Oregon Punch

Submitted by kgroff531 on September 4th, 2009 at 8:32 AM

When I first saw it I thought...welp, that guy is gonzo for the season. Once I thought woke up and realized that everyone is talking about THE PUNCH and not THE STORY...well...that punch may have been one of the better things to happen to Mich in the last few weeks (particulary RR). Anything to move the story along is okay by me.



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There is no excuse to punch someone, BUT that guy who got it deserved it. Taunting someone like that you deserve to get decked. I see the lack of sportsmanship more calculated than that punch. Pathetic on both ends.


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"There is no excuse to punch someone, BUT that guy who got it deserved it. Taunting someone like that you deserve to get decked. I see the lack of sportsmanship more calculated than that punch. Pathetic on both ends."

I somewhat disagree that the BSU player "deserved" it. Blount initiated the tauning by stating to the media that Oregon "owed them an ass whooping." When you just got pounded on someone else's field, I don't have a problem with somebody reminding you that he said something stupid.

Right after a football game, when everyone is charged with adrenaline, is a dangerous time to do it, but Blount's angry response (punching one of his own teammates, too) and having to be restrained by the police shows he was totally out of control, not just responding to a taunt.

Exhibit A of what CANNOT happen with Michigan, especially with critics circling. Oregon has spent years building up its image with marketing...this five-second clip will stay with them for a long time.


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I am just saying that both parties are wrong and the DBag that hit him on the shoulder pads is just as responsible. His was calculated. If Blount wanted to just deck someone he could have done it to about 6 Boise players before he hit that guy. That is all I am saying. Don't taunt and you won't get jacked.

Yes, if a UofM player did this I would be pissed. (either offense) Just control your emotions.

Super J

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"DBag that hit him on the shoulder pads is just as responsible."

Hitting some on in the shoulder pads is like tapping someone one the shoulder to get their attention. That is why Brian Hout (the DBag) is not going to be suspended ans Blount will be dismissed from his team.

Blount has a history of actions like this and was suspended for all of the spring practice.

biakabutuka ex…

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Depends on what he said, doesn't it? I mean, the human imagination is pretty powerful and I can think of plenty of things that would beg for me to get clocked. OTOH, he could have said something nice or misconstrued too. If I had to bet, it was probably relatively mean-spirited. Blount looks like their Carson Butler, only he picks bigger fights.

Who else thinks that after one game, Chip Kelly is less likely to be the coach of Oregon in 2012 than Rich Rodriguez the coach of Michigan?


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that Boise won't get a chance to play for the title even if they win 50 games this year. They simply don't have a big enough Q rating to make it into the BCS title game. It's all about big bucks, and there's not enough of a fan base to fill the pockets of ABC. The network is praying that Tulsa beats 'em, so they won't have to deal with it.


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It is most certainly not "sad". This is the only team of consequence (relative term) they will play all year.

9/03 No. 16 Oregon 1-0 (0-0) W 19-8
9/12 Miami (OH) 8:00 PM
9/18 @ Fresno State 9:00 PM
9/26 @ Bowling Green 7:00 PM
10/03 UC Davis 8:00 PM
10/14 @ Tulsa 8:00 PM
10/25 @ Hawaii 12:05 AM
10/31 San Jose State 3:00 PM
11/06 @ Louisiana Tech 8:00 PM
11/14 Idaho 3:00 PM
11/20 @ Utah State 9:30 PM
11/27 Nevada TBA
12/05 New Mexico State 3:00 PM

Yeah...I don't care if you beat these teams, punch your fist right into their chest and rip out their beating heart...you don't deserve a shot at a MNC. Forget 1-loss SEC teams jumping an unscathed BSU, try two loss teams. Check LSU losing to UF and UA very close, I could see them jumping BSU in the BCS rankings (don't forget SEC ball tounging by the WWL). Is it "Sad"? No, it isn't.


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Like Ball State last year. no, they didn't deserve to be in a BCS game even if they obliterated Buffalo. They had the worst schedule in the country (per Phil Steele). Not BCS material. They'd get hammered worse than they did in their bowl game against Tulsa.

MI Expat NY

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They should be punished because nobody will play them?

Yes, their overall record the last ten years is bloated due to being in the WAC, but their one or two best teams in the last ten years have been legit. People seem to forget that they didn't just beat Oklahoma on trick plays, they were delivering a good-old fashioned but whooping before they did their best to choke it away.

Last night, despite the myriad of offensive and special teams mistakes, they handily beat what everyone expects to be a good Oregon squad. Boise St's defense manhandled Oregon in the first half. I'm glad they're not in the Big10 this year, they would probably win it.

I'm not saying Boise St should automatically be given a championship slot for going undefeated, but I am saying that if it's Boise St. or a 1-loss team equivalent to the 2007 Ohio St. team, give the Broncos their shot.


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Bob Davie had a classic quote in that postgrame fracas, talking about the pregame handshake and starting off the season with good sportsmanship.

Dude, Bob, just because the NCAA forces the players to shake hands before the game doesn't mean they actually give a shit, and won't change their behavior one iota.

Thanks for the naïvety!


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Blount's reactions to taunting and the inability of four coaches/security men to restrain him indicate something more than normal frustration/anger.
The Boise State player should be disciplined for taunting & touching the opposing player, but his actions were not nearly as serious as the Oregon player's reactions.

Tim Waymen

September 4th, 2009 at 3:07 PM ^

Seriously though, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but does Chip Kelley not have control of his team? They only put up 9 points. That's very much unlike Oregon. What happened with that team last night? I have to check out the Phil Steele--have they lost many starters from last year?