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a quick look at the helmet project ( shows numbered helmets were practically the standard in the 1960s. alabama in particular may deserve credit as the most recognizable and longstanding.

i'll give you enough credit to assume you're aware of all that, but if we want to limit this to who started the recent "throwback" numbered helmet craze, how about '05-'06 syracuse, '05 and '09 texas had 1 game each with numbers on the helmet, 2 games for mississippi state in '03...

so maybe we aren't so original- it was unfair of the previous commenter to claim the buckeyes were copying us- but your bizarre efforts to discredit michigan and prop up our rivals is pretty lame, section 1

Section 1

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I was fully aware of the history you cite.  I actually saw Jack Clancy, Rick Volk, Tom Curtis and Ron Johnson play for Michigan with numbers on their helmets.

I was indeed just trying to point out that OSU's 2011 Pro Combats were in no way trying to "copy" Michigan.

Gulo Gulo Luscus

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the "copiers" comment was both lame and uninformed.  still think it's sad that a fan who goes way back to the days of clancy, volk, curtis, johnson (i'm too young/historically clueless to know when that was, even if the names are familiar) has become so disillusioned.  gotta be thousands of pics of the buckeye helmet in question, but posting a picture of our own player (stonum?) getting crushed like that?  c'mon man, save it for the freep!

Section 1

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Some of it is 'form follows function,' just as with our circa '36-'38 Spalding designs with the integral leather 'wings.'  Because those early sixties helmets had a big additional pad (sort of external) that was the width of the big red stripe.  At least some, if not all, of thier helmets had it.  The design was short-lived and soon abandoned.  Pic!

edit. -- oops, "goodbar" posted essentially the same info below...


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Had numbers on their helmets this week too, looks like it's all coming back around. Just waiting for the big white neckrolls to make an appearance.


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Are teams just not going to have regular uniforms and helmets in the near future?  Will Purdue be pink and green with a logo of an eagle riding an elephant on its helmets one week and then blue and orange with Zues driving a stock car on its helmets the next?  Will helmets eventually project rapidly changing holograms that make it impossible to identify players as anything other than blobs of ill-defined matter?  The changing of uniforms has gone well past ridiculous. 


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if it helps land some 4 or 5 star studs I will definetley put up wih it one or two games a year. I mean that is what the kids want these days and you either lead or get out of the way. And I sure as heck do not want some 5 stars going to ND or Ohio cause they put ugly uniforms out a few games a year and we do not.


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First Michigan is wearing bumblebee uniforms to keep up with the Joneses and the next thing you know they're providing visiting recruits with sex slaves and viles of pure Chinese heroin straight from the last emporer's personal stash just to keep pace with Ohio State.  Is that what you want?! Is it?!

Note: Everything about this post is meant to be taken as a joke.  I've had long day. 


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who would not want to play 5 years with a red shirt for Oregon and never ever have to wear the same jersey or pants twice? Now they have went way over board with all of their, last time I heard they had around 88 different uniform they can wear. I guess with Nike backing you anything can happen but even with 88 different ones they still find time to wear the daffy duck looking uniforms from the early 90s lol. Cant escape those horrid looney tune jerseys can they?


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1.  As Bando pointed out, these OSU helmets do look like something OSU has worn before.

2.  With the uniforms we have worn this year, I think it will be a long time before Michigan fans can criticize what other teams wear.



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With the Ohio obsession by many posters here I'm shocked it took this long for a posting.
<br>Those unis are atrocious, but UM fans might want to shut their pie-holes after Michigan decided to go with home & away clown costumes.


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I'm at work and the OP's link won't work.  Could someone post a picture of these helmets. I work with a number of ohio fans and would like to make fun of them before the end of the day.

Incredible Hoke

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In all honesty, I don't mind these. Granted, I haven't seen the jersey and pants, but the helmet looks fairly modern and "hip". Everybody is trying to keep up with Oregon's uni's. I'll probably get negged to Bolivia, but this is just my two cents. 


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Most fans love football for its tradition, but lately, the average football game is starting to look like a sports memorabilia convention.

Are we eventually going to have to put up with teams having a special helmet for every game?  I guess it's OK if Nike, Adidas, etc are paying for it, but it sure is wreaking havoc with tradition.  I was hoping the forum would give an idea of the general consensus, but it doesn't seem to be a big enough sample.  

I wonder if younger fans like this or not.  Like ot or not, younger fans are the future, and their "vote" counts, too.  Do the NCAA and the apparel companies think they have to do this to keep capturing a younger audience?  

I guess time will tell whether this qualifies as "evolution" or "another stupid marketing idea."  I vote for the latter, but who knows how this will eventually work out?


October 24th, 2011 at 10:53 PM ^

As a young fan who does like a good looking uniform, I would love nothing more than seeing a winged helmet with no number, a blue jersey with maize numbers (no block M), and maize pants on Saturday afternoon.  Our jerseys are classic, yet modern, and even the numbers on the helmet bother me ( I realize that they will be worn on Saturday ).  But that's just one opinion of a young fan.

The FannMan

October 24th, 2011 at 6:10 PM ^

At what point do "regular" uniforms stop having any meaning?  I mean, why not just come out in a different look each game?  We can have a reality show on the BTN to design the look each week.  Or Brandon could always "leverage the brand" into a profitable partnership with Bravo.  My wife will love it.

In possibly related news, I saw a "Coke Zero" bottle with a Block M and the logo for TSIO.  The bottle had a black wrapper and was called the "Black Edition."  If we come out in "Black Edition" uniforms I may actually hurl.  Please save your "Black Uniz Will be AWESOME!" posts.  I will be on the way to Ann Arbor Torch and Pitch Fork on my way to see Brandon.


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Now did ND become the first to really do this with the green jerseys the have wore here and there the last 30 years or so? See the way they did that for big games but not every year was kinda cool to me. Then add the fact for 30 years till Weiss came they never lost wearing them till he used them a few years back. I do not think you have to wear them on the road or every year and I think the new age and old age fans and media could all tolerate it. But every time you wanna big splash in sales is not a good reason to use throw backs imo.