Oregon has new uniforms... Again

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'Chain Maille Mesh?' Nike pulls wraps off new Ducks uniforms


But what sets the uniforms apart, according to Nike, is use of a new mesh material which the company touts as lightweight and breathable.

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms




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I never said that uniforms are the reason why kids pick schools. Recruits just seem to really enjoy the uniforms when they come on their visits.

Recently we have seen pictures of recruits wearing the jerseys when they visit. It is pretty clear that they enjoy that. It may be minor but it is a tool used by many schools.


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I'd say they don't really care.  I mean, it's cool (if that's what you like) but nobody is picking Oregon BECAUSE of their uniforms constantly changing.  The coaching staff, distance from home, style of play, facilities, etc, all matter more.  In fact, I see constant changing of uniforms actually hurting a school as they aren't as iconic and legendary as a traditional Penn State or Texas uniform.


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Oregon's uniforms are usually atrocious.  But these actually look pretty sweet.  I think their plan must have been to get everyone to hate their normal uniforms so that when they pull out a ProCombat or a Chainmail Mesh everyone gets a positive vibe.


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I'm a sucker for the all-whites, especially if those numbers are green or black. If they are actually red like they look, then they are just okay IMO. I read an article on them earlier which stated that the leg pads are already built into their pants and that their belt loop 'D' ring is made of aircraft grade aluminum.


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These really aren't too drastically different from last year's.  The green ones were worn in this past season's Rose Bowl against Wiscy. But the numbers on the white jersey make me sick. I don't like the shine and/or color in the slightest, they would be hard to watch on TV. This isn't a fashion show with glittery tops, fergodsakes.  This is football.


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I believe the base armor class of a fighter or cleric wearing chain mail under the original 1st edition rules was 5.  (Just in case you were wondering).


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First, here's Paul Lukas' blog regarding these uniforms. (link)

Inside that is the rumor that these helmets will  be part of the mix this year:



I like the metallic green actually - they would work well with any of the variations mentioned in the photos posted by the OP. Lukas was not a fan of the revisions to the feathered shoulders, but I happen to like the change. 


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Nike has been claiming their uniforms were already as lightweight and breathable as possible for at least 20-years now.  How much more lightweightier and breatheier can they have possibly gotten? 

I can't stand marketing.  Their first rule is that people will simply believe whatever BS you tell them.


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Most egregious marketing bullshit around new uniforms: when Nike came out and claimed the belt buckle was 50% lighter or some shit.  Man, you had to be one of the biggest suckers in history to think you were gonna run faster because your belt buckle was lighter.  "Kids eat this stuff up" is proof that some kids are idiots, not proof that it's a good idea to have a lighter belt buckle.


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What are the odds someone sitting on a USC blog can tell you anything about Wisconson/MSU uniforms off the top of their heads? Or what could any of us say about Arkansas uniforms? TCU? Oregon is that level of school in the Pac, and every time they do this they're in the news, and everyone gets to hear about Oregon in ways they would not based on historical (or even recent, IMO) success.

This is their counter to seeing Michigan top a "best helmets" list with ND (pre 2011), Texas, Penn State, USC and Alabama every single year. I'd say it has worked so far.


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I think a dividing line between those who love and those who hate Oregon's uni's is those who yearn for a type of product impossible to find these days--ones meant to last--and those who have generally grown up in, and appreciate, the ability to purchase ever-new products. Pull up a chair, younguns', and let me tell you about a time, not that long ago (by my measure, anyway), when you could get an iron on your wedding day and give it to your grandchildren. 100 years ago, people passed their shoes down to their children. Now, people buy new phones every year and I won't even talk about watches because everyone just uses their cell. One side isn't right or wrong, but I feel each side loses something by not appreciating the other. Writing on the wall is that traditions like Michigan's will fall away, as is already starting to happen with PSU and ND. Now get off my lawn.


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The best part about having 6373+ uniforms is that they are easily forgotten if you have an awful one every now and then... Our bumblebee uni's will haunt my memory for eternity


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From the Nike website:

- The completely re-designed number system was inspired by the shape of a mallard’s feathers. These larger, bolder numbers maximize legibility on-field and accent the uniform colorway.

Whaaaaa?  Anyone wanna help me with that one?


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Whaaaaa?  Anyone wanna help me with that one?

Sure, I'll translate.

"Our marketing department was desperate to find a way to tie our newly designed crap into the tradition of Oregon in some way, since there is really no link whatsoever.  Some intern we have mentioned that ducks have feathers, so we are making something up about the numbers looking like duck feathers.  We are using the term "mallard" just to sound fancy, as if we actually put thought into this.  As for a "uniform colorway" we have no idea what that even is, but since you don't either you won't be able to tell us that what we said isn't true.

Go buy lots of replica uniforms please.  Paying all these marketing people is really expensive."




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yaaaaawwwnnnnnn.........lemme know when an offseason passes and Oregon wears the same thing they wore last year.....THAT would be news.

P.S. - are those uniform numbers brown, or perhaps maroon?  They look like USC.