auburn beats #1 computer average Bama and Mizzou beats #23 computer average TAMU.  Michigan St beat a Minnesota team that I believe was not in the top 25 of the avg computer rankings last week.


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I get the rooting for the B1G thing, but my head will explode if OSU goes from getting a slap on the wrist for all the cheating they did under Tressel, moonwalk into signing Urban, and win a NC in year two.

All while we've had two clusterfuckery searches and can't seem to ever get all three phases working at the same time.


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OSU winning the national title only hurts Michigan.  It certainly would make recruiting in Ohio more difficult.  The only Big Ten teams I'd ever want to see win a national title, besides us, would be in the future West Division - teams we won't go head-to-head with much.


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Worst OSU fans are the dumbest, most arrogant, PARANOID, individuals in the B1G. Worst MSU fans are just drunks that forget what sport is being played by halftime. If OSU doesn't get into the MNC game or gets jail sexed by FSU, it will be like Christmas to see their whiney fans crying disrespect, calling for the firing of coaches, leaving the B1G conference, etc.


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Missouri gets no respect. They are 11-1. Their only loss was in the 2nd OT against South Carolina on a field goal that hit the upright and missed.

They have some big wins (last night against Johnny Manziel). If they beat Auburn next week there is zero chance MSU jumps them.

Their offense and defense are both excellent.


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ahead of MSU.

Bama is in the clubhouse at 11-1. Perhaps the voters would do something to avoid an all SEC title game, so there's a small chance there.

FSU would have to lose to Duke.

Okie St would have to lose to OU or be jumped by MSU (jumping unlikely)

Baylor would have to lose to Texas or be jumped by MSU (jumping would be likely)

I can't see the voters ranking a two-loss team ahead of a one-loss team in the NC conversation, so I think MSU would jump both Stanford and S. Carolina.  Further, S. Carolina is not going to be ahead of Bama, so they really aren't a concern for MSU.



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It's really going to affect our recruiting. Is there any way Auburn can pass Ohio? Maybe a definitive win by Auburn and a OT win by Ohio in the Big Ten championship game?


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has to be one of the worst B10 season's in my memory (in terms of how well it has played out for our archrivals).  Ridiculous.  Anyone who "roots" for OSU in either this game or National Championship can cut up their UM gear.  That is not something I will ever, ever do.

I would MUCH rather the B10 title be Wiscy-Nebraska with just a shot at the Rose Bowl for the winner then this noise.  OSU vs MSU and the winner may go to National Championship?  LOL this is horrible.  And you just know that the game next weekend is going to feature all kinds of promos / praise for these two shmuck coaches and how awesome they are.

I guess I want MSU to win... then I want them both destroyed in the bowl.  And Stanford - MSU in the ROSE BOWL?  Wow.  What a boring game.  Don't get me wrong - the defense will be great.  But there is no way that tops 35-36 points total. 


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If Auburn destroys Missouri they should leap Ohio State.  This is going to be extremely political next week, and the media SEC bandwagon will be out in full force.