Oregon has new uniforms... Again

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'Chain Maille Mesh?' Nike pulls wraps off new Ducks uniforms


But what sets the uniforms apart, according to Nike, is use of a new mesh material which the company touts as lightweight and breathable.

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms




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Actually, Oregon apparently tried to at least develop a carbon fiber helmet - old article here.

Basically, even though carbon fiber has high tensile strength and a great strength to weight ratio, it has poor impact resistance. An equally old update is at the end of this article (early 2010), stating that, of all schools, Michigan State considered (or, was considering, at the time of writing, pending talks with Nike)  this route as well, including pads. 

Wisconsin Wolverine

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I thought Oregon's older uniforms were terrible & ugly, but eventually, after enough experimentation, they started getting better.  Now I generally like Oregon's futuristic style.  It works for them, but I wouldn't wish it on Michigan.  We have our own thing.


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Would be cool to see Michigan do alternate jerseys by changing up the finish on our colors. Metallic paints on the helmets and finish on the maize jersey numbers like Oregon has would look cool for a game against the dark blue backdrop without really changing much.

User -not THAT user

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...but I really grew to like the "diamond plate" accents they wore when Dennis Dixon played there.  They've gone downhill design-wise since then, but the good news is that they're so fast on the field that it's hard to notice what they've got on unless you're reading articles like this.

Wide Open

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Is it just me, or is the shock value of Oregon's uniforms worn off?

It's like catching an SEC coach in a lie:  At first you were outraged, now you come to expect it.